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What NRLN Knows About Tax Reform Bills as of Nov. 10

If your head is swimming over all the media and talk show views of the House and Senate tax bills, it should be. In each step of the process and at the last minute before every vote, there will be more amendments, making it unlikely we will know everything until after the President signs a bill, who knows when.

What we know is that the House tax bill was released by the Ways and Means Committee on Thursday, Nov. 2, with several revisions yet this Thursday, Nov. 9, and sent it to the Rules Committee where it could be changed again before being sent to the House floor for debate, more amendments and final voting.

As of Friday, November 10, Speaker Paul Ryan is projecting that the House floor debate and amendments to the bill, if any will conclude with a vote sometime late during the week of Nov. 12. If the House votes to pass a bill then the House must wait for a Senate bill.

Analysis from Tax Policy Center

An analysis from the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture between the Brookings Institute and the Urban Institute, found that the House’s bill would cut taxes on average for all income groups next year. But the same analysis also found that at least 7% of taxpayers would pay higher taxes in 2018, and 25% would pay more in 2027. The largest cuts would go to higher-income households.

The bill is estimated to cost $1.5 trillion over 10 years, meaning there would be automatic cuts of up to $150 billion a year over a decade, says Ed Lorenzen of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB).

Medicare Would Be Cut by $28 Billion in 2018

Say Congress does pass the tax cut before the end of the year, with Pay-as-You-Go (PAGO) rules remaining in effect. Medicare alone would be cut by $28 billion next year. The CRFB has estimated that mandatory funding for student loan administration, agricultural subsidies and customs and border patrol operations could be cut entirely. Social Security is exempt from the automatic cuts. I think this is because of the Byrd rule. Byrd, PAGO and other rules are examples of the weird illogical rules used in the swamp.

A Senate version of the plan released Thursday, Nov. 9, contained significant differences from the House version, and bridging the divide will not be easy. While the Senate also set its sights on passing a bill before Thanksgiving, that deadline is looking less realistic.

Senate Bill Has Narrower Margin for Success

The Senate lags the House and faces serious obstacles because the voting margin for Republican success is narrower than in the House. The Senate Finance Committee will begin to consider the plan next week (week of Nov. 12) but it looks like it will be after Thanksgiving before the Committee can deliver a bill to the Senate floor for consideration.

If and when both the House and Senate bills get to their respective floors and if both Chambers pass their respective bills, then a select number of members from the House and Senate will meet to reconcile differences with hope for producing a single bill that can be sent to the President.

Too Early for NRLN’s Full Assessment of House Bill

The NRLN staff has developed an analysis of the House bill but until the specifics regarding line items are divulged we cannot make a full assessment. One small example is, did they really eliminate the teacher’s deduction for buying school supplies for the kids? We know the proposal does eliminate work uniforms and makes tax preparation fees and other such items non-deductible. Once we can sort out the Senate proposal details which are very scant, we will post a detailed analysis on our website.

After spending 48 hours trying to make sense of the proposals, my general sense is that the end bill will not favor those with gross incomes from $75,000 - $150,000. This grouping may likely incur more taxable income.

However, the bottom line is that the outcome will be directly affected by how the final tax brackets and threshold dollar values are set. Preliminarily, we did not see tax savings of over $1,000 for the average family of four earning $59,000 a year as Speaker Paul Ryan and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady have claimed. Maybe they are holding back the best for last.

One Tradeoff Is Worth Mentioning

One tradeoff is worth mentioning. While it is true that House and Senate tax plans increase the standard deduction to $24,400, the tax exemption of $4,050 for each dependent or $16,200 for a family of four is eliminated. If real estate taxes over $10,000, State Sales and Income and other taxes, deductible Medical Expenses and deductibles combined exceed $8,200 (24,400-16,200) the only break available would have to come from a tax bracket and tax rate changes. Watch what happens to them closely.

If you want to use a tool to determine what your taxes will be under House tax plan, I suggest you try the Trump Calculator or another you may know of (remember, changes are coming).


Made Available By MarketWatch News Graphics

Comparison of the key elements of both plans today:
  House bill
Passed W&M as of 11/9
Senate bill
Released to Finance 11/9
Exemptions for Dependents Eliminated Eliminated
Standard Deduction Increased to 24K couples Increased to 24K couples
State & Local Taxes Eliminated - cap RE at $10,000 Eliminate all
Mortgage Interest Deduction $500k New Purchase Mortgages Preserve $1,000k Mortgages
Medical Expense Deductions Eliminated Preserve current deduction
Tax Prep., work clothes, etc. Eliminated Eliminated
Child Tax Credit Increase $1,000 to $1,600 if <17 Increased $1,000 to $1,650
Estate Tax Doubled then Eliminate in 2023 Double $5.49 mil – keep in place
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Eliminated Unknown
Individual Tax Rates 4 brackets–12-25-35%-39.6% 7 Brackets-10-12-22.5-25-32.5
   Thresholds ($000) 24-90; 90-260; 260-1,000;>1,000 Not available
Corporate Tax Rate Reduced to 20%       Reduced to 20%
Over age 65 Deduction Eliminated       Enhanced?
Deduction for the blind Eliminated Enhanced?
Consolidated family/ @ Parent $300 Unknown

I’m sure you were aware of most of this information but if not, I hope it helps clear the air even if just a little. Stay tuned for more later.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network





Freedom from Want
Norman Rockwell
The Saturday Evening Post
March 6, 1943


Freedom from Want – Happy Thanksgiving

Most of us have seen in print the painting by Norman Rockwell of a senior couple serving a Thanksgiving turkey to their family members gathered around a table. Some of our members may have actually seen the painting when it was first published on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 1943.

The painting has often been republished to depict the ideal Thanksgiving setting. Actually, when the painting appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post it was March 6, 1943. The painting, titled Freedom from Want, was the third in a series known as the Four Freedoms. The titles were inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s description of the “four essential human freedoms” in 1941: Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Worship; Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. The Freedom from Want painting has become known as Rockwell’s Thanksgiving.

America was engaged in World War II when the painting was first published in 1943. With our military engaged in combat in Europe and the South Pacific, Americans still found things for which to be thankful. Even with all of the problems that our nation and our world face today, surely we can give thanks for a number of things.

We can give thanks for our family members and friends who are healthy and pray for better days for those who are not. We should give thanks for the safety of those who travel many miles to join us for the holiday. We should give thanks for the Americans in uniform working to keep us safe—law officers and other first responders and the men and women in our armed services.

As I viewed Mr. Rockwell’s Thanksgiving painting, I wondered what the painting would look like if Mr. Rockwell painted it today. Would some at the table be looking at their smartphones and others playing video games on a phone or tablet?

Times do change and we can all be thankful that we have made it through those years of change.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Bill Kadereit, President
National Retirees Legislative Network


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Trump tax overhaul under intensifying fire as Congress readies bill
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GOP tax bill shrouded in secrecy
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Rosy White House tax cut forecast clashes with independent analysis
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White House Tax Adviser: State Deduction May Only Disappear For Top 1%
By Tim Pearce; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 28, 2017

If Your Advisors Aren't Doing These Things, They Might Be Costing You Money
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Opinion: Republicans’ failure on health care is unacceptable
From Rep. Dwight Evans (D-Pa.); The Hill ~ Oct 27, 2017

The Medical Data Danger Zone: The Precarious Gap Between Detection And Intervention
From John Nosta; Forbes ~ Oct 27, 2017

Beware of scammers using Medicare to defraud you
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Oct 27, 2017

Graham: 'If we fail on taxes, that's the end' of GOP majority
By Max Greenwood; The Hill ~ Oct 27, 2017

Cutting Corporate Tax Rate to 20% Projected to Create 587,000 Jobs, Lift Wages and GDP
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 27, 2017

Key House lawmaker sees progress allaying tax deduction concerns: Fox
By Tim Ahmann; Reuters ~ Oct 27, 2017

Study: Premiums for popular ACA plan up by 34 percent
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 26, 2017

Trump Picks Replacement For Embattled IRS Chief John Koskinen
By Chuck Ross; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 26, 2017

Budget vote raises red flag for GOP on tax reform
By Naomi Jagoda & Cristina Marcos; The Hill ~ Oct 26, 2017

House backs $4T budget, faces challenges on Trump tax plan
By Andrew Taylor; The Associated Press ~ Oct 26, 2017

Rapid flurry of new drug pricing leaves no room for public debate
From Dr. Kevin A. Schulman; The Hill ~ Oct 26, 2017

U.S. lawmakers will not tackle healthcare this year, Ryan says: Reuters interview
By Richard Cowan, Doina Chiacu; Reuters ~ Oct 25, 2017

Trump, House GOP at odds over changes to 401(k) plans
By Marcy Gordon; The Associated Press ~ Oct 25, 2017

Large providers, including Kaiser Permanente and Bon Secours, push the boundaries of telemedicine
By Annette Boyle; FierceHealthcare ~ Oct 26, 2017

Ask a Fool: Should I buy an annuity for retirement income?
From Matthew Frankel, TMF; USA TODAY ~ Oct 26, 2017

Judge Won’t Force Trump Admin To Resume Paying Obamacare Subsidies
From Alex Brandon, AP; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 25, 2017

Study: ACA silver plan premiums up average of 34 percent
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 25, 2017

CBO: Bipartisan Obamacare bill would cut deficit, keep coverage stable
By Adam Cancryn; Politico ~ Oct 25, 2017

Trump’s Next Chance to Wreck Obamacare: Open Enrollment
By John Tozzi, Zachary Tracer, & Natasha Rausch; Bloomberg ~ Oct 25, 2017

Dems Are Pushing Government-Run Health Insurance
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 25, 2017

Democratic Senator Opposes ‘Medicare For All’ Proposal, Says Individuals Should Choose
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 25, 2017

Finally, Congress Is Considering A Simple Solution To The Medicare Enrollment Mess
From Howard Gleckman ; Forbes ~ Oct 25, 2017

Ryan: Tax reform to enter toughest phase yet
By Cristina Marcos; The Hill ~ Oct 25, 2017

Social Security Administration Spending Tops $1 Trillion for First Time
By Terence P. Jeffrey; Cybercast News Service ~ Oct 25, 2017

Opinion: Tax Cuts Are the Glue Holding a Fractured Republican Party Together
By Jim Tankersley & Thomas Kaplan; The New York Times ~ Oct 25, 2017

How Individuals Can Save On 2017 Taxes Before The End Of The Year
From Robert A. Green; Forbes ~ Oct 25, 2017

How Older Adults Can Improve Sleep Without Drugs
From Robin Seaton Jefferson; Forbes ~ Oct 23, 2017

Trump stops short of ObamaCare deal endorsement
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 24, 2017

House Conservatives Say Bipartisan Obamacare Fix Is Dead On Arrival
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 24, 2017

Hatch-Brady Proposal Would Reform Obamacare While Funding Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 24, 2017

Republicans, don't forfeit the battle against Obamacare's insurer bailouts
From Sally Pipes; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 24, 2017

Saving CSRs saves us all
From James A. Klein; The Hill ~ Oct 24, 2017

Federal Judge Skeptical Of Claims That Dropping Subsidies Hurts Consumers
By Ngoc Nguyen; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 24, 2017

Robotic-assisted surgery: more expensive, but not always more effective
By Will Boggs MD; Reuters ~ Oct 24, 2017

House on Track for Taxes and Turkey, Ryan Says
Tax overhaul bill scheduled release: Nov. 1

By Lindsey McPherson; Roll Call ~ Oct 24, 2017

Pick the wrong Medicare drug plan and the cost will shock you
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Oct 24, 2017

Tax Reform Is On The Front Burner Again. Here's Why You Should Care
From Sean Silverthorne; Forbes ~ Oct 24, 2017

Trump says popular retirement program will be unscathed in tax plan
By Susan Heavey; Reuters ~ Oct 23, 2017

Democrats turn again to Trump for help tackling high drug prices
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 23, 2017

Bill to Prop Up Obamacare Has Votes to Pass Senate, Schumer Says
By Ben Brody; Bloomberg ~ Oct 22, 2017

Bipartisanship gives focused health care reform new life
From Former Sen. Joe Lieberman; The Hill ~ Oct 23, 2017

Second red state withdraws ObamaCare waiver aimed at shoring up market
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Oct 23, 2017

Hatch: ‘It doesn’t take any brains to realize’ Trump would be open to dealing with Dems
By Rebecca Savransky; The Hill ~ Oct 23, 2017

So Much Care It Hurts: Unneeded Scans, Therapy, Surgery Only Add To Patients’ Ills
By Liz Szabo; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 23, 2017

I Need To Get My Finances Together. Where Do I Start?
From Shelcy V. Joseph; Forbes ~ Oct 23, 2017

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between
U.S. life expectancy is declining, new calculations show.

By Ben Steverman; Bloomberg ~ Oct 23, 2017

Opinion: Guess who loses with Trump's tax plan?
By Dean Obeidalla, CNN – Oct 22, 2017

Schumer calls on McConnell to send bipartisan health care bill to floor this week
By Julia Manchester; The Hill ~ Oct 22, 2017

Momentum Builds To Add Skimpier 'Copper' Plan To Obamacare Menu
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 22, 2017

Mulvaney: 'Good chance' to get ObamaCare deal
By Rebecca Savransky; The Hill ~ Oct 22, 2017

Amazon Is About To Disrupt The Drug Industry, But Not The Way Most Think
From Steve Brozak; Forbes ~ Oct 20, 2017

3 reasons Express Scripts could be headed for trouble
By Emma Court; MarketWatch ~ Oct 21, 2017

Trump 'not going to do' entitlement reform, but 'happy to have the conversation,' Mick Mulvaney says
By Steven Nelson; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 22, 2017

Report: GOP Tax Framework Could Raise GDP By 5%, Wages By 7%
Economists say tax reform could help every generation due to higher wages and return on investment

By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 22, 2017

Ch-ch-ch-changes in Medicare Part D Plans
By Lucia Muller, Pharmacy Checker Blog - Oct 19, 2017

Healthcare markets to open amid federal uncertainty
By Rachel Alexander; The Associated Press ~ Oct 20, 2017

White House pushing for new concessions in bipartisan health bill, including retroactive mandate relief
By Juliet Eilperin & Sean Sullivan; The Washington Post ~ Oct 20, 2017

Trump Admin Tells Court Only Congress Can Pay Health Insurers What They’re Owed
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 20, 2017

Amazon Is About To Disrupt The Drug Industry, But Not The Way Most Think
From Steve Brozak; Forbes ~ Oct 20, 2017

New mortality scale could lead to dip in pension obligations
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Oct 20, 2017

Democrats Must Soon Decide Whether Single-Payer Is a Litmus Test
By Ed Kilgore; New York ~ Oct 20, 2017

Trump's Obamacare Shift Complicates Ability to Work With Democrats
From REUTERS; The New York Times ~ Oct 20, 2017

Rate of people without health insurance rises for first time since 2014
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 20, 2017

Obamacare Stabilization Bill May Have 60 Votes, But It’s Far From A Done Deal
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 20, 2017

Trump promises tax cuts as Senate GOP paves way with budget
By MARCY GORDON & ANDREW TAYLOR; The Associated Press ~ Oct 20, 2017

Congress is flying blind on tax reform
From Ben Harris; The Hill ~ Oct 20, 2017

Senate Adopts Budget With House-Backed Changes
Late amendment expected to help speed up consideration of a tax overhaul

By Paul M. Krawzak; Roll Call ~ Oct 19, 2017

$2.4 Million in Medicare Parts A & B Payments Made to Dead People
Agency has not yet recouped millions in improper payments

By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 19, 2017

Trump: 'I'm open' to ObamaCare deal
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Oct 19, 2017

Key Senate Republican warns GOP to change course on ObamaCare
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Oct 19, 2017

24 senators co-sponsor bipartisan ObamaCare deal
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Oct 19, 2017

Trump tax strategy: Cut a few compromises but don't count on Democrats
By Heidi M. Przybyla; USA TODAY ~ Oct 19, 2017

Bye, Bye Repeal? Schumer Claims Dems Have To Keep Obamacare
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 19, 2017

Open enrollment: How Medicare Advantage will change in 2018
By Wendy Connick, TMF; USA TODAY ~ Oct 19, 2017

Not-so-golden years? Shielding seniors from financial fraud
By Alex Veiga; The Associated Press ~ Oct 19, 2017

How a move to N.Y. is reshaping Cadillac
By Matthew Flamm, CNYBusiness; Automotive News ~ Oct 18, 2017

States file emergency motion to force continuation of ObamaCare payments
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2017

Trump’s Attack on Insurer ‘Gravy Train’ Could Actually Help a Lot of Consumers
By Margot Sanger-Katz; The New York Times ~ Oct 18, 2017

Health care compromise a win (if it ever gets a shot)
From Timothy Jost; CNN ~ Oct 18, 2017

GOP senator floats changes to bipartisan ObamaCare deal
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2017

A step towards better health care
From Reps. Brad Wenstrup, DPM, & Raul Ruiz, MD; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2017

Pharmaceutical middle men reforms would save patients and taxpayers billions
From Matthew Kandrach; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2017

IRS Changes Position, Will Not Accept Tax Returns Which Are Silent On Healthcare Coverage
By Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Oct 18, 2017

White House says Trump opposes Senate's bipartisan Obamacare deal
By Yasmeen Abutaleb & Amanda Becker; Reuters ~ Oct 18, 2017

Donald Trump talks taxes with senators as votes appear set for passage of budget resolution
By Herb Jackson; USA TODAY ~ Oct 18, 2017

GAO report says American retirement system not providing adequate security
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Oct 18, 2017

Key House GOP leader opposes new health-care deal
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Oct 17, 2017

Dems introduce public option for ObamaCare
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 17, 2017

The Tax Break for the Rich the Democrats Are Fighting to Keep
By Brendan Kirby; LifeZette ~ Oct 17, 2017

How To Protect Your Retirement Investments
From Diane Harris, NA ; Forbes ~ Oct 17, 2017

Trump: Another Obamacare Repeal Attempt After Tax Cuts
By David Catanese; US News & World Report ~ Oct 17, 2017

Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray announce deal to extend health insurance subsidies
By Deborah Barfield Berry; USA TODAY ~ Oct 17, 2017

A Few Pointers To Help Save Money And Avoid The Strain Of Medicare Enrollment
By Susan Jaffe; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 17, 2017

Trump: I Think Dems ‘Will Be Blamed’ For My Decision To Sabotage O’Care
By Esme Cribb; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 16, 2017

Trump’s Move To End Insurer Subsidies May Force Congress To Act After Months Of Stagnation
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 16, 2017

How states can save the Obamacare exchanges
From Daniel Hemel; The Washington Post ~ Oct 16, 2017

Trump: ‘Obamacare Is Finished, It’s Dead’
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 16, 2017

What's going on with Obamacare? And are your favorite tax deductions going away?
CNNMoney ~ Oct 16, 2017

Beware of Medicare plan agents who don't tell you all your options
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Oct 16, 2017

PBGC to try mediation with plan sponsors on termination liability, early warning programs
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Oct 16, 2017

6 Tips For Enrolling In Medicare
From Keith Armbrecht, NA ; Forbes ~ Oct 16, 2017

Trump renews attacks on high drug prices
By Sarah Karlin-Smith; Politico ~ Oct 16, 2017

GOP rep: It's 'existential' that Republicans get tax reform done
By Alexandra Oliveira; The Hill ~ Oct 16, 2017

Sorry Everybody, But Trump Hasn't Instigated The Obamacare Apocalypse
By Avik Roy; Forbes ~ Oct 14, 2017

Collins urges Trump to back effort to restore health subsidy
By Hope Yen; The Associated Press ~ Oct 15, 2017

Senate faces Obamacare showdown
By Kimberly Leonard; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 15, 2017

Obamacare Tax to Raise Premiums in 2018, Cost $270 Billion Over Next Decade
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 15, 2017

Trump gambles with ObamaCare moves
By Jessie Hellmann & Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Oct 15, 2017

Obamacare architect trashes Trump's effort to dismantle ACA
By Jessica Bartlett; Boston Business Journal ~ Oct 13, 2017

The Biggest Thing Your Investment Portfolio Is Probably Missing
From Scott Spann, FF ; Forbes ~ Oct 15, 2017

23 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft and Other Cyber-Scams after the Big Equifax Breach
By Lauren Cahn; Reader’s Digest ~ Undated

If Your Spouse Handles The Money, You Need To Know These 9 Things
From Nancy L. Anderson; Forbes ~ Oct 15, 2017

Pelosi Slams Trump on Health Care: ‘The Court of Public Opinion Is the Wisest Court That There Is’
By Paul Crookston; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 13, 2017

Insurers call on Congress to act on ObamaCare payments
By Julia Manchester; The Hill ~ Oct 14, 2017

Not Dead Yet: Obamacare Insurers Are Hanging In There
By Reed Abelson & Margot Sanger-Katz ; The New York Times ~ Oct 13, 2017

Pro-Trump states most affected by his health care decision
By Christina A. Cassidy & Meghan Hoyer; The Associated Press ~ Oct 14, 2017

Trump, GOP Still Don’t Get Why Their Plan Raises Taxes on Some in the Middle Class
From Josh Barro; The Fiscal Times ~ Oct 13, 2017

Why is corporate America issuing debt to fill the holes in pension plans?
By Sunny Oh; MarketWatch ~ Oct 13, 2017

Republican Collins will stay in U.S. Senate, focused on healthcare
By Scott Malone; Reuters ~ Oct 13, 2017

Ron Johnson seeks deal on Obamacare insurer payments
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 13, 2017

States to sue to block Trump cutoff of Obamacare money, as higher income customers face biggest hit
By Dan Mangan; CNBC ~ Oct 13, 2017

Pelosi: Dems may use spending bills to restore ObamaCare subsidies
By Mike Lillis; The Hill ~ Oct 13, 2017

Dem senator: Trump's decision to end key ObamaCare payments is 'nuclear grade bananas'
By Brandon Carter; The Hill ~ Oct 13, 2017

Trump calls on Democrats to negotiate with him on new health care plan
By Dave Boyer; The Washington Times ~ Oct 13, 2017

Poll: Solid Majority Wants Trump To Fix Obamacare Instead Of Sabotaging It
By Nicole Lafond; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 13, 2017

GOP eyes big prize for tax bill: Manchin's vote
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Oct 13, 2017

Lost beneath headlines of five-figure drug costs — pharmaceutical price growth is weakening
By Steve Goldstein; MarketWatch ~ Oct 13, 2017

Gotcha! Social Security Benefits Rising 2% In 2018, But Most Retirees Won't See Extra Cash
By Janet Novack; Forbes ~ Oct 13, 2017

Rand Paul Says Trump’s Obamacare Order ‘Has The Potential To Be Amazing’
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 12, 2017

Trump's Association Health Plans Are An Old Idea That Hasn't Worked
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 12, 2017

Hospital group warns Trump's executive order could weaken insurance markets
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Oct 12, 2017

Foiled in Congress, Trump Signs Order to Undermine Obamacare
By Robert Pear & Reed Abelson; The New York Times ~ Oct 12, 2017

Is The U.S. Healthcare System Terminally Broken?
From Arlene Weintraub; Forbes ~ Oct 12, 2017

House Republicans Ramp Up Scrutiny of Providers in Drug Discount Program
By Jon Reid; Morning Consult ~ Oct 11, 2017

How to invest for lifetime income and long-term growth
By Walter Updegrave; CNNMoney ~ Oct 11, 2017

What FDA Commissioner Gottlieb’s Mission on Drug Prices Says about Importation
By Gabriel Levitt, – Oct 5, 2017

President Trump names Eric Hagan acting HHS secretary
By Paige Moneymen; Fierce Healthcare ~ Oct 11, 2017

Trump’s Health Care Executive Order Expected This Week, But What Will It Really Do?

Skip the health insurance tax question? Not so fast
By Beth Pinsker; Reuters ~ Oct 11, 2017

Battle over drug prices shifts back to the states
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Oct 11, 2017

Some of America's favorite tax breaks could be on the chopping block
By Christine Romans; CNN ~ Oct 11, 2017

Three Must Ask Questions Before Moving In Retirement
From Joseph Coughlin; Forbes ~ Oct 11, 2017

An old-school pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress, a little-known perk for the powerful
By Erin Mershon, StatNews – Oct 11, 2017

As Social Security gets boost, Medicare Part B costs to rise. Here's what to know.
From Judith Graham, KHN; Chicago Tribune ~ Oct 11, 2017

High-Performing ACA Navigators Mystified By Deep Cuts Less Than Year After Being Touted As ‘Superstars’
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 10, 2017

White House: Obamacare order caused by frustration over congressional inaction
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Oct 10, 2017

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Express Scripts to Buy eviCore for $3.6 Billion
By Manas Mishra & Divya Grover, RNS; The New York Times ~ Oct 10, 2017

Start planning now to care for elderly parents
By Chris Taylor; Reuters ~ Oct 10, 2017

Why can’t you spend at a 7% rate in retirement?
From Chuck Saletta, TMF; Fox Business ~ Oct 10, 2017

Here’s how much Social Security checks could increase in 2018
By Jeffry Bartash; MarketWatch ~ Oct 10, 2017

If you miss this Medicare deadline, it could hurt your health
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Oct 10, 2017

Your Pension Is a Lie: There's $210 Trillion Of Liabilities Our Government Can't Fulfill
From John Mauldin; Forbes ~ Oct 10, 2017

There Actually Is A Middle Ground On The Affordable Care Act
From Seth Chandler; Forbes ~ Oct 09, 2017

Senate Republicans Not Giving Up Hope On Obamacare Repeal And Replace Bill
By Kerry Picket; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 09, 2017

Can Donald Trump Cut A Deal With Democrats On Health Care? Maybe.
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Oct 09, 2017

WH Finalizing Executive Order To Expand Health Plans Offered By Associations
By Ken Thomas & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, AP; Talking Points Memo ~ Oct 09, 2017

Overlooked By ACA: Many People Paying Full Price For Insurance ‘Getting Slammed’
By Julie Rovner; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 09, 2017

Majority of Households Paying Obamacare Penalty Are Low and Middle-Income
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 09, 2017

Medicare rules are needlessly complex
By Mary Beth Franklin; InvestmentNews ~ Oct 09, 2017

Forget Budgeting: Here Is A Smarter, Easier Way To Control Your Spending
From Larry Light; Forbes ~ Oct 09, 2017

Tax Overhaul Without Social Security Reform Is Meaningless
By Brenton Smith, Newsmax – Oct 6, 2017

Trump tells donors he’s pushing forward on ObamaCare repeal: report
By Olivia Beavers; The Hill ~ Oct 08, 2017

GOP senator: ObamaCare repeal 'alive and well'
By Rebecca Savransky; The Hill ~ Oct 08, 2017

The Huge Asset You're Probably Overlooking In Retirement
From Erik Carter; Forbes ~ Oct 08, 2017

Schumer Says He Rebuffed Another Offer From Trump on Health Care
By Mark Landler; The New York Times ~ Oct 07, 2017

Trump says he called Schumer on health care
By Sunlen Serfaty & Phil Mattingly; CNN ~ Oct 07, 2017

Trump to sign order rolling back health insurance regulations: report
By Julia Manchester; The Hill ~ Oct 07, 2017

Trump Continues To Chip Away At ACA Despite Congress’ Failure To Repeal Law
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 07, 2017

Association Health Plans: A Favorite GOP Approach To Coverage Poised For Comeback
By Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 06, 2017

Warning signs emerge in GOP's tax reform push
By Jordain Carney & Naomi Jagoda; The Hill ~ Oct 06, 2017

5 Breakthrough Medical Technologies So Crazy They Sound Like Science Fiction
From Tim Chen; Forbes ~ Oct 06, 2017

Why some middle-class families could face a tax increase under the GOP plan
By Carolyn Y. Johnson; The Washington Post ~ Oct 06, 2017

Corporate pension funding rises in September — 3 reports
By Meaghan Kilroy; Pensions & Investments ~ Oct 06, 2017

Will CNN's Jeff Zucker get fired when AT&T Takes Over Time Warner?
By Brian Flood; Fox News ~ Oct 06, 2017

House Passes Budget That Achieves Balance, Increases GDP Growth, and Reforms Tax Code
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 05, 2017

Senate panel advances budget, a key step for tax reform
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Oct 05, 2017

How Big Data Could Help Prevent One Fatal Heart Attack Every 40 Seconds
From Reenita Das; Forbes ~ Oct 05, 2017

Senate panel to hold drug pricing hearing after delay
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Oct 05, 2017

Sanders blasts proposed Medicare cuts: These 'will kill people'
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Oct 05, 2017

The Best Resources for Understanding Medicare
Also: We answer a reader’s question about Roth IRA conversions

From Glenn Ruffenach; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 05, 2017

Despite Boost In Social Security, Rising Medicare Part B Costs Leave Seniors In Bind
By Judith Graham; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 05, 2017

Hate The 'B Word'? 7 Simple Steps To Create A Budget You Can Live With
From Liz Frazier Peck; Forbes ~ Oct 05, 2017

3 ways to protect your Social Security number from scammers
John Matarese; ABC15 ~ Oct 05, 2017

AT&T Hits Milestone on Software-Defined Access
By Carol Wilson; Light Reading ~ Oct 05, 2017

Cassidy Says He Plans To Modify Bill To Replace Health Law And That CBO Will Issue Full Analysis
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 04, 2017

Premiums Continue To Skyrocket While Congress Does Nothing
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 04, 2017

Half of Americans Can’t Afford More Than $100 a Month on Health Insurance Premiums
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 04, 2017

Former Obamacare Administrators Launch Campaign To Revive The Program
By Jack Crowe; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 04, 2017

Republicans Must Deliver Tax Cuts For Working Families
From Sen. Mike Lee ; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 04, 2017

The Health 202: There could soon be a bipartisan deal on Obamacare marketplaces. Really.
By Paige Winfield Cunningham; The Washington Post ~ Oct 03, 2017

GOP gives ground in ObamaCare stabilization talks
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Oct 03, 2017

Health industry pressures Congress to stabilize individual market
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Oct 03, 2017

FDA chief says agency will take action to lower drug prices
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Oct 03, 2017

Most older Americans don't trust Trump to save Social Security
By Paul Davidson; USA TODAY ~ Oct 03, 2017

Outraged lawmakers demand answers at Equifax hearing
By Harper Neidig & Mallory Shelbourne; The Hill ~ Oct 03, 2017

IRS Involved in $5 Million Push to Pressure Americans to Buy Obamacare
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Oct 02, 2017

Week ahead: Senators work toward deal to fix ObamaCare markets
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Oct 02, 2017

Cheaper compounded drugs could save the broken health care system
From Stacie Phan; The Hill ~ Oct 02, 2017

Insured People Who Republicans Have Dubbed ‘Victims’ Of ACA Get Hit Again By Health Law Uncertainty
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 02, 2017

10 stats that show why Social Security is broken
By Sean Williams, TMF; USA TODAY ~ Oct 02, 2017

Equifax failed to patch security vulnerability in March - former CEO
By David Shepardson; Reuters ~ Oct 02, 2017

Prescription drug price gouging: What seniors need to know
By Casey Dowd; Fox Business ~ Oct 01, 2017

Bipartisan Push Intensifies To Fix Obamacare With Price Gone
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 01, 2017

How the effort to replace ObamaCare failed
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Oct 01, 2017

Spending Too Much? Here's What To Do
From Peter Lazaroff; Forbes ~ Oct 01, 2017.

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