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Tax Bill Advances from Conference Committee

The majority of members on the House and Senate tax reform conference committee signed the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Friday, Dec. 15, and sent the bill to the House and Senate for final votes, probably next week.

Here is information from the bill the NRLN believes will be of the greatest interest to most retirees:

  • Increases the standard deduction from $6,500 and $13,000 under current law to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples.
  • Sets the tax rates at 0%, 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, and 37%. The tax rates for individuals expire in 2025. (Click here to view taxable income tax rates).
  • Provides relief for Americans with expensive medical bills by expanding the medical expense deduction for 2017 and 2018 for medical expenses exceeding 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income, and rising to 10 percent beginning in 2019.
  • Continues to allow people to write off the cost of state and local taxes (property taxes and income or sales taxes) up to $10,000.
  • For homeowners with new mortgages on a first or second home, the home mortgage interest deduction will be available up to $750,000.
  • Continues and expands the deduction for charitable contributions.
  • Retains retirement savings options such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
  • Improves savings vehicles for education by allowing families to use 529 accounts to save for elementary, secondary and higher education.
  • Currently estates passed on to heirs now face a top tax rate of 40 percent, with exemptions this year of up to $5.49 million for individuals and $10.98 million for married couples. The bill temporarily doubles those thresholds. However, in 2026, the status quo estate tax goes back into effect.
  • Lowers the corporate tax rate to 21% (beginning Jan. 1, 2018) – down from 35%.
  • Provides the first-ever 20% tax deduction that applies to the first $315,000 of joint income earned by all businesses organized as S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and sole proprietorships.

As you know we have been lobbying to retain medical expense deductions, exemptions, the deductibility of state and local taxes, making sure prospective retirees can maximize 401(k) and IRA savings and to protect against provisions that would threaten Medicare and Social Security after tax reform. While we cannot verify the data, President Trump claims that the typical family of four with $75,000 income will see a $2,000 tax cut.

NRLN Is Looking into Other Potential Problems in Bill

  • Possibly eliminating deduction for being over age 65.
  • Possibly eliminating deduction for being blind.
  • Possibly applying Chained CPI (Consumer Price Index) for Cost of Living Adjustments. The NRLN has opposed applying the Chained CPI to Social Security COLAs because it does not accurately reflect retirees’ expenses.

NRLN Tools to Communicate with Members of Congress

If any of the provisions above alarm you, use the following NRLN’s website options to immediately voice your concerns to your Representative and Senators.

To obtain the phone number for your Representative’s and Senators’ Washington, DC and/or office in your area, go to To contact your federal lawmaker either type in your street address and zip code; or click on your state in the USA Map, or scroll down and type in his or her name. Another option is to call the toll free phone number 1-844-872-0234 for Congress and listen for the automated instructions to reach the Capitol Hill offices of your Senators and Representative.

While a phone call will be the most effecting given the short interval on the legislation, you may elect to use the NRLN website to email a letter to your members of Congress. Go to and click on the red flashing icon “Write Personal Email to Your Members of Congress Anytime”. When the pop up window appears enter your 5-digit zip code, click “Go” and provide the information requested on the following webpages.

After you click on the names of your Representative and Senators to email a letter to them you also have the option to send a Twitter message and post comments on their Facebook pages.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

report card

NRLN Provides New “Report Card” Feature on Members of Congress

NRLN has introduced a “report card” for each state that shows whether the U.S. Representatives and Senators have supported bills in Congress advocated by the NRLN. Read all about it here.



Time for Making Cherished Memories

As I considered what to write in this message, I thought why not ask Alexa, the voice assistant in my Amazon Echo artificial intelligence unit, for a holiday story. Alexa didn’t provide much inspiration so I turned to Google on the Internet.

I found this quote by Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, that I decided was very insightful. “It's true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.”

May the traditions you observe this time of year provide new memories that you will cherish.

Whether you are sharing your time with family and friends or spending quiet, reflective hours, I hope you will give some thought to the men and women in uniform serving in the branches of the U.S. Military, our peace officers, firemen and paramedics who work through the holidays.

Remember to make a wish for good health for family and friends; a strong, moral America, and a more peaceful world in 2018.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network


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Prevent Irreparable Harm to Medicare

Voice your opposition to the irreparable harm that will be done to Medicare if the irresponsible action taken by a majority of Representatives and Senators in the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution to cut $473 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years and authorize “premium support” that will destroy Medicare as we know it. This must be stopped from becoming law. Email the NRLN’s sample letters to your Representative, both Senators and President Trump.

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The articles and opinion pieces below are for information and are not necessarily a reflection of the NRLN’s position on issues. The NRLN is nonpartisan and its positions on retirement issues are presented in its Legislative Agenda and white papers that can be accessed from the Legislative Agenda tab.

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McConnell Promised Collins Health Bills Would Pass, But No One Else Seems Eager To Uphold That Deal
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Health Care Spending Grows 1.5% Faster Than Overall Economy in 2016
Out-of-pocket spending including copayments and deductibles increased by 3.9 percent

By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Dec 08, 2017

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DOJ may win task of reviewing CVS-Aetna deal
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House conservatives push for repeal of ObamaCare mandate in final tax bill
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Tax bill could fuel push for Medicare, Social Security cuts
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Heading Toward Tax Victory, Republicans Eye Next Step: Cut Spending
By Kate Zernike and Alan Rappeport, New York Times – Dec 2, 2017

Will GOP Cut Social Security And Medicare Before Or After The 2018 Election?
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Senate tax bill accomplishes major Obamacare repeal goal

How The Senate GOP Got The Votes To Overhaul The Tax Code And Strike A Blow To Obamacare
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Dec 02, 2017

If You’re 70½, It’s Time to Take Money From Your Retirement Account
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McConnell says Senate has the votes to pass GOP tax bill
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Opinion: ObamaCare contributed to the murder of health care, but it's not the only culprit
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5 Fixes For Healthcare That America Needs Now
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Great News: Senate Tax Bill Only Leaves The Country $1 Trillion More In The Hole (At Best)
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JCT Report: No, The GOP Tax Bill Does Not Pay For Itself
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Opinion: Sen. Collins, be the voice of reason again — vote no on tax plan
From Brendan Williams; The Hill ~ Nov 30, 2017

Patients Don't Benefit From Drug Discounts To Insurers, PhRMA Report Says
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Exclusive: U.S. health regulator Verma eyes new methods for drug pricing
By Caroline Humer; Reuters ~ Nov 30, 2017

How to Protect Social Security and Keep It Solvent
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U.S. Government Should Negotiate Drug Prices,, Adviser Group Says
By Anna Edney; Bloomberg ~ Nov 30, 2017

Opinion: Solve US drug shortages with imported medicine that measures up to FDA standards
From John J. Cohrssen & Henry I. Miller, ; The Hill ~ Nov 30, 2017

America’s pension crisis demands action by Congress
By Michael D. Scott; The Hill ~ Nov 29, 2017

Obamacare? That’s so last month. On Capitol Hill, drug prices are now the hot topic
By Erin Mershon; STAT ~ Nov 29, 2017

GOP Tax Plan Would Still Leave 13 Million Without Health Insurance, CBO Says
By Sy Mukherjee; Fortune ~ Nov 29, 2017

Collins gets promise to pass ObamaCare funding this year
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Nov 29, 2017

Trump's Health Secretary pick faces Senate committee
By Tami Luhby; CNN ~ Nov 29, 2017

The Wheels Are Coming Off The Tax Bill’s Promised Deficit Trigger
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 29, 2017

Opinion: A Senate Tax Bill Only Scrooge McDuck Could Love
From Diana Hembree ; Forbes ~ Nov 29, 2017

How To Stop Your Grown Kids From Ruining Your Retirement
From Diane Harris; Forbes ~ Nov 29, 2017

Rubio: Offset Tax Cuts By Reducing Social Security, Medicare Benefits
By Tracey Longo, Financial Advisor – Nov 29, 2017

Some doctors are now scaling back on low-value care to save in costs
By Jeff Lagasse; Healthcare Finance ~ Nov 28, 2017

Trump backs Obamacare payments as part of tax cuts deal
By S.A. Miller; The Washington Times ~ Nov 28, 2017

Senate GOP Hold-Outs Moving To ‘Yes’ On Tax Bill After Promises From Trump, Leadership
By Cameron Joseph & Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 28, 2017

Opinion: Republicans may regret eliminating the state and local tax deduction
From John Vogel; The Hill ~ Nov 28, 2017

Under the Trump Tax Bill, You’ll Probably Stop Itemizing Your Deductions
By Ed Kilgore; New York ~ Nov 28, 2017

These Eight Senators Can Make or Break the GOP Tax Plan
By Sahil Kapur; Bloomberg ~ Nov 28, 2017

Heated And Deep-Pocketed Battle Erupts Over 340B Drug Discount Program
By Sarah Jane Tribble; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 28, 2017

Budget Committee Approves Tax Overhaul
By Lindsey McPherson; Roll Call ~ Nov 28, 2017

What Will Congress Do If It Can't Give Away New Itemized Tax Deductions?
From Howard Gleckman; Forbes ~ Nov 28, 2017

7 Harmful Myths About A Smart Way To Cut Health Costs
From Larry Light; Forbes ~ Nov 27, 2017

Taken For A Ride? Ambulances Stick Patients With Surprise Bills
By Melissa Bailey; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 27, 2017

Express Scripts To Sell Drug Support Unit As PBM Industry Shifts Focus
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Nov 27, 2017

DOL delays fiduciary rule until July 2019
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 27, 2017

Democrats Unveil Bill to Create Rehabilitation Trust Fund
By Lee Barney; PlanSponsor ~ Nov 27, 2017

Is Amazon getting into the pharmacy business? This is what you need to know
By Emma Court; MarketWatch ~ Nov 27, 2017

Trump, Senate GOP scramble to change tax plan to gain votes
By Stephen Ohlemacher & Marcy Gordon; The Associated Press ~ Nov 27, 2017

Five health care fights facing Congress in December
By Rachel Roubein; The Hill ~ Nov 26, 2017

Republicans fret over White House sales job on taxes
By Annie Karni & Eliana Johnson; Politico ~ Nov 26, 2017

Retiree's dream -- more $ for travel, less for health care -- tough to achieve
By Paul Davidson; USA TODAY ~ Nov 26, 2017

5 ways the GOP tax plans could affect your wallet
By Bristow Marchant & Emma Dumain; The State ~ Nov 26, 2017

Safe as houses? Both GOP tax bills undermine the mortgage interest deduction
By Joseph Lawler; The Washington Examiner ~ Nov 26, 2017

CMS announces big expansion to Medicare Advantage value-based insurance design model
By Leslie Small; FierceHealthcare ~ Nov 22, 2017

Why the GOP Tax Bill Is So Unpopular
By Derek Thompson; The Atlantic ~ Nov 25, 2017

The Alzheimer’s Questions Some Families Are Afraid to Ask
From Manny Alvarez, MD; LifeZette ~ Nov 22, 2017

Your Doctor May Spend More Time With A Computer Than With You
From Peter Ube; Forbes ~ Nov 24, 2017

Restructured tax code would unduly burden people with disabilities
From Peter Wilderotter; The Hill ~ Nov 24, 2017

Cut Taxes or Die
From Kenneth T. Walsh; US News & World Report ~ Nov 24, 2017

The Trump administration is taking on drug prices — but not drug companies
By Carolyn Y. Johnson; The Washington Post ~ Nov 24, 2017

Obamacare Signups Soar, But Trump Actions Could Still Depress Enrollment
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 22, 2017

A report shows the Senate GOP tax bill ultimately raises taxes on 50 percent of people. That’s a problem.
By Aaron Blake; The Washington Post ~ Nov 21, 2017

Why a Gold Obamacare Plan May Be Cheaper Than a Silver One
This quirk makes it important to shop carefully for Obamacare coverage.

By Christy Bieber; The Motley Fool ~ Nov 19, 2017

Zombie Alexander-Murray? Key senator thinks ACA stabilization bill could make it into funding package
By Leslie Small; FierceHealthcare ~ Nov 21, 2017

Health Centers Desperate As Renewal Of Their Funding Languishes In Congress
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 21, 2017

Medicare, Medicaid And Long-Term Care: Your Questions Answered
From Richard Eisenberg; Forbes ~ Nov 21, 2017

Medicare premiums and Social Security COLAs: Here's why retirees will pay up in 2018
By Mary Beth Franklin; InvestmentNews ~ Nov 21, 2017

Republicans Learn The Hard Way: You Break Obamacare, You Own It
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 20, 2017

The Health 202: Republicans are right. The individual mandate is a tax on the poor.
By Paige Winfield Cunningham; The Washington Post ~ Nov 20, 2017

Amid soaring drug prices, FDA reverses stance and cracks down on cheap imports
By Beth Mole; Ars Technica ~ Nov 20, 2017

Trump promises Americans ‘huge tax cut’ for Christmas
By Darlene Superville; The Associated Press ~ Nov 20, 2017

How Tax Reform Will Actually Help 401(k) Savers
From Rodney Brooks; Forbes ~ Nov 20, 2017

Downsizing Doesn't Have To Be Daunting Thanks to These 5 Steps
From Sarah Mouser; Forbes ~ Nov 20, 2017

Medicare announced its premiums for 2018. Here’s what you need to know.
By Philip Moeller; PBS News Hour ~ Nov 20, 2017

Collins: I Haven’t Decided Whether I’ll Vote For Tax Bill With O’Care Provision
By Esme Cribb; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 19, 2017

The Medicare Mistake That Could Cost 62% of Senior Enrollees a Fortune in 2018
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Nov 19, 2017

Trump met Senate Republicans on ObamaCare fix
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 17, 2017

GOP senators lobby Trump on Obamacare mandate, markets
By Jennifer Haberkorn & John Bresnahan; Politico ~ Nov 17, 2017

Tax Fight Gets Personal as Senators Spar Over Bill
By Alan Rappeport; The New York Times ~ Nov 17, 2017

Medicare Part B premiums jumping 23 percent for many retirees
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Nov 17, 2017

Dem bill aims to protect threatened pensions
By Mike Lillis; The Hill ~ Nov 16, 2017

Congressional Democrats introduce multiemployer loan program bill
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 16, 2017

Hey, Amazon: As a pharmacy benefit manager, you could create real competition for drug prices
By Linda Cahn; STAT ~ Nov 15, 2017

How Older Patients Can Dodge Pitfalls Entrenched In Health Care System
By Judith Graham; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 16, 2017

Middle Class Families Confront Soaring Health Insurance Costs
By Robert Pear; The New York Times ~ Nov 16, 2017

Why Republican Lawmakers Are Eyeing 401(k)s for Their Tax Plan
By Suzanne Woolley; Bloomberg ~ Nov 16, 2017

Opinion: The Republican plan is to take away your health care to pay for their tax cuts
From Sam Berger; The Hill ~ Nov 16, 2017

U.S. House of Representatives approves tax overhaul, fight shifts to Senate
By David Morgan & Amanda Becker; Reuters ~ Nov 16, 2017

Opinion: Time for America to wake up and take care our retirement system
From Robert Stammers; The Hill ~ Nov 16, 2017

Trump's HHS secretary nominee boosted drug prices while at Eli Lilly
By Sarah Karlin-Smith, Politico – Nov 14, 2017

Healthcare fight consumes Senate tax debate
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Nov 15, 2017

Two U.S. Senate Republicans critical of party's tax plan
By Amanda Becker & David Morgan; Reuters ~ Nov 15, 2017

Analysis: New Senate Tax Bill Solves Some Issues, Raises Others
By Joe Williams; Roll Call ~ Nov 15, 2017

The GOP wants to eliminate the estate tax. Let’s use it to expand Social Security instead
From Nancy Altman; The Hill ~ Nov 15, 2017

Opinion: Why lawmakers keep trying to whack retirees
By Paul Brandus; MarketWatch ~ Nov 15, 2017

Democrats seize on renewed ObamaCare fight
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Nov 14, 2017

Health groups urge Congress not to repeal ObamaCare mandate
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Nov 14, 2017

Senate Leaders Signal Willingness To Stick O’Care Mandate Repeal In Tax Bill
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 14, 2017

With Medicare enrollment winding down, most retirees don't shop around
By Sarah O'Brien; CNBC ~ Nov 14, 2017

Is Amazon getting into the pharmacy business? This is what you need to know
By Emma Court; MarketWatch ~ Nov 14, 2017

Experts: We Can Lower Drug Prices
By Christopher Beach & Anthony Mills; RealClear Politics ~ Nov 14, 2017

House passes bill to curb presidential pensions
By Cristina Marcos; The Hill ~ Nov 14, 2017

How the GOP Tax Bill Could Trigger $25 Billion in Medicare Cuts in 2018
By Yuval Rosenberg; The Fiscal Times ~ Nov 14, 2017

Brokers Are Reluctant Players In A Most Challenging ACA Open-Enrollment Season
By Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 13, 2017

Trump's health secretary pick called Obamacare 'fundamentally broken,' faces drug pricing questions
By Kimberly Leonard; The Washington Examiner ~ Nov 13, 2017

Opinion: Elderly Americans shouldn't expect a friend in Trump's HHS pick
From Brendan Williams; The Hill ~ Nov 13, 2017

Government Collects $235 Billion in Taxes in First Month of Fiscal Year 2018
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Nov 13, 2017

Former Pharma Executive Alex Azar Tapped By Trump To Lead HHS
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 13, 2017

Trump to lawmakers: cut health mandate, top tax bracket
By Amanda Becker & Susan Cornwell; Reuters ~ Nov 13, 2017

Opinion: Let's be honest — this isn't actually tax reform
From Ned Ryun; The Hill ~ Nov 13, 2017

Money worries? 5 financial rules to live by
From Christy Bieber,TMF; USA TODAY ~ Nov 13, 2017

Week ahead: House sets vote on tax overhaul
By Sylvan Lane; The Hill ~ Nov 13, 2017

Medicare billing: Hospital "observation" can cost you
By Walecia Konrad, MoneyWatch ; CBS News ~ Nov 13, 2017

Rising Insurer Profits Boost Obamacare
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Nov 12, 2017

Here's how the House and Senate tax-cut bills could impact your taxes next year and beyond
By Trent Gillies; CNBC ~ Nov 12, 2017

The Fatal Flaw Your Financial Plan May Share With The New Tax Reform Proposal
From Erik Carter, FF; Forbes ~ Nov 12, 2017

Social Security Cuts May Be Coming. Here's How to Protect Your Retirement
By Katie Brockman; The Motley Fool ~ Nov 12, 2017

Members Of Congress On Their Caregiving Challenges
From Rita Rubin, NA; Forbes ~ Nov 10, 2017

Letter: Act on prescription drug bills, Sen. Hatch
By Neil West, NRLN Utah CD Leader – Nov 11, 2917

McConnell: I ‘Misspoke’ On No Tax Increase For Middle Class Families
By Allegra Kirkland; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 11, 2017

What to watch out for during open enrollment
By Jessica Dickler; CNBC ~ Nov 11, 2017

The Long-Term Care Benefit Many Veterans Are Missing Out On
From Joan Lunden, NA; Forbes ~ Nov 11, 2017

Why You Should Write a Memoir—Even if Nobody Will Read It
By Lisa Ward; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 10, 2017

9 secrets to staying young
By Betty Finney; MarketWatch ~ Nov 11, 2017

Trump may use executive power to weaken Obamacare's individual mandate
By Paul Demko; Politico ~ Nov 10, 2017

Pressure Builds To Cut Medicare Patients In On Prescription Deals
By Sarah Jane Tribble; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 10, 2017

House to consider bill limiting pensions for former presidents
By Cristina Marcos; The Hill ~ Nov 10, 2017

Is spending money so difficult that it causes you pain? Here’s help
By Alessandra Malito; MarketWatch ~ Nov 10, 2017

Cunning malware spreads, going after your bank account
By Brooke Crothers; Fox News ~ Nov 10, 2017

House Republicans Raise Red Flags Over Senate Tax Bill
By Lindsey McPherson; Roll Call ~ Nov 10, 2017

What's Different (And What's The Same) In The Senate And House Tax Reform Proposals
By Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Nov 10, 2017

House and Senate Have Big Differences to Bridge on Tax Plans
By Alan Rappeport, New York Times – Nov 9, 2017

For U.S. Republicans, tax reform math hinges on cutting Medicare
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Nov 09, 2017

Despite Trump’s scorn, early ‘Obamacare’ sign-ups top 600k
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 08, 2017

Obamacare enrollment has begun. Here’s what you need to know
By Emma Court; MarketWatch ~ Nov 09, 2017

Hospitals and PhRMA face off over drug prices and 340B program
By David Pittman; Politico ~ Nov 09, 2017

House Ways and Means approves tax reform package
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 09, 2017

GOP senators raise concerns over tax plan
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Nov 09, 2017

House to vote next week on GOP tax plan
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Nov 09, 2017

Cornyn: Senate tax vote likely after Thanksgiving
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Nov 09, 2017

House Tax Bill Would Scrap Deduction For Medical Expenses
By Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News – Nov 2, 2017

An Important Tax Deduction for Seniors and Their Families Is on the Chopping Block
By Elizabeth O’Brian, Money – Nov 3, 2017

CBO: Repealing ObamaCare mandate saves $338 billion
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 08, 2017

In election glow, Dems see health care as a winning issue
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 08, 2017

Rising prices, larger population major causes of increase in healthcare spending
From HealthDay News; United Press International ~ Nov 08, 2017

Opinion: GOP Tax Plan Raises After-Tax Incomes for Lower, Middle Class
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Nov 08, 2017

For Active Seniors, Cohousing Offers A Cozier Alternative To Downsizing
By Sharon Jayson; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 08, 2017

Senators push to ditch social security numbers in light of Equifax hack
By Taylor Hatmaker; TechCrunch ~ Nov 08, 2017

There's No Such Thing As 'Old Age' Anymore
From Joseph F. Coughlin; TIME ~ Nov 08, 2017

The ACA won't work without the individual mandate, we must keep it
From Dr. Angira Patel; The Hill ~ Nov 07, 2017

ACA sign-ups spike at open enrollment’s start
By Juliet Eilperin; The Washington Post ~ Nov 07, 2017

Collins Remains Positive On Tax Bill Despite Partisan Potential
By Joe Williams; Roll Call ~ Nov 07, 2017

Top Conservatives Push For Obamacare Mandate Repeal In Tax Bill
By Juliegrace Brufke; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 07, 2017

Think Tank Retracts Report Saying GOP Tax Bill Benefits Wealthy
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Nov 07, 2017

Possible Repeal Of Medical Tax Break Benefitting Middle Class Prompts Outcry
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, AP; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 07, 2017

Shopping Around For Obamacare Coverage: Some Consumers Are Getting ‘A Pleasant Surprise,’ Others Are Getting Rate Increases And Confusion
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 06, 2017

When ObamaCare costs more than leasing a Rolls-Royce
From Merrill Matthews; The Hill ~ Nov 06, 2017

Trump preparing executive order to scale back ObamaCare's individual mandate: reports
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Nov 06, 2017

Opinion: Tax Reform: A Back Door To Killing Health Care, Medicare, And More
From Judy Stone; Forbes ~ Nov 06, 2017

Analysis: House Tax Plan Would Create Nearly 1 Million New Jobs and Increase GDP By 3.9%
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Nov 06, 2017

Why debt from GOP tax cuts might impose a painful price
By Paul Wiseman; The Associated Press ~ Nov 06, 2017

Vision for retirement clouded by tax proposal
The Associated Press ~ Nov 06, 2017

Three Myths About Fixing Social Security
By Brenton Smith, Newsmax – Nov 11, 2017

Tax reform sprint leaves little time for funding fight
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Nov 05, 2017

FDA Chief Warns Feds May Force Big Pharma To Pull More Painkillers Off The Market
By Steve Birr; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 04, 2017

Ryan: ObamaCare mandate repeal up for consideration in tax bill
By Julia Manchester; The Hill ~ Nov 05, 2017

We can help rural seniors and veterans by keeping the 340B drug pricing program
From Jim Martin; The Hill ~ Nov 04, 2017

Why So Many People Choose the Wrong Health Plans
By Richard H. Thaler; The New York Times ~ Nov 04, 2017

Why Now May Be A Bad Time For A Roth Conversion
From Mark Avallone; Forbes ~ Nov 04, 2017

GOP predicts few defections on tax vote
By Naomi Jagoda & Scott Wong; The Hill ~ Nov 04, 2017

Poll: Only 28% of Americans Are Satisfied With Federal Government
By Ali Meyer; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Nov 04, 2017

House Tax Bill Addresses 401(k)s, IRAs But Drops Rothification
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Nov 03, 2017

Health Companies Race To Catch UnitedHealth As Amazon Laces Up
By Chad Terhune; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 03, 2017

Kevin Brady: Trump Wants Health Reform Linked to Tax Package
By Todd Beamon; Newsmax ~ Nov 03, 2017

Tax reform markup to begin in House on Monday
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 03, 2017

How Much Risk Can You Tolerate In Your Investments?
From Larry Light; Forbes ~ Nov 03, 2017

House votes to repeal ObamaCare's Medicare cost-cutting board
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Nov 02, 2017

Free ‘Obamacare’ for older, poorer in nearly all counties
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 02, 2017

Medicare’s Income-Related Premiums Under Current Law and Proposed Changes
By Juliette Cubanski; Kaiser Family Foundation ~ Nov 02, 2017

Trump still pushing for ObamaCare mandate repeal in tax bill
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 02, 2017

Winners and losers in the Republican tax bill
By Cristina Marcos, Naomi Jagoda, Niv Elis & Vicki Needham ; The Hill ~ Nov 02, 2017

GOP’s tax bill cancels $23 billion in credits claimed by illegal immigrants
By Stephen Dinan; The Washington Times ~ Nov 02, 2017

Five things everyone actually agrees on about tax reform
By Ryan Struyk; CNN ~ Nov 02, 2017

House Tax Bill Would Scrap Deduction For Medical Expenses
By Julie Rovner; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 02, 2017

Why It’s Too Soon to Predict What the Tax Changes Will Mean for You
By Ron Lieber; The New York Times ~ Nov 02, 2017

The Numbers Are In, And Pretty Much Everyone Thinks Congress Is Useless
By Michael Bastasch; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 02, 2017

Trump talks tough but little action seen on drug prices
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Nov 01, 2017

Trump health chief wants 'consumer friendly' ObamaCare signups
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 01, 2017

Rising Health Insurance Costs Frighten Some Early Retirees
By Steven Findlay ; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 01, 2017

ACA insurance exchanges open for fifth year after Republicans fail to kill them off
By Amy Goldstein, Juliet Eilperin & Colby Itkowitz; The Washington Post ~ Nov 01, 2017

Trump’s Call For Repealing Obamacare Mandate In Tax Bill Lands With A Thud
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Nov 01, 2017

Here’s How Mike Pence Could Pass Tax Reform Without A Single Concession To Democrats
By Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 31, 2017

Opinion: GOP's tax reform is a 'middle-class con job'
From Marcus D. Pohlmann; The Hill ~ Nov 01, 2017

Caregiving's Taboo Subject: Coordinating The Finances
From Richard Eisenberg; Forbes ~ Nov 01, 2017

Republicans in U.S. Congress scramble after tax bill debut delay
By David Morgan; Reuters ~ Nov 01, 2017

Here's How The Gender Gap Applies To Retirement
By Kara Stiles; Forbes ~ Nov 01, 2017

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