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The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) works to enact federal legislation to protect employer-sponsored pensions, health care benefits and keep Social Security and Medicare strong.
With support from more than 2 million members and Washington, D.C. staff, the NRLN identifies and rallies support for federal legislation that will guarantee fair and equitable treatment of retirees from the private and public sectors. Learn more about the NRLN and legislation important to retirees by clicking on the "About Us" and "Legislative" links above.


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Effort to Privatize Medicare a Disaster

On nearly a party line vote of 219-205 on April 10, the Republican majority in the U.S. House passed the fiscal year 2015 federal budget proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Representative Paul Ryan (WI-01). All Democrats and 6 Republicans voted no. The bill outlines how to balance the budget in 10 years.

It also is the last straw, the one that would obliterate Medicare forever; a tragic deception that began during the 1990’s. The NRLN will soon publish a series of 2-3 informative messages on this subject.

Starting in 2024, under Congressman Ryan’s voucher subsidy plan, everyone turning 65 would choose between private insurance plans and traditional Medicare. Once there, they would receive a voucher from the federal government to purchase medical coverage from a private insurer in a public exchange, or to pay for traditional fee-for-service Medicare. Under the premium support, seniors would be given a fixed amount to buy insurance, but the individual would have to cover any difference between the subsidy and actual cost. That voucher would be the final giveaway to health care and pharmaceutical companies. The last straw of the biggest welfare scam, ever!

Privatization of Medicare Would Be a Disaster

A key question is how the voucher's value would be adjusted over time. Congressman Ryan says that his proposal still gives seniors the choice of remaining in regular Medicare. What he doesn’t say is that his plan would make Medicare so expensive that millions of seniors would likely be forced to switch into private plans. Our tax dollars will morph from support for Medicare to insurance and drug company giveaways.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that premiums for traditional Medicare under the voucher plan would be 50% higher than current projections by 2020. Ryan contends that the voucher plan will save Medicare for future retirees because the program faces long-term financial instability. The NRLN believes Congress should instead be looking for ways to eliminate the subsidies to insurance companies and attack the real problems of high cost, overhead and health care industry inefficiencies. If necessary, increase the payroll tax rate until baby boomers move through.

NRLN Will Fight to Preserve Traditional Medicare

The NRLN will urge Senators not to pass the 2015 budget bill with the Medicare voucher plan included. It is always risky when a disastrous piece of legislation gets through one chamber of Congress. Even though conventional wisdom says this will never pass in the Senate, seniors can’t sit idly by and not pay attention to actions by their government. If the voucher plan somehow got passed by the Senate and the President signed the bill, Medicare as we know and value it today would be dead. When insurance companies get full control, the combined cost of premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance is bound to increase, without any protections or recourse.

The NRLN supports a balanced budget but we believe it is imperative that Medicare be preserved for future generations and not be privatized. Medicare is the cornerstone for health care for Americans age 65 and older and we need to do everything we can to preserve the system in its traditional form.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

Members Comments on the NRLN

....recent mail from our members.

Vern Packard, Rochester, NY, Kodak Retiree... Thank You for being the voice of the Little People (us middle class citizens).

V. B. (Bert) Hanwell III Mount Dora, FL, Chrysler Retiree...I appreciate the NRLN, Bill Kadereit and its people being there…and the good work they are doing.

Robert Godfrey, Rochester, NY, Kodak Retiree.... Thank you and all your staff for your continued efforts to insure Retirees have a strong voice to advocate for us. Especially now with all the efforts by some state houses and companies to strip away retiree benefits and pensions. These are truly important times we’re facing and Washington needs you and your team more than ever.

Mary Unangst, Stanhope, NJ, Alcatel-Lucent Retiree .... I want to thank you for all the hard work you do throughout the year on our behalf. It's just unbelievable what our government thinks of to rob good people of their entitlements. I pray every day that this will all end and we can all live in unity.

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Read Spring 2014 NRLN FOCUS Newsletter

Click here to read the SPRING 2014 edition of the NRLN FOCUS Newsletter.

The content in the 8-page newsletter includes:

  1. The NRLN President Bill Kadereit uses his column to comment on:
    • The challenges the NRLN faced in 2013
    • Improving the NRLN’s credibility on Capitol Hill
    • Using more effective communications systems
    • Strengthening alliances with pro-retirement groups
    • Proud of NRLN’s efforts on Capitol Hill
    • More attacks on retirees
  2. A report on the NRLN’s February Annual Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.
  3. The column by Marta Bascom, NRLN Executive Director, cautions that thinking Congress can neither help or harm retirees in the midst of gridlock, however, would be a dangerous mistake.
  4. Profiles on one newly elected Board Member and eight re-elected Board Members.

Click here to read the NRLN’s annual appeal letter that accompanies the Spring FOCUS newsletter. Please take the time to read the newsletter and the appeal letter.

NRLN’s Legislative Priorities Taken to Capitol Hill

Attendees at the NRLN’s Annual Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. devoted a day and a half on Feb. 4 and 5, 2014 to meetings on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and/or their staff members to advocate the NRLN’s Legislative Priorities. A few attendees remained in Washington an additional day for appointments with legislators. Click here to view photos from a few Capitol Hill appointments.

NRLN Conference Attendees’ Video Messages

Leaders of the NRLN, Retiree Associations and NRLN Chapters from across the nation gathered in Washington, D.C. Feb 3 – 5, 2014 for the NRLN’s Annual Leadership Conference. In addition to participating in the NRLN business meeting and appointments with Representatives and Senators or their staff members, a number of attendees took time to record a video message. Click here to view the videos.


L-R Marta Bascom introducing Jeff Cruz (Leg. Aide to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Bill Kadereit, Michael Calabrese

NRLN Perspective on PBGC Premium Increase

NRLN Bill Kadereit presents the NRLN perspective about Congress passing a two-year bipartisan budget bill that included a provision to raise the premiums that corporate pension plan sponsors pay to the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). The NRLN is concerned that the legislation could prompt pension plan sponsors to take a negative action on its pension plan such as de-risking. This action is when an employer switches its plan to the purchase of an annuity from an insurance company. This eliminates for pension plan participants the protections of ERISA and the PBGC safety net.

Click here to read the NRLN President’s message.

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Next week, Congress will be racing against the clock to put a band-aid on an automatic measure that will significantly cut what doctors receive for treating Medicare patients.

By Claire Zillman; Fortune ~ Mar 20, 2014

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Just 11 percent of long-term unemployed finding jobs
Princeton University study By Josh Boak, AP; The Herald ~ Mar 20, 2014

Want a Samsung Galaxy S5? AT&T pre-orders start Friday.
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Boeing books 71 orders for 737s in week
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Kodak revenue falls 18 percent on lower motion picture film sales
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Retirement: 36% have saved $1,000 or less
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By Sarah Hurtubise; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 18, 2014

O-Care premiums to skyrocket
By Elise Viebeck; The Hill ~ Mar 19, 2014

American Medical Association: Obamacare sticks doctors with unpaid bills
By Sarah Hurtubise; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 19, 2014

Got Obamacare, can't find doctors
By Tami Luhby; Money ~ Mar 19, 2014

10 States Are Critical To Administration's Efforts To Enroll 6 Million In New Health Plans
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 19, 2014

Companies Prepare To Dump Pension Plans In 2014
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Mar 19, 2014

Retirees’ health costs pegged at $220,000
How to prepare for health-cost sticker shock

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Congresswoman: Obama admin rule change lets insurance companies keep more profits, pay less for care
By Patrick Howley ; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 18, 2014

Obamacare leaves Las Vegas man owing $407,000 in doctor bills
By Jennifer Robison; Las Vegas Review-Journal ~ Mar 18, 2014

U.S. hospital stocks rise as insurance enrollment ticks up
Reuters ~ Mar 18, 2014

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Retirement confidence bounces back, but only among wealthy savers
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Democrats seek ways to limit Obamacare fallout after Florida defeat
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Obama Administration Tightens Health Plan Standards For 2015
From KHN Daily News; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 15, 2014

Extending old health insurance plans may have little impact
United Press International ~ Mar 15, 2014

GOP rep.: Obamacare disrupting Medicare for seniors
By Jake Miller; CBS News ~ Mar 15, 2014

US government ceding control of key Internet body
By Michael Liedtke; The Associated Press ~ Mar 15, 2014

Tax scams to look out for
By Dana Clemens; KQFX ~ Mar 15, 2014

Are You Ready to Be Audited?
Here's how to prepare for the questions you hope you never get.

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Marchionne calls Sterling Heights plant 'Cinderella story' at Chrysler 200 event
By Brent Snavely; Detroit Free Press ~ Mar 14, 2014

House Obamacare vote sets stage for new campaign attacks
By Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Mar 14, 2014

Administration to weaken O-Care formula, aiding insurers
By Elise Viebeck; The Hill ~ Mar 14, 2014

White House orders broader Obamacare health plans in 2015
By Jason Millman; The Washington Post ~ Mar 14, 2014

Obama says enough people signed up to make U.S. healthcare law work
By Will Dunham; Reuters ~ Mar 14, 2014

Another Obamacare provision delayed a THIRD time
By Sarah Hurtubise; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 14, 2014

Obama: ‘Many folks’ will lose their doctors under Obamacare
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How ObamaCare Will Impact Your Taxes
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Grab these tax breaks while you still can
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As Living Standards Fall For Seniors, Some See Signs of ‘Silver Revolution’
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Insurers May Get Cost Break Thanks To Rocky ACA Rollout
By Jay Hancock & Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 13, 2014

Obamacare Co-Ops Defy Forecasts to Win Market Share
By Alex Wayne; Bloomberg ~ Mar 13, 2014

Obamacare will struggle to reach 6 million enrollee forecast, report says
By Russ Britt; MarketWatch ~ Mar 13, 2014

White House reverses O-Care subsidy cuts
By Elise Viebeck; The Hill ~ Mar 13, 2014

Administration adds major exemption for ObamaCare individual mandate
Fox News ~ Mar 13, 2014

An Unpalatable Plan to Rescue Failing Pensions
By Lorraine Woellert; Bloomberg Businessweek ~ Mar 13, 2014

The Biggest Threat to Your Assets
By Erik Carter; Forbes ~ Mar 13, 2014

Is AT&T a Safe Investment?
By Victor Mora; Wall St. Cheat Sheet ~ Mar 13, 2014

Medicare Changes Prompt Enrollees to Reconsider Plans
By Walecia Konrad; The New York Times ~ Mar 12, 2014

Employers Raise U.S. Worker Deductibles to Cut Health Costs
By Caroline Chen; Bloomberg ~ Mar 12, 2014

Changes announced for ERISA Advisory Council
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Mar 12, 2014

Obama threatens to veto GOP 'doc fix' bill
By Elise Viebeck; The Hill ~ Mar 12, 2014

Employers See Negligible Increase In Workers Participating In Job-Based Coverage
By Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 12, 2014

Sebelius says no Obamacare mandate delay, enrollment extension
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Mar 12, 2014

New Analysis Projects Lower Overall Obamacare Sign-Ups
By Dylan Scott; Talking Points Memo ~ Mar 12, 2014

Sebelius says Obamacare premiums will go up next year
By Patrick Howley; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 12, 2014

HHS set to blow $1 TRILLION in 2015 as healthcare costs grow by leaps and bounds
By Katie McHugh; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 12, 2014

Gallup: Only 25 percent of US is satisfied with country's direction
By Blake Neff; The Hill ~ Mar 12, 2014

Four 401(k) Red Flags
By John Wasik; Forbes ~ Mar 12, 2014

AT&T Tests Drivers' Desire to Pay for LTE
By Sarah Reedy; Light Reading ~ Mar 12, 2014

Republican Jolly Wins U.S. House Seat in Obamacare Fight
By Toluse Olorunnipa & Greg Giroux; Bloomberg ~ Mar 11, 2014

Insurers wary of Obamacare unknowns as they plan for 2015
By Caroline Humer; Reuters ~ Mar 11, 2014

Why employers are shifting retiree health into insurance exchanges
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Mar 11, 2014

Affordable Care Act Gives Workers New Mobility
Health insurance guarantees make it easier to change careers, retire early

By Jane Bryant Quinn; AARP Bulletin ~ March, 2014

Pace of health exchange enrollment slows in February, figures show
By Sandhya Somashekhar & Amy Goldstein; The Washington Post ~ Mar 11, 2014

Obamacare enrollment in private coverage rises to 4.2 million people
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Mar 11, 2014

On 401(k)s, plan fees really do matter, and the government wants to get you a better deal
By Michelle Singletary; The Washington Post ~ Mar 11, 2014

U.S. Could Face Shortage of Cancer Doctors
By Dennis Thompson; HealthDay ~ Mar 11, 2014

Social Security, marriage and divorce
By Andy Landis; MarketWatch ~ Mar 11, 2014

For Your Retirement Preparedness, Go To CAMP
By Roger Roemmich, NA; Forbes ~ Mar 11, 2014

Gallup: Percentage of Uninsured Americans Higher Now Than in 2008
By Susan Jones; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 10, 2014

US administration pulls back on Medicare drug benefit proposals
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Mar 10, 2014

Union: Obamacare will slash wages by up to $5 an hour
By Paul Bedard; Washington Examiner ~ Mar 09, 2014

Prison inmates get Obamacare benefits under Medicaid provisions
By Russ Britt; MarketWatch ~ Mar 10, 2014

Franklin Templeton: More Americans seeing retirement problems ahead
By Robert Steyer; Pensions & Investments ~ Mar 10, 2014

Right price for investing advice could be $0
By Glenn Ruffenach; MarketWatch ~ Mar 10, 2014

One Move Boosts Retirement Income
By John Wasik; Forbes ~ Mar 10, 2014

ObamaCare bill gets chilly reception
By Kevin Bogardus; The Hill ~ Mar 09, 2014

Cruz on O-Care repeal: ‘We’ll do it in 2017’
By Keith Laing; The Hill ~ Mar 09, 2014

Economist: Real unemployment rate is 11%
By Greg Corombos ; WND ~ Mar 09, 2014

RPT-Republicans press Medicare attack in congressional elections
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Mar 08, 2014

The Obamacare money under the couch
By Brett Norman & David Nather; Politico ~ Mar 07, 2014

AT&T Again to Cut Prices for U.S. Wireless Plans
By Thomas Gryta; The Wall Street Journal ~ Mar 08, 2014

Latinos left behind by Obamacare
By Dr. Cristina Beato; CNN ~ Mar 07, 2014

Obamacare's Surprise Medicare Cut
By John Tozzi; Bloomberg Businessweek ~ Mar 06, 2014

What Will Obamacare Really Cost? They Might Be First To Know
By Jay Hancock; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 07, 2014

CMS awarded $58M to firm it already fired
By Jason Millman; The Washington Post ~ Mar 07, 2014

Employer Health Cost Increases At 15-Year Low As ObamaCare Comes Into View
By Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 06, 2014

Health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans, surveys say
By Amy Goldstein; The Washington Post ~ Mar 06, 2014

Study: O-Care targets know little about options
By Jonathan Easley; The Hill ~ Mar 06, 2014

House to vote on 'doc fix' – with Obamacare funds
By Jennifer Haberkorn; Politico ~ Mar 06, 2014

Private health exchanges begin to shift behavior
By Beth Pinsker; Reuters ~ Mar 06, 2014

AT&T ranks among most valuable brands
By Mike W. Thomas; San Antonio Business Journal ~ Mar 06, 2014

If Obama Waives Health Rules On Small Business, Decision Comes With Costs
By Scott Gottlieb; Forbes ~ Mar 05, 2014

Zeke Emanuel admits politics behind new Obamacare delay: ‘For the political gain, it’s worth it’
By Brendan Bordelon; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 05, 2014

Non-Obamacare health plans get two-year extension, not one
By Russ Britt; MarketWatch ~ Mar 05, 2014

Latest Obamacare wrinkle brings swift, widespread criticism
By Russ Britt; MarketWatch ~ Mar 05, 2014

Insurers increase ads to get people to sign up for health plans under Affordable Care Act
By Juliet Eilperin; The Washington Post ~ Mar 05, 2014

Another Way to Do the Math for Social Security Reform
By Phillip Swagel; The New York Times ~ Mar 05, 2014

California company Valley Yellow Pages sues AT&T, alleging unfair marketing practices
By Scott Smith, AP; Daily Journal ~ Mar 05, 2014

Analysis: Obama budget tries to have it both ways
By David Espo; The Associated Press ~ Mar 04, 2014

Another Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Healthcare Reform
By John Osborn; Forbes ~ Mar 04, 2014

Health Law Provides No Guarantees Of Access To Midwives, Birthing Centers
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 04, 2014

America's painful doctor shortage is threatening health care reform
By Shawn Tully; Fortune ~ Mar 04, 2014

Obama’s budget wish list: Money and manpower for regulations
By Ben Goad; The Hill ~ Mar 04, 2014

Christian alternative to ObamaCare growing fast as deadline nears
By Garrett Tenney; Fox News ~ Mar 03, 2014

Will Obamacare enrollment period end with a bang, or a whimper?
By Russ Britt; MarketWatch ~ Mar 04, 2014

ObamaCare Fix Could Bring More Trouble for Insurers
By Kate Rogers; Fox Business ~ Mar 04, 2014

Obama to Delay Obamacare Again to Help Democrats in Midterms
By Melanie Batley; Newsmax ~ Mar 04, 2014

Administration reportedly will extend ObamaCare fix for canceled health plans
Fox News ~ Mar 04, 2014

Strategies to Reduce the Impact of ObamaCare Taxes
By Gail Buckner; Fox Business ~ Mar 03, 2014

Slide in large pension plan funding continues in February: Mercer
By Jerry Geisel; Business Insurance ~ Mar 04, 2014

George Soros and Obama administration fund Chicago group enrolling prisoners in Obamacare
By Patrick Howley; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 03, 2014

House subcommittee chairman: Obama administration policy would eliminate half of all existing Medicare Part D plans
By Patrick Howley; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 02, 2014

The hidden number key to Obamacare's success
By Tami Luhby; Money ~ Mar 03, 2014

Study: Private companies cheaper than Obamacare exchanges
By Sarah Hurtubise; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 03, 2014

Lower Medicaid signups seen in health law study
The Associated Press ~ Mar 03, 2014

Shoppers Confront More Glitches, Frustrations From State Health Exchanges
From KHN Daily News; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 03, 2014

For lawmakers, an O-Care escape option
By Pete Kasperowicz; The Hill ~ Mar 03, 2014

5 places to report IRA contributions on your tax return
By Jeffrey Levine; MarketWatch ~ Mar 03, 2014

Labor Force Participation in 2013 Lowest in 35 Years
By Ali Meyer; Cybercast News Service ~ Mar 03, 2014

What you need to know about March health deadline
By Associated Press; The Washington Post ~ Mar 02, 2014

Obamacare’s under-the-radar sales push
By Carrie Budoff Brown; Politico ~ Mar 01, 2014

Though ObamaCare Offers More Benefits, Workers See Value 'Erode'
By Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 01, 2014

The stealth tax on retiree income
By Scott Burns; The Dallas Morning News ~ Mar 01, 2014

Researchers team therapy dogs with senior exercise program
United Press International ~ Mar 01, 2014

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