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Political Spin and False Facts

The U.S. Senate continues to struggle to gain enough votes to pass H.R. 1628, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA) for the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The House passed in May the American Health Care Act (AHCA), its version of a bill to repeal and replace the ACA.

On a recent network political question and answer program Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services, promised that the Senate health care bill will “in its entirety” bring premiums down. He and politicians use the word premiums but it is misleading to use the words premiums without adding deductible, copay and coinsurance costs A low monthly premium of $500 means little if one must meet a $6,000 annual deductible. Combined, the insured pays $12,000 before a person sees a dollar of benefit payment.

It is the total cost of premiums, deductibles, copayments and coinsurance that makes health care insurance unaffordable for many Americans. Often without insurance, or in many cases with insurance, individuals and families declare bankruptcy due to high health care costs. Nearly a million file for bankruptcy every year due to medical bills. Roughly three-quarters of those filing for bankruptcy have insurance, but unfortunately their health care insurance plans are so poorly designed that they lead to bankruptcies.

Consider the “National Health Expenditure for 2017 ($3.539 trillion from CMS) and divide that by our current population (325,355,000 from the Census Bureau). The result is a whopping $10,877 per capita spending – just on health care – this year…” This a huge 21% increase in three years!

What bureaucrats and politicians know and are not saying is that the inability to combat rising health care costs and an unwillingness of insurers to accept pre-existing conditions are what has caused insurers to abandon ACA markets. Without phony government subsidies, insurers cannot compete with Medicare Part A and Part B benefits without losing money. Unless Congress pays them subsidies they won’t cover people with pre-existing conditions either. No amount of false privatization will overcome these facts. There should be no more subsidies for health care insurance providers. Congress must level the playing field for insurers and Medicare and make them prove their ability to lower the true, total cost of health care.

What we are hearing from Secretary Price, Speaker Paul Ryan and those who want to privatize Medicare (and then Social Security) is a string of “false” facts and manipulation. This scam is not just about replacing the ACA, it is about the consequences of stripping purchasing power and bankrupting consumers. It’s about taking accountability off the backs of members of Congress. It’s all about the fear of not getting reelected and about preserving the power of political parties. It’s anything but being responsible or doing the best for the long run of our economy, American retirees and all consumers. Today there are 49 million people over age 65 in the U.S. but by 2050 that number grows to over 90 million.

Those pushing to privatize Medicare often say open market competition for health care plans will result in lower premiums (fake news), but they never respond when we ask why this didn’t happen before 2010, before the ACA. We have been heading for a cliff because health care costs are undeniably out of control, led by the shameful price increases being charged for brand-name drugs. Even more critical is the slow process for bringing lower-priced generic prescription drugs to the market.

Brand-name drugs account for 72% of drug spending, but generics constituted 89% of all dispensed medications in the U.S. in 2016. Since 2013, brand-name drug prices have risen, on average, about 10% each year, significantly higher than the rate of inflation in the U.S. However, the bigger problem emerging is that generic prices are rising at 7% or more annually (100% over 10 years) and we expect even higher pricing as brand companies buy generic companies and generic companies merge.

All too often, lower-cost generic drugs are blocked by branded pharmaceutical companies. They use regulatory hurdles and anticompetitive actions to protect their bottom line. An example of this was cited in a July 2 Wall Street Journal editorial: “A generic competitor has to prove equivalence to the branded product to win FDA approval, and that requires extensive testing with anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 tablets of the original treatment. But brand-name drug companies are invoking FDA safe-use and distribution restrictions to avoid handing over the capsules.”

Newly installed FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told a Congressional panel in May that the agency is crafting a “drug competition action plan” aimed at expediting approval of generic versions of brand-name medications that lack competition.

An important way for Congress to become ethical on health care costs is to allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices and foster true competition in the brand-name and generic drug market by allowing importation of save, lower priced drugs from countries that meet the FDA’s quality standards.

Members of Congress need to demonstrate they are not fearful over their next election and tackle health care premium, deductible, copay and coinsurance costs combined rather than dodge the real facts by talking about premiums only. We and our children are facing absurd uncontrolled healthcare cost increases and our grandchildren will be among the 90 million over age 65 who will be buried in healthcare debt unless short-sighted thinking is eliminated.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network


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NRLN and ARA Presidents Send Joint Letter to HHS Secretary

NRLN President Bill Kadereit and Robert Roach, Jr., President of the Alliance of Retired Americans (ARA), an organization of retired trade union members affiliated with the AFL-CIO, and I have jointly signed and sent a letter on May 31 to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. The letter urges Secretary Price to utilize his existing statutory authority to address the soaring cost of pharmaceuticals by authorizing the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. Click here read the letter to understand the importance of reducing the cost of prescription drugs by importing save and lower priced prescription drugs from Canada, many of the medicines manufactured in the USA.


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action alert

Mr. President: Push Legislation Not Executive Order on Drug Costs

President Trump may issue an Executive Order to address the cost of prescription drugs rather than push Congress to pass legislation fulfilling his promises to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices and allow the importation of safe, lower cost drugs. Send the NRLN’s sample letter to President Trump to urge him not to issue an Executive Order but work to get legislation passed to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. Click here to email your letter to President Trump.

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Protect Medicare Part B for America’s seniors
From Sharad Lakhanpal, MBBS, MD, ; The Hill ~ Jun 26, 2017

HHS Secretary: Senate Health Care Plan 'In Its Entirety Will Absolutely Bring Premiums Down'
By Melanie Arter; Cybercast News Service ~ Jun 26, 2017

Senate Health Care Bill Clamps Down on Subsidies for Illegal Immigrants
By Margaret Menge; LifeZette ~ Jun 26, 2017

Senate Obamacare Repeal and Replace Bill Cuts Taxes By $700 Billion
From Ryan Ellis; Forbes ~ Jun 26, 2017

CBO: Senate Health Care Bill Will Reduce Deficit By $321 Billion
Budget office projects legislation would lower premiums 30 percent by 2020

By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jun 26, 2017

Senate Republicans revise health bill, add penalty on coverage lapse
By Yasmeen Abutaleb & Richard Cowan; Reuters ~ Jun 26, 2017

IRS Private Debt Collectors Accused Of Pressuring Taxpayers, Breaking The Law
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We Will Never Have A Self-Reliant Healthcare System
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Why Republicans are struggling mightily to overhaul tax code
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Jun 25, 2017

Side effects of Benadryl, 'PM' meds can harm, not help, seniors
By Patti Singer; USA TODAY ~ Jun 25, 2017

Opinion: The Senate’s health-care bill could be one of the GOP’s greatest accomplishments
From Avik Roy; The Washington Post ~ Jun 24, 2017

The decline and fall of Obamacare and the AHCA
By Jazz Shaw; Hot Air ~ Jun 24, 2017

Trump: ‘I cannot imagine’ GOP senators don’t back healthcare bill
By Max Greenwood; The Hill ~ Jun 24, 2017

Cuts to Medicaid May Limit Access to Nursing Homes
By Jordan Rau, KHS; The New York Times ~ Jun 24, 2017

With five holdouts on health-care bill, McConnell is in for a final frenzy of negotiation
By Paul Kane; The Washington Post ~ Jun 24, 2017

Digging out: 4 keys to successful debt consolidation
From Amrita Jayakumar, NW; USA TODAY ~ Jun 24, 2017

Pelosi rallies Democrats to fight Senate health bill: 'The next few days are critical'
By Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Jun 23, 2017

Fifth Republican Jumps Ship On Healthcare Bill
By Phillip Stucky; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 23, 2017

Health care poses a test of Trump's work with the Senate
By Andrew Taylor & Ken Thomas; The Associated Press ~ Jun 23, 2017

GOP Medicaid cuts will be disastrous for millions with Alzheimer's
From Jason Resendez; The Hill ~ Jun 23, 2017

Coverage Gap’ For Poor May End, But Many Will Still Have Trouble Affording Plans
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 23, 2017

FACT CHECK: The White House Claim Obamacare Led To 'Higher Costs And Fewer Health Insurance Options'
By Kush Desai; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 23, 2017

Senate Republicans may need Trump’s help to prevent defections on health care bill
By S.A. Miller & Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Jun 21, 2017

Hospitals Group: 'Go Back To The Drawing Board' On Senate ACA Repeal
By Esme Cribb; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 22, 2017

Be Honest With Yourself About Your Retirement Savings
From John Riley; Nasdaq ~ Jun 22, 2017

How the Senate health bill compares to House, 'Obamacare'
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jun 22, 2017

Senate health care bill: Here's how it would affect you
By Maureen Groppe; USA TODAY ~ Jun 22, 2017

Thune Says Senate Will Tweak Healthcare Bill To Get Hesitant GOP Lawmakers On Board
By Juliegrace Brufke; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 22, 2017

Senate Republicans release Obamacare replacement bill, fate uncertain
By Richard Cowan & Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Jun 22, 2017

Drug shows promise against vision-robbing disease in senior
By Lauran Neergaard; The Associated Press ~ Jun 22, 2017

Poll: Majority still skeptical about House health plan
By John Bowden; The Hill ~ Jun 21, 2017

Senate O’Care Bill Coming Thursday A.M., CBO Score Soon As Friday, Vote Next Week
By Tierney Sneed; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 21, 2017

AP sources: Senate GOP would halt Obamacare penalties, taxes
By Alan Fram & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jun 21, 2017

Anthem Health Drops Out Of 2 More State Obamacare Exchanges
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 21, 2017

Government health insurance markets holding up--barely
By Tom Murphy; The Associated Press ~ Jun 21, 2017

Trump administration's proposal to lower prices might just raise them, critics say
By Eric Sagonowsky; FiercePharma ~ Jun 21, 2017

Why did these generic drugs’ prices jump as much as 85%?
By Emma Court; MarketWatch ~ Jun 21, 2017

We must protect our most vulnerable from financial fraudsters
From Mike Rothman; The Hill ~ Jun 21, 2017

Spicer: Trump Wants 'Heart' In Secret Health Bill, Won't Say What That Means
By Matt Shuham; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 20, 2017

GOP preparing for Senate health care vote, amid differences
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jun 20, 2017

Senate's McConnell: Draft healthcare bill expected Thursday
By Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Jun 20, 2017

Lacking Real Power To Alter GOP Bill, Democrats Try To Throw Wrench In Process Itself
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 20, 2017

Opinion: Let’s put patients first by holding pharmaceutical companies accountable
From David Merritt; The Hill ~ Jun 20, 2017

Big Pharma’s Big Lobby Money Is Preventing Real Reform on Drug Prices
By Eric Pianin; The Fiscal Times ~ Jun 20, 2017

Liz Weston: Are you afraid to look at your finances?
From Liz Weston, NW; The Associated Press ~ Jun 19, 2017

Free Money: Find Your Unclaimed Property In Less Than 5 Minutes
From Nancy L. Anderson; Forbes ~ Jun 18, 2017

Senate Dems to hold late-night protest over ObamaCare repeal
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Jun 18, 2017

Exclusive: White House Task Force Echoes Pharma Proposals
By Emily Kopp; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 167, 2017

Trump plan on drug prices likely to be friendly to drug industry: report
By Brandon Carter; The Hill ~ Jun 17, 2017

Leading U.S. doctors' group takes aim at rising drug prices
From HealthDay News; WXOW ~ Jun 17, 2017

Senate Dems mull slowdown to protest GOP health plan: report
By Max Greenwood; The Hill ~ Jun 17, 2017

Schumer wants all-Senate meeting on healthcare
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Jun 16, 2017

GOP Secrecy Breeding Frustration, Criticism: 'If They Liked The Bill, They'd Have Brass Bands' Celebrating It
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 16, 2017

Liberal group targets potential Republican healthcare swing votes
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Jun 16, 2017

Reform Prescription Drug Labeling to Benefit Patients and Their Doctors
By David Beier; Morning Consult ~ Jun 16, 2017

Judge throws out GE retirees' health benefit lawsuit
By John Cropley, Daily Gazette – Jun 15, 2017

Senate May Keep Some Obamacare Taxes in U.S. Healthcare Overhaul
By REUTERS; The New York Times ~ Jun 15, 2017

Vote on healthcare bill by July 4 looking more in doubt
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Jun 15, 2017

Trump White House at work on executive order tackling drug prices: report
By Eric Sagonowsky; FiercePharma ~ Jun 14, 2017

Six Things Your Parents Should Know About Social Security
From Winnie Sun; Forbes ~ Jun 15, 2017

IRA trusts can protect your heirs from themselves
By Sarah O'Brien, CNBC; USA TODAY ~ Jun 15, 2017

Some Seniors Just Want To Be Left Alone, Which Can Lead To Problems
By Judith Graham; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 15, 2017

Retiree health care costs rising faster than Social Security benefits
From Mary Beth Franklin; InvestmentNews ~ Jun 14, 2017

CMS Reports 13M Would Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan, A Rosier Projection Than CBO’s Score
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 14, 2017

The Senate's Secrecy Over Health Care Was Decades in the Making
By Julie Rovner; The Atlantic ~ Jun 14, 2017

New Fiduciary Rule For Financial Advisors Moves The Needle, But In Which Direction?
From Jamie Hopkins; Forbes ~ Jun 14, 2017

Remember Trump’s Promise Not to Touch Social Security? It’s Gone Now
By Johnathan Chait, New York Magazine – Jun 13, 2017

Senate drug pricing hearing co-opted by Democratic protest over GOP health plan
By Meg Tirrell, CNBC – Jun 13, 2017

Senate Democrats plan offensive to try to save Obamacare
By Jennifer Haberkorn and Burgess Everett, Politico – Jun 13, 2017

AP sources: Trump tells senators House health bill 'mean'
By Alan Fram, Associated Press – Jun 13, 2017

Senate Republicans following House's secretive path in crafting health care bill
By Laura Litvan, Bloomberg – Jun 14, 2017

Trump admin may not protect Social Security if Congress votes for cuts
By Ethan Wolff-Mann, Yahoo Finance - Jun 13, 2017

Capitol Hill Debate Over Drug Prices Shifts to PBMs
By Jon Reid; Morning Consult ~ Jun 12, 2017

Report: Senate Won’t Release O’Care Repeal Draft Before CBO Review
By Tierney Sneed; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 12, 2017

Obama Program Made $729 Million in Erroneous Payments to Doctors
By Elizabeth Harrington; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jun 12, 2017

Opinion: How Republicans Think About Health Care: Three Parallel Universes
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Jun 12, 2017

Senate Dem: Passing ObamaCare a ‘very different process’ than GOP plan
By Rebecca Savransky; The Hill ~ Jun 12, 2017

Supreme Court rules to speed marketing of lower-cost 'biosimilar' drugs
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Jun 12, 2017

Set A Realistic Budget Using This 4-Week Guide
From Marianne Hayes; Forbes ~ Jun 12, 2017

Have a pension and a spouse? Here’s what you need to know about your benefit options.
By Michelle Singletary; The Washington Post ~ Jun 12, 2017

IRS Helps Surviving Spouses Who Face Estate Tax Trap
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Jun 12, 2017

Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jun 11, 2017

Obamacare Enrollees Rate Coverage Worse Than Those Insured From Another Source
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jun 11, 2017

GOP looks to blunt impact of health bill on older people
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Jun 11, 2017

There are now 45 counties in the U.S. with no Obamacare insurer
By John Sexton; Hot Air ~ Jun 11, 2017

Economy emerges as bright spot for Trump
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Jun 11, 2017

Bill would let banks freeze accounts to stymie elder scams
By Anna Gronewold, AP; McClatchy DC ~ Jun 11, 2017

Mike Pence rips Democrats for not working with GOP on healthcare
By Kyle Feldscher; The Washington Examiner ~ Jun 10, 2017

Democrats slam GOP senators' efforts to fast-track healthcare bill
By Anna Giaritelli; The Washington Examiner ~ Jun 09, 2017

What Protects Investors More Than The Fiduciary Rule
From Pam Krueger, NA; Forbes ~ Jun 10, 2017

How To Avoid IRS Underpayment Penalty For June 15
From Robert A. Green; Forbes ~ Jun 09, 2017

Powerful GOP Chairman Backs Insurance Subsidy Payments: Americans ‘Should Not Be Left Out To Dry’
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 09, 2017

Watch Claire McCaskill Call Out Top GOPer On Obamacare Repeal Secrecy
By Tierney Sneed; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 09, 2017

Senators Find Themselves Playing Whac-A-Mole When It Comes To Solving Health Plan Problems
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 09, 2017

Senate Republicans claim progress on health care legislation
By Erica Werner & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jun 08, 2017

Tom Price, Democrats spar over Obamacare’s future
By Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Jun 08, 2017

Top Republican seeks action now to steady insurance markets
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jun 08, 2017

GOP senators push to allow sale of short-term insurance plans
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Jun 08, 2017

AHA to Congress: 6 recommendations for Medicare Advantage
By Leo Vartorella; Becker’s Hospital Review ~ Jun 08, 2017

GOP Wooed Conservatives In House, But Senate Compromises Are Favoring Moderates
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 08, 2017

GOP Focus on Premiums Eclipses Broader Issue of Health Care Costs
By Mary Ellen McIntire; Morning Consult ~ Jun 07, 2017

By Bronwyn Mixter; Bloomberg BNA ~ Jun 08, 2017

What Patients And Physicians Really Want From Healthcare
From Robert Pearl, M.D.; Forbes ~ Jun 08, 2017

Talking money with the hospital trying to treat you
By Tom Murphy; The Associated Press ~ Jun 08, 2017

Former Pharma Reps’ New Mission: To School Docs On High Drug Costs
By Jay Hancock; Kaiser Health News ~ Jun 08, 2017

How GOP bill would dismantle many Dodd-Frank restrictions
By Marcy Gordon; The Associated Press ~ Jun 08, 2017

Trump: ‘Democrats are really in our way’ on healthcare
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Jun 07, 2017

Trump says Obamacare in 'death spiral,' urges Congress to act
By Jeff Mason; Reuters ~ Jun 07, 2017

25% of Americans say they skip the doctor because of the cost, survey says
Fox Business ~ Jun 07, 2017

Bill advances to speed up drug and device approval
By Kimberly Leonard; The Washington Examiner ~ Jun 07, 2017

3 Things That Could Stall Health Care In The Senate
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 06, 2017

McConnell: Senate will move ObamaCare repeal bill in 'near future'
By Jordain Carney ; The Hill ~ Jun 06, 2017

9 Senators To Watch In GOP’s Do-Or-Die Obamacare Repeal Crunch
By Tierney Sneed ; Talking Points Memo ~ Jun 06, 2017

Too many cooks threaten GOP healthcare bill
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Jun 06, 2017

By Mike Stankiewicz; Bloomberg BNA ~ Jun 06, 2017

Senate Republicans outline new health care plan
By Brian Schwartz; Fox Business ~ Jun 06, 2017

Opinion: Medicare: Fix Payment Methodologies That Put Senior Care at Risk
From Dan Starck; Morning Consult ~ Jun 06, 2017

Supreme Court Ruling Imperils Pension Protections
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Jun 06, 2017

Senate panel to hold hearing on drug prices
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Jun 06, 2017

The Lone Obamacare Insurer Is Enjoying Its Monopoly
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 05, 2017

Ezekiel Emanuel: Obamacare ‘Absolutely’ Needs To Be Fixed [WATCH]
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jun 05, 2017

The momentum for socialized medicine is growing. Where is the GOP’s strategy?
From Ed Rogers; The Washington Post ~ Jun 05, 2017

How the CHOICE Act eliminates key shareholder right
From Susan Makos; The Hill ~ Jun 05, 2017

Investment check: Give your retirement accounts an annual checkup
By Wendy Connick, TMF; USA TODAY ~ Jun 05, 2017

Meet the GOP senator who wants to bridge the Obamacare divide
By Jennifer Haberkorn & Burgess Everett; Politico ~ Jun 04, 2017

Opinion: When it comes to faster access to drugs — first do no harm
From Peter J. Pitts; The Hill ~ Jun 04, 2017

Nurse Practitioner Demand Eclipses Doctors As States Lift Hurdles
From Bruce Japsen ; Forbes ~ Jun 04, 2017

Retirees: If You Have Financially Blown It, Take Heart
From Neale Godfrey; Forbes ~ Jun 04, 2017

Insurance companies duck Obamacare repeal fight
By Paul Demko; Politico ~ Jun 03, 2017

Steven Mnuchin: We’re focused on getting tax reform done this year
By Nick Giampia; Fox Business ~ Jun 02, 2017

Trump to hit the road for a jobs-focused reset in tough week
By Roberta Rampton; Reuters ~ Jun 03, 2017

How Can Family Fit Into Your Retirement Plans?
From Anna Rappaport, PRC ; Forbes ~ Jun 02, 2017

Pence tells 'Hannity' he's 'cautiously optimistic' about ObamaCare repeal
By Edmund DeMarche; Fox News ~ Jun 03, 2017

She Retires. He Doesn’t. Why Retiring Together Makes Sense (Usually).
From Glenn Ruffenach; The Wall Street Journal ~ Jun 02, 2017

Why You Need A Health Care Proxy And How To Choose One
By Debbie Reslock, NA; Forbes ~ Jun 02, 2017

Republican senators consider tax on employer-sponsored plans in healthcare bill rewrite
By Paige Minemyer; FierceHealthcare ~ Jun 02, 2017

Obamacare Repeal Complicates Effort to Undo Medicare Cost Panel
By Alex Ruoff; Bloomberg BNA ~ Jun 02, 2017

Senate Republicans Sound Increasingly Pessimistic About a Health Care Deal
By Sy Mukherjee; Fortune ~ Jun 02, 2017

The SEC Wants Your Opinion On DOL Fiduciary Rule Alternatives
By Ashlea Ebeling : Forbes ~ Jun 02, 2017

Another Health Care Crisis: America’s Increasing Shortage of Medical Professionals
By Kevin Dayaratna; Cybercast News Service ~ Jun 01, 2017

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