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I am sharing with you an advance look at my column that will be in the upcoming summer issue of the NRLN FOCUS newsletter. (You will be sent another email notice when the entire newsletter has been posted on the NRLN website.)

NRLN’s ‘Grand Bargain’ Proposal to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Officials in President Trump’s administration announced on April 26, 2017 a proposal for what they touted as “the biggest tax cut” in the history of the United States. Among the tax reforms proposed to Congress for legislation is a corporate tax rate cut from 35% to 15%, a 20% reduction.

The proposal to reduce the corporate tax rate started me working on a proposal that in the past would have been referred to as a Congressional “Grand Bargain”. An NRLN proposal to tie tax reform to a bigger plan that would preserve Social Security and Medicare was presented to key House and Senate committees and other D.C. based national advocacy organizations by Alyson Parker, NRLN Executive Director, and I during the first week of June. We are in the process of getting an appointment with Treasury Department.

There is not a way to briefly summarize the proposal in a few words. I urge you to read this entire column in order to understand the proposals importance to financially securing Social Security and Medicare. Also, read Alyson’s “A View from Washington” column to gain insight into scheduling the meetings, general reaction to the proposal and our arguments we made as to why now is the time to take action to preserve these programs for current participants and for our children and grandchildren.

Why Social Security and Medicare Are At Risk

Before I get into the specifics of the proposal, I want to shed some light on why Social Security and Medicare are at risk. The Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report data is published annually and covers both Social Security and Medicare in separate reports.

The Social Security data is published as the Old-Age Survivors and Disability Insurance and Federal Disability Insurance (OASDI). There are two trusts; the Old-Age Survivors Insurance (OASI) trust and the smaller Disability Insurance (DI) trust. The 2017 Trustees Report covers plan year 2016 and reported that OASI held $2.8 trillion in reserves at the end of 2016. There has been a surplus of funds since 1982 and a surplus is projected through 2019. However, by 2020 Social Security begins paying out more than is coming in annually from the current 6.2% of payroll tax paid by employees on up to $127,200 in earnings and the 6.2% matched by employers. By 2034, the Social Security Trust Fund reserve is expected to be completely depleted. After this point, the incoming tax revenue will only be enough to cover about three-fourths of promised benefits.

Medicare Program data is published as the Medicare Board of Trustees Report that reports on the Hospital Insurance Trust (HI) or Medicare A and the Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund (SMI) which includes Medicare B and D plans. Medicare C is a separate alternative to Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage and is private coverage.

Medicare’s coverage for Part B, physician and outpatient costs, and Part D, prescription drugs, are funded through enrollee premiums and general government revenues, which each year are set high enough to cover costs. However, Medicare’s Part A, hospital insurance, is under financial stress. Social Security and Medicare Trustees reported in 2017 that the trust fund providing Part A revenue would be sufficient to cover its costs through 2028. At that point, payroll taxes and other revenue would only be enough to pay 87% of Part A benefits.

Speaker Ryan Still Working to Privatize Medicare

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and his followers are working to convince the President to support privatizing Medicare, to pay insurance companies subsidies as incentives to make privatization work. This is called “Premium Support”. On two recent occasions, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that “Premium Support” would save little, if any, money compared with traditional Medicare.

Congress Has Kicked the Can Down the Road

How did we get here? Actuaries proposed the funding needed to support Social Security and Medicare over the years. They analyzed changes in birth rates, mortality rates, population growth, inflation, cost changes etc. and made a funding recommendation every year. However, actuaries have been ignored by Congress when they proposed raising payroll taxes by 0.5% or any amount back when this amount would have solved the shortfall problem. Members of Congress kicked the can down the road, ignoring funding obligation year after year because they feared a tax increase would cause them to lose elections. And thus, they dug a big swamp hole. It’s taken more than 30 years of poor congressional judgment to create the problems facing Social Security and Medicare and many of the culprits are still on Capitol Hill.

Population Over Age 65 Is Growing

The 2010 U.S. Census projected a 322 million population with 47.8 million of these to be over age 65 by 2015. It was projected that the number of Americans over age 65 will grow by 32 million, or 66%, from 2015 to 2035. In 2015, there were 80 million Baby Boomers, the generation of Americans born starting in 1943 and ending in 1965. There will be just 55 million Baby Boomers in 2035 and 9 million in 2050. Americans age 65 and over grow from 48 million in 2015 to 93 million by 2050, and to 98 million by 2060 - up over 100% from 2015. This is an inevitable American economic and social crisis!

Is the situation to preserve Social Security and Medicare insurmountable? No, not if Congress will listen to reason and pass the NRLN’s “Grand Bargain” proposal.

The 2017 actuaries’ analysis as reported in the 2017 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report says that an equivalent of 2.83% for Social Security and 0.64% for Medicare in added payroll tax starting in 2017 fills the 75-year deficit gap, it solves the problem and secures both programs to 2090 and beyond, well beyond the addition of the 50 million more over age 65.

NRLN’s ‘Grand Bargain’ Proposal

The NRLN will be using a members’ petition to President Trump and letters to Congressional leaders to try to fashion a “Grand Bargain” that would take Social Security and Medicare off the table for 75 years. I believe that U.S. corporations, unions, retiree advocate organization and all retirees (seniors) would view such a deal as a win / win for them and their successors. I think most Americans would strongly encourage Congress to make it possible to set aside obstructive politics so that legislation could be passed to enable a “Grand Bargain” -- a bi-partisan win for the U.S.

As noted above, the Medicare 75-year actuarial deficit is 0.64% and the Social Security 75-year actuarial deficit is 2.83%. Actuaries say that if the tax on taxable payroll is increased by 3.47% starting in 2017 and left in place thereafter Social Security and Medicare would be rescued from certain political annihilation and the promises made by the creators of these programs will be kept sacred.

The 2017 Trustees Report for Social Security OASI and DI shows 2016 Non-Interest Income of $869 billion. An additional 2.83% would increase income by $24.6 billion. The Medicare HI and SMI Part B 2016 Non-Interest Income was $700 billion, adding 0.64% would increase income by $4.5 billion. In total, 3.47% would raise non-interest income by $29.1 billion. The Trustees Report showed that Payroll Taxes were paid by 171 million taxpayer workers. Dividing $29.1 billion by 171 million tells us that taxpayer would pay an added $170 in 2017.

NRLN proposes negotiating a “Grand Bargain” that uses the tax reform opportunity to fix Medicare and Social Security that is simple and would accomplish the funding of the deficit gaps for both programs. Our proposal is:
-- Individuals - Increase tax by no higher than 0.5% (expect net savings after tax restructure).
-- Raise or eliminate the Taxable Maximum Earnings Limit - raise to no lower than $300,000.
-- Corporate and small businesses: Increase payroll taxes to a level that insures meeting the 3.47% deficit requirement (expect large net savings after tax restructure).
-- Declare war of the cost of health care beyond elimination of fraud, waste and misuse; Congress and Federal Agencies must implement importation of safe and lower priced prescription drugs and allow Medicare competitive bidding for drugs and all other available health care goods and services purchased.

Your Support Is Needed

We believe the payroll tax and the maximum earnings limit tools are transparent and are best understood by most Americans, an important element to consider in trust building for a Congress with a 20% approval rating.

As tax reform legislation begins to take shape in Congress, we will need to call on you, our grassroots advocates, to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill so that retirees are not forgotten in the process.

These are not normal times in America. It is time for members of Congress to recommit to keeping America’s promises to today’s retirees and future generations who will need Social Security and Medicare for their wellbeing during their retirement years.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network


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By Steven Shepard; Politico ~ Jul 25, 2017

The Hidden Costs In Medicare Advantage Plans
From Danielle Kunkle; Forbes ~ Jul 25, 2017

Americans: Getting By, But Not Getting Ahead
From Richard Eisenberg, NA ; Forbes ~ Jul 25, 2017

Follow The Money: Drugmakers Deploy Political Cash As Prices And Anger Mount
By Jay Hancock, Elizabeth Lucas & Sydney Lupkin; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 24, 2017

Senate GOP gets new pressure from Trump on health care
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 24, 2017

How tax reform could change your 401(k) tax break
By Jeanne Sahadi ; CNNMoney ~ Jul 24, 2017

Democrats roll out 'Better Deal,' new economic agenda
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Jul 24, 2017

You’re No Coward if You’re Keeping Some Money Out of Stocks
By Carl Richards; The New York Times ~ Jul 24, 2017

How Obamacare’s Marketplaces Are Shaping Up for 2018
By Hannah Recht, Bloomberg - Jul 21, 2017

Thune: Senate won’t give up on Obamacare repeal if bill fails this week
By Brianna Ehley; Politico ~ Jul 23, 2017

Republican strategy on healthcare bill in flux ahead of vote
By Amanda Becker; Reuters ~ Jul 23, 2017

5 reasons why health care bill would fail, 3 why it may not
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 23, 2017

3 Ways You Can Lose Your Social Security Benefits
By Dan Caplinger; The Motley Fool ~ Jul 23, 2017

S&P 500’s Biggest Pension Plans Face $382 Billion Funding Gap
By Brandon Kochkodin and Laurie Meisler, Bloomberg - Jul 20, 2017

Trump urges people to call senators on healthcare
By Julia Manchester; The Hill ~ Jul 22, 2017

Cruz: Tax reform chances ‘drop significantly’ if healthcare fails
By Max Greenwood; The Hill ~ Jul 22, 2017

U.S. Senate rule deals setback to Republican healthcare bill
By Toni Clarke; Reuters ~ Jul 22, 2017

McConnell's last-ditch Obamacare strategy
By Jennifer Haberkorn & Seung Min Kim; Politico ~ Jul 22, 2017

Mixed signals from Trump White House on health care strategy
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar & Ken Thomas; The Associated Press ~ Jul 22, 2017

Senate heads to new healthcare vote with no clear plan
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Jul 21, 2017

GOP Congressman: Make Members of Congress Live Under Obamacare
By Susan Jones; Cybercast News Service ~ Jul 21, 2017

Doctors' group tells Senate to fix, not repeal 'Obamacare'
By Carla K. Johnson; The Associated Press ~ Jul 21, 2017

Health groups ramp up lobbying spending amid repeal fight
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Jul 21, 2017

Former CBO directors hit back at GOP criticism of agency
By Adam Cancryn; Politico ~ Jul 21, 2017

Hackers Had Access to Millions of Social Security Numbers
From Associated Press; US News & World Report ~ Jul 21, 2017

CBO: 22M would lose insurance by 2026 under revised Senate bill
By Andrew V. Pestano; United Press International ~ Jul 20, 2017

Night Of The Living Dead: Senators Work To Revive Zombie Trumpcare Bill Late Into Evening
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 20, 2017

Rand Paul opens door to backing healthcare bill on key hurdle
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Jul 20, 2017

Confusion reigns in Senate on healthcare
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 20, 2017

UnitedHealth Group Predicts 50% Of Seniors Will Choose Medicare Advantage
From Bruce Japsen ; Forbes ~ Jul 20, 2017

AP-NORC Poll: Shift to political left seen on health care
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar & Laurie Kellman; The Associated Press ~ Jul 20, 2017

There’s a New Social Security Scam Going Around. Here’s How to Avoid It
By Lisa Marie Segarra; Fortune ~ Jul 20, 2017

Opinion: How to Fix Social Security
By Suzanne Woolley; Bloomberg ~ Jul 20, 2017

American retirees unhappy as U.S. takes another dip in retirement security
By Jade Scipioni; Fox Business ~ Jul 20, 2017

Commentary: Social Security: Worry more about size of bomb than length of fuse
By Brenton Smith, Orlando Sentinel – Jul 20, 2017

Trump’s Health Care Bluff Has Been Called. Now What?
By Rob Garver; The Fiscal Times ~ Jul 19, 2017

Repealing Obamacare alone would leave 32 million more uninsured: CBO
By Yasmeen Abutaleb & Richard Cowan; Reuters ~ Jul 19, 2017

How Trump Is Trying To Save Obamacare Repeal
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 19, 2017

McConnell's ObamaCare repeal would hurt millions, and you could be among those hurt
From Ken Jacobs; The Hill ~ Jul 19, 2017

AP-NORC poll: Negotiate on 'Obamacare,' don't just kill it
By Emily Swanson & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jul 19, 2017

Obamacare Exchanges In Limbo
By Chad Terhune & Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 19, 2017

Americans’ Retirement Benefits Have Been Slashed
By Ben Steverman; Bloomberg ~ Jul 19, 2017

Retirement: What to do if your defined benefit pension plan is frozen

The US falls in a global retirement security ranking
By Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg – Jul 19, 2017

OPINION A bipartisan deal on Obamacare is a pipe dream
By W. James Antle III; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 19, 2017

Analysis: GOP Failure To Replace The Health Law Was Years In The Making
By Julie Rovner; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 18, 2017

New Medicare card scam; warn your parents
By David P. Willis; Daily Record ~ Jul 18, 2017

What's next? Senate GOP scrambles after health care flop
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Jul 18, 2017

BREAKING: Trump, McConnell, Pence Call For Full, Clean Obamacare Repeal
By Christopher Bedford; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 18, 2017

Most Americans don't trust their financial advisers. Should they?
By Maurie Backman, TMF; USA TODAY ~ Jul 18, 2017

House GOP unveils budget plan that attaches major spending cuts to coming tax overhaul bill
By Mike DeBonis, Washington Post – Jul 18, 2017

Trump Vows Revenge After Push to Repeal Affordable Care Act Fails
By Thomas Kaplan, New York Times – Jul 18, 2017

Regulators aim to close loopholes that lead to higher drug prices
By Alex Kacik; Modern Healthcare ~ Jul 18, 2017

Retirement Dread Is Replacing the American Dream
By Suzanne Woolley; Bloomberg ~ Jul 18, 2017

Health care vote delay gives foes, supporters more time
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 17, 2017

Health plan hinges on the young, but they're a tough sell
By Carla K. Johnson; The Associated Press ~ Jul 17, 2017

Liberal groups vow to send health care obstruction efforts into ‘hyperdrive’
By Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Jul 17, 2017

What Will They Do Now? O’care Repeal Bill Gives Moderates Nowhere To Hide
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Jul 17, 2017

IRS Awards Obamacare Premium Tax Credits Without Verifying Citizenship or Lawfully Present Status
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jul 17, 2017

Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Depleted by 2029
By Thomas Beaton; Health Payer Intelligence ~ Jul 17, 2017

Big Pharma Spends on Share Buybacks, but R&D? Not So Much
By Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times – Jul 14, 2017

Rand Paul Tells Trump Not To ‘Oversell’ Health Care Bill
By Juliegrace Brufke; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 16, 2017

Senate delays healthcare vote as McCain recovers from surgery
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Jul 16, 2017

CBO not expected to release analysis of revised Senate healthcare bill Monday
By Melissa Quinn; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 16, 2017

Eight to 10 Republicans have concerns on healthcare bill: Collins
By Lucia Mutikani; Reuters ~ Jul 16, 2017

Meet Obamacare repeal’s top salesman Sen. John Cornyn faces his toughest task yet as the GOP’s whip.
By Seung Min Kim & Burgess Everett; Politico ~ Jul 16, 2017

Republicans should apply lessons of healthcare debacle to tax reform
From Thomas Binion; The Hill ~ Jul 16, 2017

One more Republican defection would doom Senate healthcare bill
By Susan Cornwell & David Alexander; Reuters ~ Jul 15, 2017

Price, Verma try to quell governors' anxiety over Senate bill's coverage losses
By Rachana Pradhan; Politico ~ Jul 15, 2017

U.S. health insurers want Cruz proposal dropped from Senate bill
By Eric Beech; Reuters ~ Jul 15, 2017

Trump's no 'dying in the streets' pledge faces reality check
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jul 15, 2017

Social Security’s Deficits Still Rising According to 2017 Trustees Report
By Brenton Smith, FedSmith – Jul 14, 2017

Trump: Congress is 'very, very close' to 'ending this healthcare nightmare'
By Anna Giaritelli; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 14, 2017

Winners and losers complicate GOP's path on health care bill
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jul 14, 2017

A high-wire act: Paying off debt with retirement money
By Jeanne Lee, NW; USA TODAY ~ Jul 14, 2017

Majority of Americans oppose Trump tax plan
By Brian Faler; Politico ~ Jul 14, 2017

What's inside the Senate Republican health care bill
By Tami Luhby; CNNMoney ~ Jul 14, 2017

What the Senate's 3.8% surtax means for American taxpayers
By Laura Saunders, DJN; Fox Business ~ Jul 14, 2017

Another Year, Another Decline in Social Security's Financial Health
From Andrew Biggs; Forbes ~ Jul 14, 2017

Opinion: The healthcare bill that benefits no one
By Julian Zelizer; CNN ~ Jul 13, 2017

Health Care Compromise: Not Likely!
From Steven Rattner; The New York Times ~ Jul 13, 2017

Getting medicines to patients faster is a political win for both parties
From Former Rep. Ron Klink (D-Pa.), ; The Hill ~ Jul 13, 2017

Hospital abuse of drug discount program leaves seniors in the lurch
From Thair Phillips; The Hill ~ Jul 13, 2017

Simple Ways For Seniors And Their Adult Children To Avoid Financial Abuse And Fraud
From Robin Seaton Jefferson; Forbes ~ Jul 13, 2017

Column: How Republican reform would weaken Medicare
From Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Jul 13, 2017

New Senate GOP health care bill teeters on the brink
By Erica Werner & Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 13, 2017

Medicare’s Financial Outlook Slightly Improved, Trustees Say
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 13, 2017

Trustees project biggest Social Security increase in years
By Stephen Ohlemacher, AP; The Washington Post ~ Jul 13, 2017

Ten House Democrats propose plan to fix ObamaCare
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Jul 12, 2017

Trump: I’ll be ‘very angry’ if Senate doesn’t pass ObamaCare repeal bill
By Lisa Hagen; The Hill ~ Jul 12, 2017

Republicans get key win on Senate rules for health bill
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 12, 2017

McConnell’s health gambit ripples in Kentucky
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Jul 12, 2017

FACT CHECK: Pelosi Claims Obamacare Responsible For Slower Health Care Cost Growth
By David Sivak; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 12, 2017

Senate consumer choice idea could raise premiums for sick
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Jul 12, 2017

Your Credit Score Soon Will Get A Buffer From Medical-Debt Wrecks
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 11, 2017

Poll: Republican Voters Want GOP to Keep Working on Obamacare Repeal
By Joe Crowe; Newsmax ~ Jul 12, 2017

Report: Medicaid Reduces Health Care Access and Recipients May Receive Worse Quality Care
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jul 12, 2017

Trump’s proposals could hike taxes for nearly a quarter of the middle class
By Max Ehrenfreund; The Washington Post ~ Jul 12, 2017

Social Security reform grinds to a halt on Capitol Hill after Trump’s pledge not to touch it
By S.A. Miller; The Washington Times ~ Jul 11, 2017

Drugmakers’ Money-Back Guarantees: an Answer to Rising Prices or a ‘Carnival Game’
By Charles Ornstein, PP & Katie Thomas, NYT; Pro Publica ~ Jul 10, 2017

GOP Senate leader says he'll unveil new health bill Thursday
By Alan Fram & Erica Werner; The Associated Press ~ Jul 11, 2017

GOP Drops Tax Cuts for Big Earners in Revised Health Bill, Sources Say
By Laura Litvan & Steven T. Dennis; Bloomberg ~ Jul 11, 2017

Analysis: GOP confronts no-win situation on health care
By Erica Werner; The Associated Press ~ Jul 11, 2017

Senate to delay recess
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Jul 11, 2017

Congress's Other Health-Care Problem Awaits Action on ACA
By Anna Edney; Bloomberg ~ Jul 101, 2017

If your Social Security benefit is smaller than expected, here's why

Social Security Needs More Independent Oversight
By Brenton Smith, FedSmith – July 10, 2017

Opinion: Here Are 4 Better Options Than the GOP Health Care Bills
From Christine Eibner; Fortune ~ Jul 10, 2017

Insurance Filings For Obamacare Plans Down 38 Percent In 2018
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 10, 2017

RNC head: Cancel August recess to work on ObamaCare repeal
By Mallory Shelbourne; The Hill ~ Jul 10, 2017

GOP senators hope for revised healthcare bill by end of week
By Allen Cone; United Press International ~ Jul 10, 2017

GOP health care divisions multiply as Trump pressures Senate
By Erica Werner & Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 10, 2017

Trump prods Congress to pass stalled healthcare overhaul
By Susan Cornwell & Ian Simpson; Reuters ~ Jul 10, 2017

Opinion: A quandary Congress and Social Security must tackle
From Jim Allsup; The Hill ~ Jul 10, 2017

How GOP could make health care deal with Democrats
From Julian Zelizer; CNN ~ Jul 09, 2017

Ted Cruz: Senate is making progress on health care reform and ‘failure is not an option’
By Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Jul 09, 2017

GOP senator: If I have to be that one person to kill healthcare bill, I will
By Olivia Beavers; The Hill ~ Jul 09, 2017

Senate Recess May Have Doomed Obamacare Repeal Altogether
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Jul 09, 2017

GOP governors to party's senators: Do no harm to health care
By Alison Noon & Bill Barrow; The Associated Press ~ Jul 09, 2017

John McCain Says Republican Healthcare Bill ‘Probably Going to Be Dead’
From Reuters; Fortune ~ Jul 09, 2017

Conservative warns McConnell to not give up on ObamaCare repeal
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Jul 07, 2017

GOP Senator: Cruz Proposal May Gut Pre-Existing Conditions Protections
By Tierney Sneed; Talking Points Memo ~ Jul 07, 2017

GOP leader says he'll rework health bill, but offers Plan B
By Bruce Schreiner & Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Jul 07, 2017

McConnell assures White House he’s not changing strategy on ObamaCare repeal: report
By Josh Delk; The Hill ~ Jul 08, 2017

Medicaid cut in GOP health bill worries the nursing home set
By Terry Spencer; The Associated Press ~ Jul 08, 2017

Time away from Washington deepens GOP misgivings about health plan
By Jennifer Haberkorn; Politico ~ Jul 07, 2017

Pete the Planner: Financial rules will help you keep your life on track
From Peter Dunn; USA TODAY ~ Jul 08, 2017

McConnell to GOP: We’re fixing ObamaCare exchanges if you can’t agree on repeal
By Ed Morrissey; Hot Air ~ Jul 07, 2017

Health Care Bill Should Serve Those Who Need It Most
From Sharad Lakhanpal & Ann M. Palmer; Morning Consult ~ Jul 07, 2017

Insurance pays little for caregiving of elderly at end of life
By Ronnie Cohen; Reuters ~ Jul 07, 2017

Tumor gene testing urged to tell if drug targets your cancer
By Lauran Neergaard; The Associated Press ~ Jul 06, 2017

Ted Cruz's proposal gains support from conservatives, but some GOP senators balk
By Leslie Small; FierceHealthcare ~ Jul 06, 2017

McCain Warns Against Repealing Obamacare Without Replacement
By Caitlin MacNeal; Talking Points Memo ~ Jul 06, 2017

Plurality of Voters Want Congress to Prioritize Medicare Reform
By Jon Reid; Morning Consult ~ Jul 06, 2017

Half The Time, Nursing Homes Scrutinized On Safety By Medicare Are Still Treacherous
By Jordan Rau; Kaiser Health News ~ Jul 06, 2017

Reports of a retirement crisis are off the mark: Think tank
From Mark Henricks; CNBC ~ Jul 05, 2017

Opinion - Wanted: Bipartisan Tax Reform
From David Williams; Morning Consult ~ Jul 06, 2017

4 money problems that didn't exist 50 years ago (and how to fix them)
By Wendy Connick, TMF; CNNMoney ~ Jul 06, 2017

Obamacare Program Awarded Hospitals Thousands in Bonuses Even If They Had Low-Quality Scores
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Jul 05, 2017

RNC to Democrats: Where's your plan to fix Obamacare?
By Melissa Quinn; The Washington Examiner ~ Jul 05, 2017

As Seniors Get Sicker, They're More Likely To Drop Medicare Advantage Plans
By Fred Schulte; NPR ~ Jul 05, 2017

Opinion: Social Security is the biggest challenge facing us
By Jeff Reeves; MarketWatch ~ Jul 05, 2017

5 Myths About Social Security Often Accepted as Facts
By Brenton Smith, Newsmax – July 5, 2017

Five changes GOP might make to healthcare bill
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Jul 04, 2017

Opinion: s'Single-Payer' Healthcare Isn't Necessary -- But Single Pricing Is
From Dan Munro; Forbes ~ Jul 04, 2017

GOP Senators Are Trying To Work The Refs As Obamacare Repeal Bill Stalls
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Jul 034, 2017

Congress Moves to Stop I.R.S. From Enforcing Health Law Mandate
By Robert Pear; The New York Times ~ Jul 03, 2017

Heartburn drugs tied to increased risk of early death, study says
By Susan Scutti; CNN ~ Jul 03, 2017

Latest CBO report reaffirms nation's spending problem
From Jack Salmon; The Hill ~ Jul 04, 2017

Opinion: Senator Cruz's Healthcare Reform Proposal Creates A Monster "Income Cliff"
From Seth Chandler; Forbes ~ Jul 03, 2017

Dem sen: I hope parties can 'work together' on healthcare
By Rebecca Savransky; The Hill ~ Jul 03, 2017

Websites that let you compare prescription drug prices
By Amy Davis; KPRC ~ Jul 03, 2017

Scam Alert: How To Avoid Caregiver Financial Abuse
From John Wasik; Forbes ~ Jul 03, 2017

Why grandma and grandpa’s golden years include debt
From Matt Fellowes; The Hill ~ Jul 03, 2017

Caution: Government diet advice may be hazardous to your health
From Edward Archer & Michael L. Marlow; The Hill ~ Jul 03, 2017

Republicans can’t agree on where Senate Obamacare repeal stands
By Sarah Karlin-Smith; Politico ~ Jul 02, 2017

Sanders: 'Medicare for All' proposal coming after ObamaCare debate
By Mallory Shelbourne; The Hill ~ Jul 02, 2017

GOP senator predicts 'fiscal crisis' without changes to Medicaid
By Olivia Beavers; The Hill ~ Jul 02, 2017

Social Security Has $2.85 Trillion in Asset Reserves, but It'll Be Gone in 17 Years
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Jul 02, 2017

White House says fully committed to draft Senate healthcare bill
By Roberta Rampton; Reuters ~ Jul 01, 2017

Senate asks for CBO score on Cruz’s healthcare proposal
By Max Greenwood; The Hill ~ Jul 01, 2017

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