Photos from Washington, D.C. July 10, 2013 Meetings to Advocate Pension De-risking and Disclosures Proposals

Marta Bascom, NRLN Executive Director, provides briefing on pension de-risking and disclosure issues.

Pausing in front of the Capitol Building while on their way to a meeting are (left to right) Neil West, President, NRLN Utah Chapter; Al Duscher, LRO Northeast Region Director, and Cindy Hadsell, NWB Legislative Director.

Phyllis Borzi (at end of table), Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Employee Benefits Security Administration, and a member of her staff (on her right) meet with the NRLN group.

Michael Kreps (left center), Democratic Senior Counsel for the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, listens to NRLN Executive Director Marta Bascom's presentation on pension de-risking and disclosure issues.

John Martin (standing), Legislative Director for Rep. Phil Roe (TN-1), Chairman of the House Health, Employment, Labor and Pension Subcommittee, listens to comments by NRLN President Bill Kadereit.

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