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NRLN information particularly relevant to DuPont Retirees Chapter; Action Alerts; Enrollment instructions

NRLN gains ground on two major health care issues!

For the last four years the NRLN and our grassroots advocates have lobbied to get movement on lowering the cost of safe prescription drugs by importation and Medicare being allowed by law to do competitive bidding on behalf on Medicare Part D participants.

At a town hall meeting the NRLN arranged on August 26 with Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-08), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, we learned that when Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 that It gave the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to set regulations to import prescription drugs from Canada. On September 6, I sent a letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell urging her to exercise the authority given to the HHS Secretary in the 2003 law to authorize importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

A version of that letter was presented in more than 60 meetings with Representatives, Senators and/or members of their staffs during the NRLN’s Fall Fly-In, September 27 and 28. During each appointment the request was made that the letter, or a rewritten version, be sent to Secretary Burwell. We asked that the Representative or Senator get additional signatures from his or her colleagues.

It turned out that 33 Representatives stepped up the game beyond our request. They signed an October 12 letter that asked President Obama to:

  • Explore implementing drug importation under the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 that gave this authority to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Instruct the Director of the National Institutes of Health to ensure that drugs researched and developed with taxpayer funds are kept accessible to the public by authorizing new competition for unaffordable, monopoly-priced medications. (The NRLN had lobbied for this on Capitol Hill during out February 2016 conference.)
  • Address reforms to more effectively combat pharmaceutical companies from blocking generic drug competition through the practice known as pay-for-delay.(This is part of the NRLN’s Legislative Agenda that we have been lobbying for with members of Congress.)

For the past three years, the NRLN and our grassroots advocates have been lobbying for legislation to eliminate Medicare’s 3-day “inpatient” requirement in order for Medicare beneficiaries to qualify for coverage of skilled nursing facility (SNF) services. Under the current Medicare payment policy, for SNF services to be covered by Medicare, the beneficiary must have an “inpatient” hospital stay of at least 3 days. Beneficiaries are often unaware that the hospital has admitted them for “observation” rather than as an “inpatient”. Those admitted for “observation” who later receive SNF services are surprised when they are billed for the services.

This week Michigan Senator Gary Peters cosponsored a bipartisan bill that, if passed, would to fix the current law and ensure the classification of a hospital stay does not increase cost for Medicare beneficiaries needing specialized care in a skilled nursing facility.

The National Retiree Legislative Network and the National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO) were among the retirement advocacy organizations, including AARP, given credit in Senator Peters’ press release for supporting the introduction of the bill. The NRLN credits NRLN director Jay Kuhnie, NCRO President, Deb Morrissett, NCRO Director, Bob Tompkins, NRLN Treasurer and Detroit Edison of Retirees (DEAR) President, and Larry Hice, General Motors Retirees Chapter President and their team who have lobbied for the elimination of Medicare’s 3-day rule during a number of appointments with Senator Peters during the NRLN’s Washington, DC meetings.

What I have described above are the latest examples of the ground that can be gain by being relentless in lobbying for issues important to retirees. Of course, we will have to continue to follow up in order to achieve what has been asked of President Obama by the 33 Representatives (and hopefully more to come). The Action Alert sent out this week on this issue was our first step. The NRLN’s Legislative Affairs Committee and Legislative Action Planning Committee will track the bill to eliminate Medicare’s 3-day rulel. I’ll let you know if your help is needed to lobby for passage of the bill, which does not yet have a number.

Bill Kadereit, President,
National Retirees Legislative Network

NRLN Action Alert

Stop the Effort to Privatize Medicare

Tell your members of Congress stop the effort to privatize Medicare through a “premium support” plan that seniors would pay to insurance companies. This would certainly lead to seniors paying more for health care. Please email the NRLN’s sample letter to your Representative and Senators to urge them to prevent the privatization of Medicare.

Here are the easy steps to follow on this Action Alert:

The link will present the sample letters for you to email to President Barack and a copy to your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators. If you have a problem with the link, go to and click on the “Take Action Now!” near the top of the NRLN website home page. When the Action Alert appears, click on the “Write your Legislators” link.

When you have accessed the sample letter, to the left of the letter are windows to type in your contact information required by the President and members of Congress so they know they are receiving an email from a constituent. If you have sent previous NRLN emails to your members of Congress your contact information may be automatically displayed.

Personalize the letters by editing in your own comments.

Click on the "Preview" button and the letters addressed to President Obama and your Representative and two Senators will appear. Their names will be automatically added in the letter’s greeting. Check to make sure the letters to your members of Congress appear correct and then click "Send".


Read Article on Results of NRLN 2016 Future Directions Survey

Message from the NRLN President

DuPont Current and Future Retirees,

I want to extend to you a warm welcome as a newly formed Chapter of the NRLN.

The NRLN is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots coalition representing the interests of more than 2 million retirees, who came to the NRLN from retiree associations, NRLN chapters and individual members who have retired from nearly 200 different U.S. corporations and public entities. Members live in all 50 states and practically all Congressional districts and are working together to preserve the retirement benefits they earned during their many years of productive employment.

The NRLN does not provide legal advice. Nor does NRLN interface with employers, representing their retirees. It is up to Chapters to handle any communications with their former employers as they wish. However, the NRLN does provide services which are very valuable - namely the ability to communicate with members of Congress and Congressional committees that have oversight of retirement issues and with federal agencies that have the responsibility to protect the interests of retirees. In addition, the NRLN knows the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

The NRLN's staff in Washington, DC uses the rapport they have with U.S. Representatives and Senators and their staff members as a communications channel to advance legislation important to retirees. In addition we sit on critical advocacy group committees that include AARP, the ERISA Industrial Council, Pension Rights Center and other groups that meet regularly with House and Senate key committees with jurisdiction over retiree legislation.

While the NRLN and AARP cooperate on a number of issues, what differentiates the NRLN is that we work directly with our Chapters and Retiree Associations in problem solving on pension issues. When necessary the NRLN facilitates and accompanies leaders of its member organizations for meetings with the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), Department of Treasury, Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration, staff members of Representatives and Senators and staffs of Congressional committees.

Based in Washington, D.C., the NRLN is the only nationwide organization solely dedicated to representing the interests of retirees and future retirees. Formed in 2002, the NRLN endeavors to secure federal legislation for retirement income security and reduce the cost of health care along with keeping Social Security and Medicare strong.

You are encouraged to learn more about the NRLN by taking the time to browse this NRLN website. Click on the Home Page link and navigate this website through the use of the tabs and the drop down menus. Be sure to review the Legislative Agenda and go to the Archives and read a few of the back issues of the FOCUS newsletter.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

NRLN Action Alert: Tell Congress: Don’t Eliminate SHIP Needed for Medicare Advice

The Senate Appropriations Committee made a blunder when it voted to abolish the entire $52.1 million in federal funding for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) in the budget bill. SHIP has been a valuable program for older adults and younger people with disabilities who need advice on complex traditional Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage programs. This has the effect of leaving these citizens at the mercy of the private insurance companies who may increase premiums or deductibles and may change physician provider networks at will. With the huge influx of Americans turning 65, killing the SHIP program is a classic example of Congressional short-sightedness. Click here to take action to email the NRLN’s sample letters to tell your members of Congress to restore SHIP funding.

Enroll in DuPont Retirees Chapter

If you have not already received one or more emails from the DuPont Retirees Chapter, sign up through this website. Click here to access the sign up webpage. After entering your contact information, open the Name of Retiree Association or Chapter window, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter. Next click the box to also receive NRLN emails. Finalize your sign up by clicking SIGN ME UP.


Chapter history and activities; current and archived communications with DuPont management, concerning retiree benefit issues, are just the opinions of the writers.


To: NRLN DuPont Retiree Chapter Members

Subject: Company Paid Survivor Benefit

A few weeks ago I attended a retiree breakfast and the subject of "the Company paid pension survivor benefit" came up. Since I have been retired for 3 years this past month my memory had failed me on this aspect of our pension benefit so I decided to look into it. I learned a few things that I had forgotten about my own survivor benefit. There is nothing actually new here, but if you are not completely clear on your survivor benefits, it might be a good idea to go back and review them.

Here is the link to the latest version of the Pension Summary Plan Description or SPD dated July, 2013. The information on the Company paid survivor benefit starts on page 13.

You can also:

  • Review the documents that DuPont provided when you retired.
  • Call DuPont Connection to get your exact survivor benefits – but they could only provide me with the survivor benefit dollar value (which was correct), not how that was calculated, based on service, age, earnings and selected options. I believe they are not set up to furnish any such information to confirm the basis of the survivor benefits.

Additional key points, which may or may not be relevant to your situation, are summarized below. But please recognize that I am simply describing my own best understanding of how the system works, and I am NOT offering any official explanations – you need to get that from DuPont Connections, as needed.

  1. If you retired before 12/31/2007, the Company paid survivor benefit is about 41.7% of your pension. If a spouse is named and the spouse is significantly younger than the retiree the benefit may be reduced due to the longer life expectancy just as it would if minor children are named. See points 4 and 5 below if you chose income leveling or if you retired with an early retirement incentive.
  2. If you retired after 12/31/2007, the Company paid survivor benefit was frozen on 12/31/2007, so the formulas calculate the survivor benefit as though you had retired on or before that date. Since I retired in 2014, my Company paid survivor benefit is about 32%.
  3. If you and your spouse opted to take a greater survivor benefit, by accepting a reduced pension, that would change the survivor benefit which would otherwise apply in 1 or 2 above.
  4. You may have retired with an enhanced pension due to an early retirement offer, but that does not change the $ value of the survivor benefit, which is calculated on the basis of your un-enhanced pension.
  5. You may have elected income leveling when you retired - but this does not affect the survivor benefit $ value.
  6. You might want to take a look at who you can name to receive the survivor benefit. It is not just a spouse. According to the SPD you can change the beneficiary at any time. See page 13 of the SPD. This seems to be about the only thing you can change with regard to your pension once started except for things like tax withholding, bank information, etc. But while the beneficiary may or may not be the spouse, the spouse has certain protected legal rights that has to be considered if the beneficiary is changed.

Again, this is based on my understanding of how the pension plan works. Please read the SPD and talk to DuPont Connections to confirm details of your own situation.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have better information or think I may have gotten something wrong please let me know and I will correct/reissue this note.

Jim Odle, President
NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter

December 8, 2016
Clarification: My last email contained a statement in the second paragraph that could be misinterpreted. I should have said that DuPont will stop post-retirement health care coverage for employees under 50. I have attached a new copy with the correction in red.

To: NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter Members

Subject: Expanding on Wilmington News Journal Article about DuPont Pensions

If you regularly visit the NRLN (National Retiree Legislative Network) DuPont Retirees Chapter webpage you may have clicked on the link to the article “DuPont to end pension contribution for active employees” and read the article that was published in the Wilmington News Journal on November 17, 2016.

The article described the DuPont decision to “freeze” the pension plan and the non-contributory life insurance for active employees, effective in Nov 2018, or whenever the first spinoff occurs, as well as stop post-retirement health care coverage for those under 50, also at that time. In addition, a Drexel University professor was quoted that “retirees have little to worry about because the PBGC [Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation] guarantee pensions earned as long as they are less than $60,000”, which is over-simplified and misleading information.

Since becoming involved with the National Retiree Legislative Network and forming our Chapter, we have learned much about pension issues and the role of the PBGC. By law, there are extensive rules the PBGC must follow when calculating a retiree’s pension benefit after it takes over a pension plan. The PBGC’s maximum guarantee for participants in single-employer pension plans is based on the individual’s age on the plan’s termination date – these maximum guarantees are posted on the PBGC’s website here.

The following points are provided to help provide more clarity on the issue of PBGC pension guarantees, on other references in the News Journal article and on the role of the NRLN in advocating legislation to protect our pensions:

  • A person, age 65 at the time of his/her pension plan termination in 2017, would receivetheir pension plan payment amount prior to PBGC takeover, up to a maximum of $5,369.32 per month ($64,431.84 annually). However, the maximum PBGC payment could be much smaller for younger people and much larger for older people – see the PBGC tables (link above) to see how the guaranty limit varies with age.
  • It is also important to understand that under PBGC rules there are circumstances that can significantly change what is published in the “Maximum Monthly Guarantee Table”. PBGC’s formula calls for reducing the payment amount for retirees who choose a payment form that continues benefits to a beneficiary after the retiree’s death (the survivor option). Also, there are complex PBGC “claw back” rules that will lower the payment amount if a retiree received certain retirement incentives and pension enhancements during the five years prior the PBGC takeover.
  • NRLN’s bankruptcy reform and PBGC whitepaper legislative proposals were developed in response to General Motors, Chrysler, Delphi, Delta and Kodak bankruptcy cases. GM spun off Delphi and within five-years Delphi filed for bankruptcy. Many younger Delphi retirees suffered 30-40% in pension cuts and all retires lost their health care. We hope DuPont retirees will never encounter the need for the PBGC to take over our pension plan, but it helps to understand what we might face if the worst happened.
  • There was also a reference in The News Journal article that a group of DuPont pensioners have launched a Facebook page (name - DuPont Pensioners), which now has over 6,000 members.A Facebook page is fine for exchanging views and information, as long as the Administrator does not become a “censor” and remove individuals and posts with different viewpoints. However, that is happening with this webpage: our NRLN information and our communications with DuPont management were posted on this Facebook page – these posts have been quickly removed andthe people posting them were expelled by the Administrator. If someone were to post this note, the same thing would likely happen again.

We believe that our NRLN Retirees Chapter is a very different and much better mechanism, than a Facebook page, to advocate for the security of our pensions, because it is a legislative action driven lobbying organization of over 50,000 active members:

  • The NRLN has professional staff members who are constantly on Capitol Hill lobbying Congress on issues important to retirees.
  • The NRLN has a grassroots network in all 50 states and practically all Congressional districts who regularly communicate with their members of Congress.
  • The NRLN provides the technical capabilities to email messages to members of Congress, the President and heads of Federal Agencies when an Action Alert is issued.
  • The NRLN, with support from the American Retirees Education Foundation, its research and education partner, produces whitepapers on retirement issues that are used to educate federal government officials, the news media and the public.
  • The NRLN Leaders and Board of Directors members are from retiree associations and chapters who understand the importance of implementing a Legislative Agenda to protect pensions and Social Security and preserve Medicare to provide quality health care and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

As a member of the NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter you understand these NRLN strengths, based on previous Chapter emails to you. Your help is needed to extend the Chapter’s reach to other DuPont retirees and future retirees. Please share this with others and encourage them to visit the Chapter’s webpage and sign-up to receive Chapter messages. The sign-up link is near the bottom of the left-most column. When selecting the chapter, using the drop down menu, we are listed near the bottom as “NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter”.

Your membership in the NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter is important to your ability to keep abreast on what is happening with DuPont, its possible merger with Dow, and being prepared, as necessary, to be strong advocates for the security of our pensions. Please feel free to contact me directly or by replying to our emails sent through the NRLN email service.

Jim Odle, President
NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter


Welcome Message from Chapter President - 7/25/2016

Report on Capitol Hill Lobbying Session, and a Request for Feedback (10/23/16)

DuPont U.S. Retiree Benefits Website | DuPont USA This is the place for DuPont’s U.S. retirees to access the most up-to-date information about your DuPont benefits. Materials include the latest information.

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Current and archived media articles about DuPont retiree benefits, corporate restructuring, and other information, with potential impact on Company financial conditions – without comment. Some publications (e.g. The Wilmington News Journal/Delaware Online), may permit only limited viewing of articles without a subscription.

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DuPont CEO Gives Investors Confidence Dow Deal Is on Track
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DuPont Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Results
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DuPont warns of merger delay, reports strong quarter
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EU Review of Dow-DuPont Deal Could Come Down to Innovation
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Carper, Coons among Dems slammed for vote with drug companies
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Breen: DuPont to invest $200M in Experimental Station
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Chemours to stay in 'revitalized' HQ
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Trump Adviser Wants to Stop Megadeals Like Dow-DuPont Merger
By Meagan Parrish, ChemInfo - Jan 9, 2017

Dow, DuPont to make merger case next week to EU regulators
By Carl Surran; Seeking Alpha ~ Jan 06, 2017

DuPont must pay $10.5M in punitive damages in C-8 case
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Jan 05, 2017

Editorial: DuPont needs to clean up its act, literally
The News Journal ~ Dec 27, 2016

'Because It is Right': DuPont engineer makes difference
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Dec 23, 2016

New Jersey town files $1B lawsuit against DuPont
Jeff Mordock, The News Journal - Dec 22. 2016

Jury orders to DuPont to pay $2M in C-8 case
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NCCo approves $7.5 million DuPont contribution
By Xerxes Wilson; The News Journal ~ Nov 30, 2016

Letter: 2018 Changes to the Pension Plan and Other Post-Retirement Benefits
By Benito Cachinero-Sanchez, DuPont Senior VP Human Resources

DuPont to end pension contribution for active employees
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal - Nov 17, 2016

DuPont to freeze defined benefit plan in 2018
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 17, 2016

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Cost cuts help DuPont survive weak sales, write downs
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Forecast as Dow Merger Seen Delayed to 2017
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Dow Chemical CEO Says DuPont Merger May Be Delayed to 2017
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Paid Breaks Can’t Offset Other Compensation Due, Court Says
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DuPont to face 10 C-8 trials in three months
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DuPont's Breen to speak at Chamber of Commerce dinner
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Investors.DuPont.Com - Aug. 11, 2016

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After Dow-DuPont merger, more pain or gain?
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The Associated Press ~ Jul 06, 2016

Buccini/Pollin appears to be buying Hotel du Pont
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Farm groups ask feds to oppose Dow-DuPont merger
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal – June 8, 2016

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