Update on Avaya Bankruptcy – March 26, 2017

The Avaya Retirees Chapter of the National Retiree Legislative Network is here to serve as your voice on the protection of our pensions and other retirement security issues.

As you know Avaya has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. We have retained a Chicago Law Firm to help us represent all Avaya retirees in the Avaya Chapter 11 bankruptcy court.

Supposedly, the company is filing a plan of reorganization next week and that will give us greater insight into the supplemental pension plan and the company’s strategy going forward. That should provide us more information that will help us to answer some of the most frequently asked questions like what will happen to health care benefits and life insurance benefits post-petition.

Question: Do I have to file a proof of claim if I only have a qualified pension that will be covered by the PBGC?

You do not have to file a claim if all you have is a PBGC insured pension, that is your regular qualified pension. Again, there is no need to file a claim for a PBGC covered pension.

However, everyone who has a benefit paid by the company from its cash flow (i.e. not the qualified pension claims) like the Supplemental Pension and Life Insurance that is paid by the company, the company may elect to drop these benefits and so filing a proof of claim is necessary.

The claim amount should be the total value of the benefit to the retiree over his or her expected lifetime.

The Bar Date has been set for May 8, 2017. We have ample time to gather our information and file our claims by this deadline.

Question: Why don’t we file a class action type or blanket claim to cover all those affected?

A Class Proof of Claim must be approved by the court; we could seek to file such a claim now but the court may not approve it. Therefore, each retiree should file their own claim.

We don’t have the names of all those affected that has a Supplemental Pension yet because Avaya has not filed their schedules. Avaya has asked the court for and was granted an extension to April 21, 2017 to file their schedules. The schedules should include all of the names and contact information of all those that have Supplemental Pensions, etc.

The website that you can track the progress of the Avaya bankruptcy filing in court is: . This will provide information about the case, including access to court documents.

Question: Can we get some help to fill out the 410 Proof of Claim Form 410?

Download the Proof of Claim 410 Form here You should know all forms filed are then listed on the Docket and are public knowledge. Read the instructions for Proof of Claim, any documents that you attach ensure you redact any information that is entitled to privacy. Save your originals.

We are working with others who have already filled out their Proof of Claim Form 410 to answer some of the general questions on what should be entered on line such and such, we are putting out some of those tips that should help.

Who the Debtor is? Avaya Inc.

What is the Avaya case # ? (17-10089)

Attach your Supplemental Pension W2 form that shows your yearly amount, redact your first 6 numbers of your Social Security number. Use a life expectancy table to calculate how long you should live, multiply your monthly Supplemental Pensions time your number of years you will live and claim that amount.

The spousal survivorship portion will be more complicated to calculate. We are still awaiting some help from a financial advisor on that issue.

I would also attach an explanation letter which can be as simple as: I am a retiree. I receive the following retirement benefits from Avaya: (list the benefits). This claim is made in the event that Avaya does not pay those benefits.

You can go on the website and see other forms that have already been filed by clicking on “Claims” at the top of the website.

If you know any other Avaya retirees who are not signed up yet to receive Avaya Retiree Chapter and NRLN emails, or any current vested Avaya employees or retired vested not yet collecting their pensions, please send them this link below and ask them to join. All those that have selected the survivor benefit for their pension should have the beneficiary sign up as well to the Chapter.

Check out to learn more about the NRLN and click the NRLN Chapters tab to access the Avaya Retirees Chapter’s webpage. New information is posted often.

If you have any questions or concerns just call me at 402-203-6899 or email me at and I will get back to you.


Vern Larson, President, Avaya Retirees Chapter
National Retiree Legislative Network

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NRLN Avaya Retirees Chapter Working to Protect What We’ve Earned

Another important release from August 25, 2016

The NRLN Avaya Retirees Chapter has been working on our data base trying to build a comprehensive Avaya retirees email list to be able to send news releases and updates about Avaya pension and benefits to those that are retired.

Our Chapter is representing all Avaya Retirees, Management, Office Salaried employees and both Office and Hourly Union Represented employees. There are currently around 8,000 Management retirees and a little over 7,000 in the Union represented pension plans. You can understand how much we can grow with your help.

We recently were able to collect around 700 additional names and some contact information from the OneExchange Insurance meetings held in Denver, Shreveport. LA, Basking Ridge, NJ and Omaha. We are in the final stages of data entry for the all these names at this time. Trying to read and decipher some of the names and other data are difficult and very time consuming.

To help with the updated data collection I am attaching a hot link that will take you to a web form that you can fill out and will be mailed back to me so I can create a data base of former retirees from all the different locations around the country. The Avaya Chapter of the NLRN would appreciate for all Avaya retirees that have not already registered to click on the form and submitting it back to us: . It is easy as 123…

Also, check out our NRLN and the Avaya Retirees Chapter’s webpage often for new information. To learn more about the NRLN at

Thanks in advance for your support in creating a strong NRLN Avaya Retirees Chapter to serve as your voice on the protection of our pension and other retirement security issues.

Please email or call with your questions or concerns.

Regards and Thank you.
Respectfully submitted,
Vern Larson, President
NRLN Avaya Retirees Chapter 402-203-6899 or
Jeff Orley, Executive Member of Membership Committee
402-580-3743 -
Cory Aesoph-Mangiaruca, Executive Officer for Union Retirees
Rick Madej, Executive Officer for Union Retirees
Tom Vierk, Executive Member of Accountancy

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