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Welcome to our webpage, DuPont current and future retirees.

The NRLN (National Retirees Legislative Network) is a nationwide organization that advocates for Federal Legislation to protect all retiree benefits including pensions, company provided healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and lower prescription drug costs. We started this DuPont Retirees Chapter (DRC) because of concerns about the long-term security of our underfunded pension plan. As a chapter of the NRLN we benefit from education on retiree issues (such as how ERISA law and the PBGC helps to protect our pensions) and knowledge of what other corporations and retiree groups are doing about retiree benefits. With this webpage and our email utility, delivering key documents to our members directly, we strive to be a key communication mechanism on retiree issues, as DuPont and Dow carry out their plan to merge and then split into smaller companies.

Please look at the middle column of this page to read our communications on pension and other retiree issues. The most current notes are always visible, while scrolling down to the Archive, you can see older communications, in reverse chronological order. The right-most column is a repository of pertinent media articles about the merger and pension issues. We hope that you will review the wealth of information on our DRC page, as well as the NRLN homepage, for a good understanding of our efforts.

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Feel free to ask questions by emailing me at

Jim Odle
Chapter President


Chapter history and activities; current and archived communications with DuPont management, concerning retiree benefit issues, are just the opinions of the writers.

Report To DuPont Retirees Chapter Membership – 7/31/17

Comments on Merger Status

  • According to most sources the merger appears to be on track to complete in August.
  • Activist investors are suggesting a different make up of businesses vs. what has been proposed. Also one or two are suggesting a 6 way split vs. 3. See articles posted in right column of our webpage.
  • DuPont and Dow have engaged McKinsey and Company, a well known corporate consulting company, to review business make up of spincos and recommend changes if deemed desirable.
  • We are hoping to find out if they have actually made the 2.9 billion contribution to the pension plan (DuPont stated this has been done). The prospectus for the loan used for this contribution says that the Ag company and Spec products company will be responsible for the loan, not the materials company making us speculate that the DuPont pension will reside with the 2 Delaware companies.
  • Therefore, strengthening the specialty products company should be a positive for us, but a 6 way split would might be problematic for the pension and increase our anxiety about long term pension security.

DRC (DuPont Retirees Chapter) Status

We have analyzed the membership history of the NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter (DRC) to define an effective growth strategy for our Chapter. Click here to view spreadsheet graphs depicting our DRC Network’s membership growth and status, as well as visits to our webpage. The graph also shows vertical marker lines indicating our communications with the DRC, membership drive actions, and other events surrounding the proposed DuPont and Dow merger and split. Analysis of the graphs indicates strong correlation between the timing of communication events and the subsequent growth spurts – which suggests that relevant communication drives membership growth. In particular, the explicit membership drive, in early January, 2017, has resulted in the largest step increase (10%) in enrollment. Our explanation and interpretation of the graphs are outlined below.

DRC Membership Growth/green line

  1. The launch of the NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter was in early July, 2016. After a large group enrollment, we had 1216 members on 7/18/16. The green line shows the additional enrollment of 493 since 7/18/16, reduced by the 148 un-subscribed accounts. Adding the initial enrollment of 1216, gives the Total Active Membership count of 1561 at the end of June, 2017.
  2. Note that nearly every large increase in membership (of 20 or more) appears in a few days immediately following some significant communications with DRC members, which are e-mailed directly and also posted on our webpage.
  3. Between major increases in membership, there is generally a slow but steady increase in enrollment, as retirees learn of the DRC from their contacts and our web site.
  4. Since the emails go to the DRC members, new enrollments come from a) members sharing the email they receive with their non-member contacts, some of whom decide to join and b) non-members visiting our webpage (where we post our reports, major emails, and media articles), and some of them see value and join the DRC.

  5. Disabled Accounts/black line

  6. This line shows the number of members with non-functioning email addresses, spam filters which send our emails to their junk folders, or the e-mail servers that block our communications. We will attempt to reach these members to free up their email access, but they remain part of the membership count.

  7. DRC Webpage Visitors/purple line

  8. The total number of visits to our web site is tallied by NRLN, and the purple line shows the average number of daily visitors for each month. On the average, we are experiencing visits of about twice the number of members each month. Non-member visitors are a source of new members.
  9. Site visits increased strongly in the first 6 months until year-end 2016, probably because it was a new initiative and there was a high level of fresh concern about the security of our pensions. The average visit level diminished by about 25% from that peak. Nevertheless, the DRC webpage is the most visited among the 30+ NRLN Chapters and Associations. Because of the monthly averaging, the visit levels cannot be easily correlated with communication events, as we can with enrollment.

  10. Path Forward

    The net 28% growth in active membership over the last 11 months is significant, but stronger growth is needed for a bigger voice and more resources. We need to:
  11. Continue to develop and publish relevant pension security – related communications inform and stimulate interest among our current and potential members and a) reduce and reverse withdrawals, and b) encourage other retirees to join our group.
  12. Find ways to reach current and future DuPont retiree populations directly and through personal contacts and networks of current DRC members. We have already done this in the January Membership Drive, with good results, but additional retirees can be probably be reached, with appropriately designed communications through a) Existing NRLN/DRC email and Webpage, and b) Further outreach effort on Social Media. Please do what you can to help us locate new members.

DuPont intends to Contribute $2.9 billion to the Pension Fund in 2017

Click here to read DuPont's 8-K filing with the SEC

To: NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter Members – May 4, 2017
Subject: DuPont’s plan to contribute $2.9B to its US Pension Plan in 2017

Several Chapter members have asked if we have any thoughts on the views expressed in the Wilmington News Journal article posted online over last weekend and published in the print edition on Monday, May 1. The article reports that DuPont will borrow $2 billion dollars to be used for making contributions to the U.S. DuPont Pension Plan.

In a May 2 SEC filing, DuPont indicated it will make a total of $2.9 billion contribution to the U.S. Pension Plan in 2017. DuPont has NOT indicated their purpose for this financial move. To read the article, click here.

The article quotes some DuPont retirees and a Professor of Pension Benefits, speculating about DuPont’s intentions, and expressing their concerns. There is little value in commenting on speculations, and it is not our purpose to either refute or endorse the WNJ article and the comments in it about DuPont’s announcement. However, in the paragraphs below, we offer some clarifications of pension funding issues and try to define the potential uses of the $2.9B contribution and their ramifications, as we understand them:

  1. Pension Plan funding level is the assets of the Fund expressed as a % of its obligations. Because pension obligations are paid out over many years, they are represented by their Present Value, which in turn, depends on the assumed interest/discount rates. The just issued Annual Funding Notice (AFN) provides asset, obligation and funding level values, calculated on both the “traditional” (2-year average U.S. Treasury Bond interest), as well as the “adjusted” (25-year average corporate bond interest) basis, permitted by the MAP-21 corporate pension contribution relief legislation.
    In pension fund valuations, different interest rate assumptions are made for different purposes (such as minimum contribution requirements, investment management, de-risking, PBGC evaluations, etc.), which result in different calculated funding levels for the same pension plan. In addition to the AFN, the DuPont Annual Report, the Form 5500 Report and the 10K Consolidated Financial Report, issued at different times, all provide different pension plan valuations, and the U.S. Plan is not always fully separated out from the Global DuPont Pension Plan financial summary – all of which can create confusion. For example, depending on the source, the definitions used and the assumptions made, the DuPont U.S. Pension Plan funding level is stated as 68%, 77% or 91% (as of 1/1/2016). We are attempting to review, understand and reconcile the definitions and differences among all these documents and plan to provide you with a fuller report.
    In any case, Pensions & Investments magazine’s Special 2017 Report on Corporate Pension Funds, ranks the 100 largest funds by funding ratio (as of 12/31, 2016) – presumably evaluating them all on the same basis. DuPont’s Plan is 91st, at a low funding level of 67.1%, probably based on the unadjusted, pre-MAP-21 interest rates. Dow is 82nd, at 70%. However calculated, the fact that DuPont is now planning to infuse $2.9B into the U.S. Pension Fund, recognizes its underfunded current status.

  2. IF some or all of the $2.9B were to be used to boost the funding level of the Plan, this would increase retirees’ financial security to some degree. The Pension Benefit Corporation (PBGC) generally considers plans below 80% funding ratio “at risk”. It is unclear whether the planned $2.9B cash contribution would bring the funding level above 80%, and out of the “at risk” zone.
  3. IF some or all of the $2.9B were to be used to fully fund a segment of the Plan, for a selected population of Plan Participants, it could position that segment for potential transfer to an insurance company. Retirees allocated into that segment would presumably receive annuities equal to their pension. However, should the insurance company fail, the PBGC would not guarantee coverage under federal law. There are insurance guaranty funds in every state, in case of insurance company bankruptcy, but the maximum total payouts, ranging from $100K to $500K, are much smaller than the PBGC guaranteed levels; this would represent increased risk for those who are annuitized in this manner. Secondary, “re-insurance” could potentially compensate for this increased risk. And the funding level of the remaining DuPont Pension Plan would also have to be protected, to avoid increased risk for those participants not annuitized. And of course, the remaining part of the DuPont Pension Plan would still be under PGBC’s guarantee (subject to maximum payment limits, set by federal law).
  4. IF some or all of the $2.9B were to be used for Lump Sum offers to a selected segment of the Plan Participant population (people already drawing their pension would not be eligible by law) this would reduce overall Pension Plan obligations, raising the funding level and reducing risk correspondingly.

Recognizing that DuPont has not indicated its specific plans for deploying the $2.9B contribution to the Pension Plan, any of the options described in 2, 3 and 4 above seem possible, either separately, or in some combination. There may even be other options we have not considered here. We cannot predict what DuPont will do, nor evaluate the exact financial impact of its possible actions on our pension security. But we want to ensure you are aware of these announcements by the Company, and give you a few thoughts to consider, relative to our pension security. As we learn more, we will try to keep you informed.

Regards to all.......Jim Odle and Paul Kende


Welcome Message from Chapter President - 7/25/2016

DuPont U.S. Retiree Benefits Website | DuPont USA This is the place for DuPont’s U.S. retirees to access the most up-to-date information about your DuPont benefits. Materials include the latest information.

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Current and archived media articles about DuPont retiree benefits, corporate restructuring, and other information, with potential impact on Company financial conditions – without comment. Some publications (e.g. The Wilmington News Journal/Delaware Online), may permit only limited viewing of articles without a subscription.

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Powder & Bulk Solids ~ Dec 14, 2016

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By Ross Kerber; Reuters ~ Dec 08, 2016

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By Xerxes Wilson; The News Journal ~ Nov 30, 2016

Letter: 2018 Changes to the Pension Plan and Other Post-Retirement Benefits
By Benito Cachinero-Sanchez, DuPont Senior VP Human Resources

DuPont to end pension contribution for active employees
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal - Nov 17, 2016

DuPont to freeze defined benefit plan in 2018
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 17, 2016

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By Gaspard Sebag & Aoife White; Bloomberg Markets ~ Nov 15, 2016

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By Diana Bratz, Reuters - Nov 7, 2016

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By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Nov 08, 2016

EU Commission holds up DuPont-Dow merger review
The Associated Press ~ Nov 04, 2016

Cost cuts help DuPont survive weak sales, write downs
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Oct 25, 2016

Forecast as Dow Merger Seen Delayed to 2017
By Jack Kaskey; Bloomberg ~ Oct 25, 2016

Dow Chemical CEO Says DuPont Merger May Be Delayed to 2017
By Rick Clough & Jack Kaskey; Bloomberg ~ Oct 25, 2016

Paid Breaks Can’t Offset Other Compensation Due, Court Says
By Kate McGovern Tornone; Compensation BLR ~ Oct 20, 2016

DuPont to face 10 C-8 trials in three months
By Jeff Mordock ; The News Journal ~ Oct 19, 2016

DuPont Said to Seek Buyer for Herbicides to Ease Merger With Dow
By Andrew Marc Noel; Bloomberg ~ Oct 14, 2016

DuPont's Breen to speak at Chamber of Commerce dinner
By Jeff Mordock ; The News Journal ~ Oct 11, 2016

Court overturns ruling for DuPont in overtime suit
By Jessica Masulli Reyes; The News Journal ~ Oct 10, 2016

5 things to know about Europe DuPont review
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The Editors; The News Journal ~ Sep 28, 2016

Ahead of merger, DuPont retirees worry for their pensions
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal - Sept 24, 2016

Roadblocks remain for DuPont-Dow merger
By Harry Themal; The News Journal ~ Sep 23, 2016

DuPont official defends merger in Senate hearing
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DuPont merger Senate hearings could focus on antitrust concerns
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Sep 19, 2016

Dissecting Dow And DuPont Deal: Concern Over Concentration
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DuPont to resume giving raises and promotions
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DuPont Senate hearing scheduled for Sept. 20
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EU regulators halt Dow, DuPont merger review to gather data
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Could the Senate Pull the Plug on the Dow-DuPont Merger?
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European Union grants 10-day extension for DuPont merger review
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Sep 03, 2016

Dow Chemical Deal With DuPont Could Be in Trouble
By Tony Owuse, The Street - Aug 31, 2016

DuPont pension choice: 'The company has scared everybody'
By Joseph N. DiStefano; The Philadelphia Inquirer ~ Aug 29, 2016

U.S. Senate to hold Dow-DuPont merger hearings
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European Union reviewing DuPont-Dow merger
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Dow and DuPont Statement Regarding Phase II Review by European Commission
Investors.DuPont.Com - Aug. 11, 2016

Chemours to stay in Wilmington; 1,000 jobs kept in Del.
Jeff Mordock, The News Journal 7:27 a.m. EDT August 2, 2016

DuPont earnings exceed expectations
Jeff Mordock, The News Journal – July 26, 2016

Top DuPont executive may testify in C8 cases
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal – July 25, 2016

DuPont-Dow merger approved by shareholders
By Jeff Mordock and Scott Gross, The News Journal – July 20, 2016

Collection of The News Journal Articles on DuPont

After Dow-DuPont merger, more pain or gain?
By Jeff Mordock; The News Journal ~ Jul 15, 2016

Jurors say DuPont acted with malice, award $5M to ill man
The Associated Press ~ Jul 06, 2016

Buccini/Pollin appears to be buying Hotel du Pont
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal – Jun 28, 2016

DuPont & Dow Chemical: Odds Are Good You Can Buy Them Cheaper Later
By Ben Levisohn; Barron’s ~ Jun 28, 2016

Why Pending New Chemical Regulations Won't Hurt DuPont, Dow, or 3M
By John Bromels,TMF; Fox Business ~ Jun 28, 2016

A last-minute hurdle for Dow-DuPont deal?
By John Russell; Indianapolis Business Journal ~ Jun 17, 2016

Dow and DuPont Decide On Merger in July
WHOTV.Com – June 16, 2016

Grassley asks Justice Department to closely review Dow-DuPont deal
By Christopher Doering, Des Moines Register – June 14, 2016

Justice Department should analyze Dow-DuPont deal: senator
By Tom Polansek, Reuters – June 14, 2016

Farm groups ask feds to oppose Dow-DuPont merger
By Jeff Mordock, The News Journal – June 8, 2016

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