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Bill Kadereit, pres

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Social Security Has Lost Buying Power

If you feel your Social Security check isn’t going as far as it once did to cover your expenses, you are right. It was reported this week that Social Security benefits have lost 30% of their buying power since 2000.

You may recall that the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) was 1.6% for 2020 which is less than the 2.8% COLA Social Security participants received in 2019. Although the COLA for 2021 will not be announced until October, some are predicting that the Social Security COLA for 2021 will be zero.

Given our country’s current economic situation, zero COLA next year is a real possibility. Following the steepest recession in our nation since the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009, Social Security went two consecutive years without a COLA.

COLA has been calculated since 1975 using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) based on the rate of inflation from July through September. An important component in the CPI-W inflation calculation is decrease we have seen in gasoline and fuel oil prices due to the large drop in the price of oil.

The NRLN believe that CPI-W isn't the best financial index to determine whether prices are rising for seniors. We advocate a change to CPI-E (Consumer Price Index for the Elderly) which has a better grasp of seniors’ spending priorities for healthcare, housing, and consumer goods. For example, seniors generally spend more on healthcare due to increased costs for Medicare insurance premiums, doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs.

The NRLN supports H.R. 860 / S. 269, the Social Security 2100 Act which would change the CPI-W to CPI-E. In addition to embracing the CPI-E, the Social Security 2100 Act would:

  • Ensure the solvency of the program for the next 75 years, the only bill to do so.
  • Provide an across-the-board benefit increase equivalent to about 2% of the average Social Security benefit.
  • Increase the minimum benefit to ensure that workers with many years of low earnings do not retire under the poverty line.

When Congress returns to a more normal schedule that is not curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic, the NRLN will resume lobbying for passage for the Social Security 2100 Act.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network



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Democrats' coronavirus bill would eliminate states' voter ID requirement
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Pelosi Wants To ‘Go Big’ To Meet ‘Monumental’ Need In Country, But Proposed Bill Will Likely Be DOA In Senate
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Senate Gavels In Monday, But Lawmakers Are Nowhere Close To Agreement On Another Relief Bill
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EBSA issues relief, guidance for employee benefits plans
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IRS announces 'significant enhancements' to stimulus payment tracker
By Daniel Uria; United Press International ~ Apr 28, 2020

AMGA, other physician groups urge CMS to count audio-only telehealth for risk adjustment
By Heather Landi; FierceHealthcare ~ Apr 28, 2020

How the coronavirus is upending medical privacy
By Darius Tahir & Mohana Ravindranath; Politico ~ Apr 28, 2020

Opinion: Social Security Recipients: You May Have To Act To Get Your Stimulus Money Electronically
From Bart Astor; Forbes ~ Apr 28, 2020

The fate of the USPS may be on the ballot in November
By Nicole Goodkind; Fortune ~ Apr 27, 2020

McConnell: Senate will return on May 4 to start next coronavirus relief bill
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Apr 27, 2020

Trump Dismisses Rumors That He Plans To Replace HHS Secretary Alex Azar Amid Pandemic
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 27, 2020

Supreme Court rules federal gov't owes ACA insurers $12B
By Clyde Hughes; United Press International ~ Apr 27, 2020

UPS to Fly Medications by Drone to Florida Retirement Area
By Thomas Black; Bloomberg ~ Apr 27, 2020

Social Security Beneficiaries: Here's When You'll Get Your Stimulus Check
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Using the Lockdown to Eat Right in Retirement. Here’s How a Nutrition Expert Says to Do It.
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Filing Estimated Taxes? The IRS Has Changed the 2020 Due Dates
By Christy Bieber; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 25, 2020

IRS announces deadline for SSI, VA recipients to quickly get stimulus payments for children
By Tal Axelrod; The Hill ~ Apr 25, 2020

Trump signs $484 billion measure to aid employers, hospitals
By Andrew Taylor, Alan Fram & Kevin Freking; The Associated Press ~ Apr 24, 2020

Opinion: The coronavirus stimulus and your 401(k): 3 things you need to care about
From Joel Schiffman; MarketWatch ~ Apr 24, 2020

CBO says deficit to reach $3.7 trillion in economic decline
By Andrew Taylor; The Associated Press ~ Apr 24, 2020

Opinion: Addressing the crisis in long-term care facilities
From Nina A. Kohn; The Hill ~ Apr 23, 2020

Union leader asks Pelosi, Schumer to spike 'surprise' billing legislation
By Jonathan Easley; The Hill ~ Apr 23, 2020

Battle heats up for phase-four coronavirus relief bill
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Apr 22, 2020

Scammers are using fake coronavirus stimulus payment sites to steal your money
By Darla Mercado; CNBC ~ Apr 23, 2020

What’s Happened To Americans’ Retirement Confidence In The Pandemic
From Richard Eisenberg, NA; Forbes ~ Apr 23, 2020

Democrats urge Treasury to ensure Social Security recipients quickly receive full coronavirus rebates
By Naomi Jagoda; The Hill ~ Apr 23, 2020

HHS reveals plans to pay hospitals, cover uninsured in pandemic
By Sandhya Raman; Roll Call ~ Apr 22, 2020

Desperate Americans Making Impossible Choices Between Health Insurance, Food And Rent As They Try To Scrape By
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 22, 2020

Can the IRS Keep My Stimulus Payment if I Owe Money on My Taxes?
Here's what you need to know if you're worried about losing that money.

By Maurie Backman; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 22, 2020

Social Security and Medicare funds at risk even before virus
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar & Martin Crutsinger; Associated Press ~ Apr 22, 2020

Opinion: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Part-Time Business In Retirement
From Leslie Hunter-Gadsden, NA; Forbes ~ Apr 21, 2020

Social Security recipients with kids won’t want to miss this stimulus-check deadline
By Andrew Keshner; MarketWatch ~ Apr 21, 2020

What Social Security beneficiaries need to know about coronavirus stimulus payments
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Apr 20, 2020

Opinion: Do Not Delay Urgent Medical Care Due To The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
From Paul Hsieh; Forbes ~ Apr 20, 2020

IRS Sets Deadline For Some Vets, Seniors And Other Non-Filers To Update Dependent Info For Stimulus Checks
From Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Apr 20, 2020

Social Security Recipients Will Receive a Stimulus Check Automatically
By Rocky Mengle; Kiplinger ~ Apr 19, 2020

Your 2021 Social Security Checks Could Get a Surprise Boost After All
By Dan Caplinger: The Motley Fool ~ Apr 19, 2020

Resuming elective procedures will depend on testing, PPE, decline of COVID-19 cases, providers say
By Robert King; FierceHealthcare ~ Apr 17, 2020

The Coronavirus' Impact on Social Security Is Now Plainly Visible
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 18, 2020

Trump administration says recipients of VA benefits will automatically receive coronavirus checks
By Naomi Jagoda; The Hill ~ Apr 17, 2020

Millions wait for virus relief checks in major test for IRS
By Naomi Jagoda; The Hill ~ Apr 17, 2020

Moderna, NIH Bringing Older Americans Into Vaccine Trials And Get $483M To Accelerate Development
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 17, 2020

Opinion: Congress should refurbish an old Social Security benefit in next stimulus
From David A. Weaver; The Hill ~ Apr 17, 2020

FBI sees spike in cyber crime reports during coronavirus pandemic
By Maggie Miller; The Hill ~ Apr 16, 2020

Staggering 22M Americans Filed For Unemployment Over Past Month In ‘Deepest, Fastest Recession We’ve Ever Seen’
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 16, 2020

Debt collectors are going after millions of stimulus checks — 5 ways to stop them
By Quentin Fottrell; MarketWatch ~ Apr 15, 2020

Millions Of Americans Haven’t Received Stimulus Payments Due To Glitches
By Jack Brewster; Forbes ~ Apr 16, 2020

Even As States Begin To Draw Up Plans To Reopen, Governors Warn That Life Won’t Return Back To ‘Normal’
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 15, 2020

Analysis/Opinion: Do governors have the right to decide which human activities are essential?
From Andrew P. Napolitano; The Washington Times ~ Apr 15, 2020

Trump administration says more people will automatically receive coronavirus payments
By Naomi Jagoda ; The ~ Apr 15, 2020

Stimulus Checks: 3 Things Social Security Beneficiaries Need to Know
By Katie Brockman; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 15, 2020

The biggest threat to your money in retirement, according to a CEO who built a retirement planning app for baby boomers
By Liz Knueven; Business Insider ~ Apr 15, 2020

Stimulus checks are depositing: Here’s how people are spending the money
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Apr 15, 2020

Opinion: Thanks to COVID-19, Social Security’s day of reckoning may be even closer than we thought
From Paul Brandus: ~ Apr 15, 2020

Trump wants Congress to delay Census deadlines amid pandemic
By Olivia Beavers; The Hill ~ Apr 13, 2020

Lawmakers Point Fingers About Political Posturing As Impasse Over Small Business Funds Jams Congressional Efforts
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 14, 2020

New Trump panel to explore path to reopening US economy
By Jonathan Lemire, Kevin Freking & Aamer Madhani; The Associated Press ~ Apr 14, 2020

Debt collectors could seize your stimulus check before you have a chance to use it, lawmakers warn
By Jeff John Roberts; Fortune ~ Apr 13, 2020

Opinion: The economic crisis no one knows about — but will soon
From Aliya Robinson; The Hill ~ Apr 14, 2020

Six Democratic governors band together to create working group on relaxing coronavirus restrictions
By David Sherfinski & Dave Boyer; The Washington Times ~ Apr 13, 2020

U.S. debt set to exceed the economy in 2020 – and keep growing
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Apr 13, 2020

Social Security Beneficiaries: You Might Need to Act Now to Get Your Stimulus Check
By Matthew Frankel, CFP; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 13, 2020

Opinion: Here’s How To Calculate If You Should Take Advantage Of The New Tax Deadline
From Ryan Derousseau; Forbes ~ Apr 12, 2020

OPINION: Jump-start the economy now with a capital gains tax cut
From Bruce Thompson; The Washington Examiner ~ Apr 10, 2020

Property Taxes Are Probably Still Due Despite Coronavirus
By Ann Carrns; The New York Times ~ Apr 10, 2020

These Social Security beneficiaries should file for stimulus checks immediately, government urges
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Apr 11, 2020

To ‘Keep The Lights On,’ Doctors And Hospitals Ask For Advance Medicare Payments
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 10, 2020

House lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill to expand telehealth services
By Chris Mills Rodrigo; The Hill ~ Apr 10, 2020

Opinion: The Time Is Now To Lower The Medicare Age To 50
From Teresa Ghilarducci; Forbes ~ Apr 10, 2020

IRS (Finally!) Launches Registration Tool For Stimulus Checks
From Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Apr 10, 2020

Opinion: Another victim of COVID-19: Social Security

None Of Oversight Tools Included In $2.2T Rescue Package Are In Place But Billions Are Already Flowing Out
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 09, 2020

Surprise' billing fix could hitch ride on next coronavirus relief bill
By Susannah Luthi; Politico ~ Apr 09, 2020

Republicans Want A $250B No-Strings-Attached Small Business Bill. Democrats Say That’s A Non-Starter.
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 09, 2020

IRS Plans To Start Releasing Stimulus Checks Next Week
From George Schultze; Forbes ~ Apr 09, 2020

IRS Offers Additional Relief By Extending More Tax Deadlines, Including Estimated Payments & Refunds
From Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Apr 09, 2020

Medicare Recipients Can Still See A Doctor, Through Telemedicine
From Maxine Lipner, NA; Forbes ~ Apr 08, 2020

What to know before you 'break the glass' on your 401(k)
By Anna Bahney; CNN Business ~ Apr 08, 2020

Fed Saw Need for ‘Forceful’ Policy Action to Stem Huge U.S. Risk
By Matthew Boesler; Bloomberg ~ Apr 08, 2020

Opinion: Five Policies Needed To Save Retirement In The Next Stimulus Package
From Teresa Ghilarducci; Forbes ~ Apr 08, 2020

House Democrats urge Trump administration to reopen ObamaCare exchanges
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Apr 07, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About The Paycheck Protection Program Advisor
By Kelly Anne Smith; Forbes ~ Apr 07, 2020

Does Multi-Employer Pension Reform Belong In A ‘Phase Four’ Coronavirus Bill?
From Elizabeth Bauer; Forbes ~ Apr 07, 2020

Opinion: Medicare Flexes And Changes To Meet The COVID-19 Challenges
From Sara Zeff Geber; Forbes ~ Apr 06, 2020

CMS boosts payment rate for Medicare Advantage plans
By Lauren Clason; Roll Call ~ Apr 06, 2020

Senator urges Labor Department to extend ERISA filing deadlines
By Brian Croce; Pensions & Investments ~ Apr 06, 2020

How to Access Social Security Benefits During the Coronavirus Pandemic
By Emily Brandon; US News & World Report ~ Apr 06, 2020

4 Social Security Rules It Pays to Understand
Knowing how Social Security works will help you make the most of your benefits.

By Maurie Backman; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 05, 2020

Democrats urge administration to automatically issue coronavirus checks to more people
By Naomi Jagoda; The Hill ~ Apr 03, 2020

You Have an Extra 3 Months to File Your Taxes. Should You Wait?
By Ann Carrns; The New York Times ~ Apr 03, 2020

4 Hard-to-Believe Social Security Facts
By Christy Bieber; The Motley Fool ~ Apr 04, 2020

Giving More Than 60% Of Income To Charity? CARES Act Says Deduct It!
From Bernie Kent; Forbes ~ Apr 03, 2020

401(k) Hardship Withdrawals and Loans Are Different. We Answer Your Questions About the Cares Act.
By Daisy Maxey; Barron’s ~ Apr 02, 2020

Scammers now targeting Social Security beneficiaries, says state AG
Banner-Press ~ Apr 03, 2020

Opinion: Pensions In A Pandemic: Is One Man’s Bailout Another Man’s Pension Funding Relief?
From Elizabeth Bauer; Forbes ~ Apr 02, 2020

Memo: Some in US may not get stimulus checks until August
By Matthew Daly; The Associated Press ~ Apr 02, 2020

Social Security recipients will automatically receive stimulus pay
By Katie Lobosco; CNN ~ Apr 02, 2020

Treasury backs off requirement that Social Security recipients, others take extra step to get $1,200 checks
By Michael Collins, USA Today – April 1, 2020