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The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) works to enact federal legislation to protect employer-sponsored pensions, health care benefits and keep Social Security and Medicare strong.

With support from more than 2 million members and Washington, D.C. staff, the NRLN identifies and rallies support for federal legislation that will guarantee fair and equitable treatment of retirees from the private and public sectors. Learn more about the NRLN and legislation important to retirees by clicking on the "About Us" and "Legislative" links above.

The NRLN recently created the American Retirees Education Foundation (AREF) with a mission is to research, educate and inform retirees, future retirees and the general public on how best to protect and promote retirement income security and retiree health care. Contributions to AREF are tax deductible.

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NRLN Supported Medicare Fraud Provision Becomes Law

An element of the NRLN’s Legislative Agenda to protect Medicare is to attack Medicare fraud. U.S. Representatives Peter Roskam (IL-06) and John Carney (DE-01) reintroduced on Feb. 13, 2015 the Preventing and Reducing Improper Medicare and Medicaid Expenditures (PRIME) Act of 2015 (H.R. 818). At the request of the NRLN Legislative Action Planning Committee, I sent letters to the two Congressmen thanking them for introducing the bill to combat waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.

The PRIME Act was incorporated into H.R. 2, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, which was passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by President Obama on April 16, 2015.

As a result of sending the “thank you” letter to Rep. Roskam, his staff member for Medicare issues invited me to provide a statement about the PRIME Act that was included in an April 16 press release with statements by the two Congressmen pointing out that the enactment of their bill “will strengthen these programs [Medicare and Medicaid] by eliminating vulnerabilities that expose them to fraud and improper payments.”

My quote included in the press release stated:

“The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) applauds the enactment of H.R. 818 to bring about a disciplined and fair approach toward reducing fraud and other Medicare program abuses,” said Bill Kadereit, NRLN President. “Congressman Roskam’s bill serves as an example of how to control and lower the cost of Medicare without cutting benefits to seniors.”
Click here to read the entire press release.

The inclusion of my statement shows that Rep. Roskam appreciated the fact that the NRLN and its members believe as he does that eliminating fraud and waste in Medicare is important to helping secure the financial viability of the program.

Reducing the cost of health care has been a major part of our NRLN campaign to protect Medicare benefits. When the NRLN issues an Action Alert asking you to write to your members of Congress your letters may not always be acted on by them, but we must continue to send them because we are gaining traction and are beginning to see our issues addressed. This is one of those times.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

report card NRLN Provides New “Report Card” Feature on Members of Congress

NRLN has introduced a “report card” for each state that shows whether the U.S. Representatives and Senators have supported bills in Congress advocated by the NRLN. Read all about it here.

For recent mail from our members, click here.


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Click here to read the spring 2015 issue of the NRLN FOCUS Newsletter

action alert

Pass Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2015

Prior to a March 31 deadline Congress needs to pass the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2015 (H.R. 775 and S. 539) which would repeal the cap on Medicare outpatient rehabilitation therapy services and speech-language pathology services. Click here to send the NRLN’s sample letter to your Representative and Senators to communicate the urgency for passing the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2015.

Positive News for Medicare Beneficiaries

The NRLN and our grassroots advocates have been lobbying members of Congress for legislative action to eliminate Medicare’s requirement that beneficiaries must be in a hospital as an “inpatient” for three-days to be eligible for skilled nursing facility (SNF) services. Beneficiaries are often unaware that a hospital has admitted them as an “outpatient under observation” status rather than as an “inpatient”. Those admitted as an “outpatient under observation” who later receive SNF services are often surprised when they are billed for the services that Medicare will not cover.

We have some positive news. The powerful House Ways and Means committee has passed H.R. 876 the “Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility Act” or known as the “Notice Act”. The bill still needs to be passed by the entire House, then the Senate and signed into law by the President. Read more...


ObamaCare penalty could be too low, analysis finds
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Thousands May Have Been Shorted On Insurance Subsidies After Calculation Error
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Angry Over Drug Prices, More States Push Bills for Pharma to Disclose Costs
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Senate Democrats Push Back on Obama Plan to Tighten Broker Rules
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GAO: Has Multiple Cyber ‘Incidents’
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Senators fret about Social Security cuts to cover student loan debt
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Hello? 8M phone calls unanswered as IRS cut taxpayer service
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Apr 22, 2015

House report: Cash-strapped IRS prioritized bonuses, union activity over helping taxpayers
Fox News ~ Apr 22, 2015

Bill to repeal health insurance tax gains steam in House
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 22, 2015

Health law brings growth in food stamps in some states
By Carla K. Johnson & David Mercer; The Associated Press ~ Apr 22, 2015

Five Years Later: Obamacare’s Dim Prospects
By Robert Moffit PhD; Medpage Today ~ Apr 22, 2015

Healthcare groups object to Medicare cuts in trade bill
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U.S. retirement confidence soars despite grim realities
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Apr 21, 2015

Social Security proposals go the wrong way: Our view
The Editorial Board; USA TODAY ~ Apr 20, 2015

ObamaCare court fight escalates
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Apr 20, 2015

Seeking Obamacare alternative, U.S. Republicans eye tax credits
By Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Apr 20, 2015

Social Security number removed from Medicare cards
By Andrew V. Pestano; United Press International ~ Apr 20, 2015

GOP divided on Medicare overhaul
By Rebecca Shabad; The Hill ~ Apr 19, 2015

The ObamaCare Effect: Hospital Monopolies
By Marty Makary; The Wall Street Journal ~ Apr 19, 2015

GOP presidential contenders talk entitlement reform
By Eric Bradner; CNN ~ Apr 18, 2015

There May Still Be Time To Save On Health Law’s Tax Penalties
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 17, 2015

GOP Senator Explains GOP's Biggest Fear If Obamacare Goes Down In Court
By Sahil Kapur; Talking Points Memo ~ Apr 17, 2015

Obama signs $200 billion 'doc fix' bill
By Jordan Fabian; The Hill ~ Apr 16, 2015

Higher Interest Rates Will Finally Reward Savers
By Dunstan Prial; Fox Business ~ Apr 16, 2015

Abnormal 2014 For Corporate Pensions
By Timothy W. Martin; The Wall Street Journal ~ Apr 16, 2015

U.S. pensioners risk overestimating Social Security benefits
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Apr 16, 2015

Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Pact
By Jonathan Weisman, New York Times – April 16, 2015

Opinion: Where Government Excels
By Paul Krugman, New York Times – Apr 10, 2015

Despite 'doc fix,' some doctors still face cuts
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 15, 2015

Obama makes new push on middle-class tax proposals
By Darlene Superville; The Associated Press ~ Apr 15, 2015

Hours from deadline, bipartisan Medicare bill heads to White House
By Mike DeBonis, Washington Post – Apr 14, 2015

Senate Approves a Bill on Changes to Medicare
By Robert Pear, New York Times – Apr 14, 2015

Are Medicare and Medicaid Sustainable?
By Kimberly Leonard; US News & World Report ~ Apr 15, 2015

Obamacare's Cadillac Tax Hits the College Campus
By John S. Rosenberg; The Fiscal Times ~ Apr 14, 2015

Patients' medical records under threat from data breaches
By Lindsey Tanner; The Associated Press ~ Apr 14, 2015

White House threatens veto of Republican estate tax repeal bill
By Emily Stephenson & David Lawder; Reuters ~ Apr 14, 2015

Christie To Propose Big Changes To Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid
By Rachel Stoltzfoos; The Daily Caller ~ Apr 14, 2015

Social Security is in trouble: Their Take
From Chicago Tribune; Orlando Sentinel ~ Apr 14, 2015

U.S. Labor Department unveils retirement brokers rule
By Sarah N. Lynch & Suzanne Barlyn; Reuters ~ Apr 14, 2015

OVERNIGHT HEALTHCARE: Senate tees up Medicare votes
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 13, 2015 - 04/13/15 06:18 PM EDT

Just One-Third Of Hospitals IT-Ready For Population Health
By Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Apr 13, 2015

Corporate Pension Funds Pile Into Bonds
By Vipal Monga & Mike Cherney; Nasdaq ~ Apr 13, 2015

IRS declares victory on ObamaCare as filing season ends
By Bernie Becker; The Hill ~ Apr 12, 2015

Republicans seek new rules for IRS
By Jesse Byrnes; The Hill ~ Apr 11, 2015

It’s time to repeal tax on Social Security benefits
By Scott Burns; The Dallas Morning News ~ Apr 11, 2015

New CMS rule would delay deadline for e-records data
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 10, 2015

Medicare agency: House bill not quite a 'doc fix'
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 10, 2015

How Much Americans Really Pay in Taxes
By Ben Steverman; Bloomberg ~ Apr 10, 2015

Obamacare push on last chance in Montana, fading in other states
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Gallup: Most Americans Still Unhappy With Obamacare
By Brittany M. Hughes; Cybercast News Service ~ Apr 09, 2015

Replacing the Income Tax With a National Sales Tax
By Elizabeth MacDonald; Fox Business ~ Apr 09, 2015

Get Ready for $11 Billion in 'Net Neutrality' Taxes
Investor’s Business Daily ~ Apr 09, 2015

Top Mistakes Seniors Make
By Tom Orecchio, CFA, CFP, ChFC, CLU, AIF; MD ~ Apr 08, 2015

Obama: Healthcare law critics make their 'last gasp' in Supreme Court
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 08, 2015

Conservatives Push for Fully Paid 'Doc Fix' Deal
By Paul M. Krawzak & Melissa Attias, CQ Staff; Roll Call ~ Apr 08, 2015

Changes Afoot In How Employers Provide Health Coverage For Workers
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 08, 2015

IRS funding pleas don't 'pass the laugh test,' Republican says
By Bernie Becker; The Hill ~ Apr 08, 2015

Should You File for a Tax Extension?
From Bonnie Lee; Fox Business ~ Apr 07, 2015

Cantor: GOP plan for ObamaCare will nix mandates
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 07, 2015

The Doc Fix Is Small Change Compared To What Will Be Needed To Fix Obamacare
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Apr 07, 2015

Last-minute lobbying threatens $200B Medicare package
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 07, 2015

When to ditch online tax prep and hire a tax pro
By Daniel Goldstein; MarketWatch ~ Apr 07, 2015

How Alcatel-Lucent Has Quietly Bounced Back
From Dan Caplinger; Investopedia ~ Apr 07, 2015

This Is The End For Washington’s Most Frenzied Lobbying Extravaganza
By Dylan Scott; National Journal ~ Apr 06, 2015

U.S. Regulator Says 2016 Payments for Medicare Advantage to Rise
By Caroline Humer, Reuters; The New York Times ~ Apr 06, 2015

The medical system may treat you well, but less so after you reach age 80
By Louise Aronson; The Washington Post ~ Apr 06, 2015

More People Face Risk Of Crippling Medical Bills Under High-Deductible Plans
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 06, 2015

'Cadillac tax' the next big Obamacare battle
By Brian Faler; Politico ~ Apr 06, 2015

Democrats Rethink Social Security Strategy
By Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal – Apr 5, 2015

Doc fighting changes to Medicare
By Jennie L. Phipps, - April 2, 2015

Congress needs to talk to patients, not at them
By Kenneth Thorpe, PhD; The Hill ~ Apr 04, 2015

Medical expenses: Finding your way with a patient navigator
By Matthew Perrone, AP; The Washington Post ~ Apr 02, 2015

IRS deadline extended for ObamaCare customers sent the wrong tax form
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 03, 2015

Obamacare Pinches the Poor
By Kimberly Pinter, The Weekly Standard – Apr 2

5 Things the Easter Bunny Can Teach Us About Retirement
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Half of Americans will see their standard of living fall in retirement
By Elizabeth O’Brien, MarketWatch – Apr 2, 2015

Look who's retiring later
By Kelley Holland, CNBC – Apr 3, 2015

Why the Medicare “Doc Fix” Bill Isn’t a Fix for the Rest of Us
By Philip Moeller, Time.Com – April 1, 2015

Senate Has New Deadline to Avoid Doctors' Medicare Cuts
Associated Press – April 1, 2015

White House scoffs at ObamaCare ‘doomsday prophecies'
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Apr 02, 2015

White House's New Claim: Obamacare Helps U.S. Economy Grow
by Alex Wayne; Bloomberg ~ Apr 02, 2015

Retirees embrace ways to stay put, age in place
By Nanci Hellmich; USA TODAY ~ Apr 02, 2015

Obama’s claim the Affordable Care Act was a ‘major reason’ in preventing 50,000 patient deaths
By Glenn Kessler; The Washington Post ~ Apr 01, 2015

Is This Why the IRS Is Ignoring Taxpayer Calls?
By Neil Cavuto; Fox Business ~ Apr 01, 2015

How To Stay Relevant In Retirement
By Robert Laura; Forbes ~ Apr 01, 2015

Hatch, Grassley: Obama Admin Needs To Explain ‘Unresolved Conflicts Of Interest’ At CMS
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 31, 2015

Americans Must Work Jan. 1 Through April 24 Just to Pay Taxes
By Ali Meyer; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 31, 2015

Congress Offers One Last Chance to Lower Your Tax Bill
By Ben Steverman; Bloomberg ~ Mar 31, 2015

Supreme Court won’t hear case on Obamacare Medicare board
By Jennifer Haberkorn; Politico ~ Mar 30, 2015

New effort launched to help seniors with housing, healthcare
By Vicki Needham; The Hill ~ Mar 30, 2015

Long-term-care insurers take one hit after another
By Matthew Craft, AP; The Columbus Dispatch ~ Mar 29, 2015

Obamacare Exchanges Attract Few High Income Americans
By Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 29, 2015

Medicare payments to doctors expire April 1
By Tom Howell Jr.; The Washington Times ~ Mar 29, 2015

Funding shortfalls put pensions in peril
By John W. Schoen, CNBC; USA TODAY ~ Mar 289, 2015

Retirement Annuities Draw More Criticism
By John Burke; Wall Street Sector Selector ~ Mar 29, 2015

How Boehner, Pelosi surprised everyone with a $200 billion deal
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 28, 2015

New Taxes on Affluent Pull In $23 Billion
By Laura Saunders; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 27, 2015

Ryan: GOP will have 'immediate response' for ObamaCare court ruling
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 27, 2015

Feds push to inform public about ObamaCare tax breaks
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 27, 2015

Senate will wait to vote on Medicare deal
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Mar 27, 2015

Senate Passes Budget, Obamacare Repeal In All-Night Session
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 27, 2015

House passes Boehner-Pelosi Medicare deal in resounding vote
By Peter Sullivan & Cristina Marcos; The Hill ~ Mar 26, 2015

ObamaCare under fire in ‘vote-a-rama’
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 26, 2015

Higher Medicare costs planned for some seniors in 2018
By Brian Tumulty; USA TODAY ~ Mar 26, 2015

High-Deductible Plans Bring Lower Costs Now, But Will They Bring Pricey Problems?
By Jay Hancock; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 26, 2015

Report: Most Doctors Not Flooded With New, Sicker Patients Under ACA
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 26, 2015

Patients Often Aren't Offered Minimally Invasive Surgery
By Nancy Shute; NPR ~ Mar 25, 2015

Seniors rattled by endless risk of Medicare cuts to doctors
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Mar 25, 2015

Obama says he's ready to sign Medicare doctor payment fix
By Nedra Pickler; The Associated Press ~ Mar 25, 2015

Social Security will barely cover your health costs
By Anne Tergesen; MarketWatch ~ Mar 25, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Democratic Senators Beg For Another Obamacare Delay
By Patrick Howley; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 23, 2015

It’s Obamacare’s First Tax Season. Can The IRS Handle It?
By Wes Venteicher, CT; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 24, 2015

Half of ObamaCare subsidy recipients will owe on their taxes
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 24, 2015

Medicare doctor pay fix prospects brighten in Congress
By Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Mar 24, 2015

Dems offer amendment to protect Social Security
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Mar 24, 2015

Advocates push for more multiemployer reform
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Mar 23, 2015

Obamacare subsidies likely expanded insurance coverage: report
By Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Mar 23, 2015

Obamacare At Five Years Old: A Disappointment
From Sally Pipes; Forbes ~ Mar 23, 2015

Republicans have it half-right with ACA alternatives
By Gerard Gianoli, M.D. ; The Hill ~ Mar 23, 2015

FAQ: What’s In The House’s Proposal To Fix Medicare’s Payments To Doctors
By Mary Agnes Carey; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 23, 2015

Reimburse doctors for helping patients plan end of life care, experts say
By Randi Belisomo; Reuters ~ Mar 23, 2015

The Many Costs Of Obama's Executive Amnesty
By Phyllis Schlafly; Investor’s Business Daily ~ Mar 23, 2015

ERISA Advisory Council to study derisking and lifetime participation
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Mar 23, 2015

8 Questions To Ask Before Taking A Pension Lump Sum Offer
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Mar 23, 2015

There's a code for that: Doctors brace for 155,000 choices to explain medical issues
From The Associated Press; Reading Eagle ~ Mar 22, 2015

On 5th anniversary of health care law, no end to debate
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Mar 22, 2015

Congress to Weigh a Plan to Protect Medicare Fees and Children’s Insurance
By Robert Pear; The New York Times ~ Mar 22, 2015

80,000 ObamaCare tax forms on hold
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 21, 2015 - 03/20/15 02:04 PM EDT

Senate Dems say emerging Medicare deal does not pass 'test'
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 21, 2015

Why Your Credit in Retirement Is More Important Than You Think
From Gerri Detweiler,; ABC News ~ Mar 21, 2015

Social Security's uncertain future
From Brenton Smith; The Hill ~ Mar 19, 2015

New report outlines changes to Obamacare done without Congressional consult
The Ripon Advance ~ Mar 20, 2015

Many Uninsured Choose Penalty Over Enrollment Offer Under Health Law
By Stephanie Armour; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 20, 2015

Health Law Brings No Drop In Insurance Enrollment At Work, Study Finds
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 20, 2015

White House Fires Warning Shot At Republicans On Social Security
By Sahil Kapur; Talking Points Memo ~ Mar 20, 2015

How Retirees Make The Money To Pay The Bills, Enjoy Life
By IBD Staff; Investor’s Business Daily ~ Mar 20, 2015

A 'Moral Document': GOP Again Targets Social Security, Medicare
By Richard Eskow, Huffington Post – Mar 19, 2015

When You Must Take Money Out of Your I.R.A. or 401(K)
By Ann Carrns; The New York Times ~ Mar 19, 2015

Brochures for lump-sum pension offers don't tell all you need to know
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Mar 19, 2015

Rate hikes to help pensions but cool valuations
By James Saft; Reuters ~ Mar 19, 2015

How to Increase Your After-Tax Wealth in Retirement
By Wade Pfau; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 19, 2015

Republicans move closer to ObamaCare fallback
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 18, 2015

Don’t turn back clock on seniors’ healthcare
By Reps. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) & Scott Peters (D-CA) ; The Hill ~ Mar 18, 2015

Retirees Could Lose their 'Guaranteed' Health-Care Benefits
By Allison Schrager; Bloomberg ~ Mar 18, 2015

OVERNIGHT HEALTHCARE: Mounting opposition to Medicare deal
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 17, 2015

Improper Medicare-Medicaid Payments Up 20%; $77.4B in FY14
By Terence P. Jeffrey; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 17, 2015

House leaders work on $213B plan on doc Medicare payments
By Alan Fram & Andrew Taylor; The Associated Press ~ Mar 17, 2015

Premiums up modestly for cheapest silver plans
By Dan Cook; BenefitsPro ~ Mar 17, 2015

Funding Cliff Threatens Community Health Centers
By Kimberly Leonard ; US News & World Report ~ Mar 17, 2015

What You Need To Know About Volunteering During Retirement
From Robert Laura; Forbes ~ Mar 17, 2015

More Phony ObamaCare Numbers From The White House
Investor’s Business Daily ~ Mar 16, 2015

New Report: Health Law Has Helped Insure 16.4 Million
By Julie Rovner; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 16, 2015

The Skill That Could Make Or Break Your Retirement
From Nancy Anderson; Forbes ~ Mar 16, 2015

Obamacare Led To Few Cancelled Policies After All
By Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 15, 2015

Rural hospitals, beset by financial problems, struggle to survive
By Guy Gugliotta; The Washington Post ~ Mar 15, 2015

Retirement news: The week in review
By Robert Powell, MarketWatch – Mar 13, 2015

Cool reception for new sign-up window under health care law
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Mar 14, 2015

Study: Medicare gaps cost retirees
By Brian Tumulty, USA Today; Poughkeepsie Journal ~ Mar 14, 2015

Say what? Social Security data says 6.5M in US reach age 112
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Mar 14, 2015

Avoid A Retirement Full Of Hindsight
By Robert Laura; Forbes ~ Mar 14, 2015

Some taxpayers still waiting for corrected ObamaCare forms
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 13, 2015

Members of Congress push back on Medicare Advantage cuts
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 13, 2015

House leaders in talks over $200B Medicare deal
By Ayla Ellison ; Becker’s Hospital Review ~ Mar 13, 2015

Sanders wants to increase taxes to bolster Social Security
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Mar 13, 2015

Democrats Need To Compromise On Healthcare Reform
By Doug Schoen; Forbes ~ Mar 13, 2015

Healthcare spending rate up 5 percent in January, report says
By Henry Powderly; Healthcare Finance ~ Mar 13, 2015

The Trouble With Advance Directives
By Paula Span; The New York Times ~ Mar 13, 2015

Momentum building in Congress for $174 billion Medicare fix
By Peter Sullivan & Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 12, 2015

Poll: America's most important problem? Government
By Kendall Breitman; Politico ~ Mar 12, 2015

'Hybrid' pensions may need new accounting rules: IASB
By Carolyn Cohn; Reuters ~ Mar 12, 2015

5 disastrous trends impacting future retirees
By Henry K. Hebeler; MarketWatch ~ Mar 12, 2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘When People Tell You Social Security Is Going Broke,’ Tell Them They’re Lying
By Ali Meyer; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 12, 2015

Fake IRS agents target more than 366,000 in huge tax scam
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Mar 12, 2015

How Retirees Can Get More Bang From Their Bonds
By Eleanor Blayney; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 12, 2015

Barrasso To WH: ‘Stop Celebrating’ Unpopular Obamacare
By Sarah Hurtubise; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 11, 2015

House leaders looking for deal to halt Medicare payment cuts
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Mar 11, 2015

The End Of Employer-Provided Health Insurance
From Richard Eisenberg; Forbes ~ Mar 11, 2015

Live Long and Prosper? Insurance Might Help
By John F. Wasik; The New York Times ~ Mar 11, 2015

How to Choose a Financial Advisor
From Tania Brown; Forbes ~ Mar 11, 2015

5 Tips for Passing a Personal-Finance Stress Test
By Liz Moyer; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 11, 2015

Is it Too Late for Tax Planning for 2014?
From Bonnie Lee; Fox Business ~ Mar 10, 2015

Obamacare's Good News Only Tells Half the Story
By Megan McArdle; Bloomberg View ~ Mar 10, 2015

7.7M ObamaCare customers qualify for subsidies in 2015
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 10, 2015

USDA Boasts: 1 in 4 Americans 'Rely' on Federal Food Assistance
By Penny Starr; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 10, 2015

Pension lump-sum offers don’t tell retirees enough: study
By Glenn Ruffenach; MarketWatch ~ Mar 10, 2015

Opinion: Don't Blame Canada (for Cheap Drugs)
The Editors, Bloomberg View – Mar 5, 2015

ObamaCare Sticker Shock: 2016 Premiums To Spike 8.5%
By Jed Graham; Investor’s Business Daily ~ Mar 09, 2015

CBO: Slowing costs reduce price of health care overhaul
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Mar 09, 2015

How new changes by credit-reporting firms may affect you
By Michelle Chapman & Alex Veiga; The Associated Press ~ Mar 09, 2015

Creating Your Own Retirement Community
From Beth Baker; Forbes ~ Mar 09, 2015

AP Analysis: 5 reasons why health overhaul drama plays on
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Mar 08, 2015

Federal health records program leaves some medical professionals out of loop
By Lisa Gillespie; The Washington Post ~ Mar 08, 2015

How To Get Hired For A Part Time Job In Retirement
By Robert Laura ; Forbes ~ Mar 08, 2015

Study: No Shortage Of Free-Market Alternatives To Obamacare
By Peter Fricke; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 06, 2015

GOP braces for ObamaCare win
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 07, 2015

What precision medicine can learn from Obamacare
By Sreedhar Potarazu; The Hill ~ Mar 06, 2015

How Obamacare fails the poor and middle class
By Scott W. Atlas; CNN ~ Mar 04, 2015

How We Spend Our Health Care Dollars As We Age
By Howard Gleckman ; Forbes ~ Mar 06, 2015

Retirement in a Community. But Which One?
By Harriet Edleson; The New York Times ~ Mar 06, 2015

7 Financial Scams that Target Seniors
From; Fox Business ~ Mar 06, 2015

Justice Scalia boosts Republican hopes in ObamaCare challenge
The Hill ~ Mar 05, 2015

Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?
By Jeffrey Toobin; The New Yorker ~ Mar 04, 2015

GOP bill would replace ObamaCare subsidies for 18 months
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 05, 2015

Pension funding up, but still way short
By Lawrence Delevingne; CNBC ~ Mar 05, 2015

Roberts, Obamacare's savior in 2012, seems inscrutable this time
By Joan Biskupic; Reuters ~ Mar 04, 2015

U.S. Supreme Court split over Obamacare challenge
By Lawrence Hurley; Reuters ~ Mar 04, 2015

Share of consumer spending on health care hits another record
By Jeffry Bartash; MarketWatch ~ Mar 04, 2015

The Surprising Amount Retirees Pull Out of Savings
By Richard Eisenberg; Next Avenue ~ Mar 04, 2015

States Want To Cut Taxes Even More on Pensions. Bad Ideas Never Die.
From Howard Gleckman; Forbes ~ Mar 04, 2015

Democrats launch tax offensive
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Mar 04, 2015

Americans Aren’t Saving Enough for Retirement, but One Change Could Help
By Eduardo Porter; The New York Times ~ Mar 04, 2015

Cruz unveils ObamaCare alternative
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 03, 2015

Insurers’ Biggest Fear: A Health-Law Death Spiral
By Anna Wilde Mathews; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 03, 2015

Obamacare case: All eyes on 2 justices
By Jennifer Haberkorn & Josh Gerstein; Politico ~ Mar 03, 2015

Americans Are Feeling a Little Better About Their Retirement Crisis
By Suzanne Woolley; Bloomberg ~ Mar 03, 2015

Obama not preparing healthcare backup plan for court
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 02, 2015

King v. Burwell: The Right(s) response
By Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), MD; The Hill ~ Mar 02, 2015

Is Supreme Court's chief justice ready to take down ObamaCare?
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 01, 2015

Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Prescribes More Paying Patients
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 01, 2015

GOP senators pledge help if court bars health law subsidies
By Alan Fram; The Associated Press ~ Mar 01, 2015

GOP fears grow over ObamaCare challenge
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Mar 01, 2015

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