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ep 8

NRLN discusses Need to Reduce Prescription Drug Prices /Episode 8

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We are committed to keeping you informed about your retiree benefits, pension funds, medical and drug costs and the truth about Medical Advantage Plans. This column features a current topic on these issues. (click here for previous FORUM articles )

Advancing Education on Biosimilars Act Passed

President Biden signed into law on April 23 the S.164, Advancing Education on Biosimilars Act of 2021, which will help increase competition and lower the cost of biologic medicines.

At the request of the NRLN Legislative Action Planning Committee (LAPC), I sent a letter to House Speaker Pelosi on April 5 requesting that she call for a vote on S.164 which was passed in the Senate on March 3 and sent to the House. I stated in my letter “this is an opportunity to get something done immediately.”

The House passed the bill on April 14 and sent it on April 20 to the President.

The new law will enhance education about biosimilar drug products in an effort to increase competition and lower the cost of biologic medicines which treat chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers.

Providing educational materials to patients and healthcare providers will improve confidence in the safety and effectiveness of these FDA-approved biosimilar products. Improved confidence in biosimilars would lead to increased use, which in turn would increase healthcare savings.

Biosimilar medications have no clinically meaningful differences from brand name biological drugs, but they can be just a fraction of the cost. Independent studies have estimated that biosimilars could save Americans potentially $54 billion in healthcare costs over 10 years.

Thanks to our Legislative Advisory Committee (LAC) for the hours these volunteers spend filtering out and researching all retirement-related bills introduced and send to the LAPC those that the NRLN should consider for support or oppose. Letters we send pay off but most important is that you open and send Action Alerts to your elected representatives. It takes all of us!

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network



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money How much did your U.S. Representatives and Senators take as campaign contributions from the Pharmaceutical and Health Products Industry for their recent election campaigns and the current 2019-20 one? Could this be a reason why bills to reduce the price of prescription drugs are not being passed? Click here to see data that the NRLN has compiled from OpenSecrets.Org, Center for Responsive Politics. All Senators and Representatives are now shown by state and amount for ease of reviewing your state's delegation.

Allow Importation of Drugs from Canada

Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to support passage of H.R. 832 / S. 259, Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act of 2021 which would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set regulations permitting Americans to import safe, lower cost prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. Click here to access the Action Alert.



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For example, the white paper on Protecting Pension Assets which is used to educate members of Congress on the need for legislation to prevent pension plan sponsors from using plan assets for non-pension expenses was funded by AREF.. Access the white paper here.

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The articles and opinion pieces below are for information and are not necessarily a reflection of the NRLN’s position on issues. The NRLN is nonpartisan and its positions on retirement issues are presented in its Legislative Agenda and white papers that can be accessed from the Legislative Agenda tab.

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From Rey Mashayekhi; Fortune ~ May 06, 2021

Gillibrand touts legislation to lower drug costs: This idea 'is deeply bipartisan'
By Olafimihan Oshin; The Hill ~ May 06, 2021

CDC: Seniors falling results in 2.2 million ER visits a year
By Brian P. Dunleavy; United Press nternational ~ May 06, 2021

CDC Says Covid Could Be Under Control By July — But It Comes With A Big ‘If’
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ May 06, 2021

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Kaiser Permanente researchers exploring how AI can improve care for heart disease patients
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Biden calls on Congress to pass drug pricing legislation this year
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Apr 28, 2021

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Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 28, 2021

Pfizer CEO Says Anti-Covid Pill May Be Available By End Of 2021
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 28, 2021

Biden promises no new taxes on anyone making less than $400,000. Experts doubt he can keep that pledge
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Apr 28, 2021

White House aims to permanently extend ACA subsidy boost as part of $1.8 trillion package
By Robert King; FierceHealthcare ~ Apr 28, 2021

Biden aims to recoup over $700 billion in unpaid taxes by beefing up the I.R.S.
By Jim Tankersley; The New York Times ~ Apr 27, 2021

Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment isn’t keeping up with prices retirees pay
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Apr 27, 2021

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US to resume J&J COVID vaccinations despite rare clot risk
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5 Strategies To Reduce Investment Taxes
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US health panel urges restarting J&J COVID-19 vaccinations
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By Susan B. Garland; The New York Times ~ Apr 17, 2021

Another Covid Surge Appears Likely
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 16, 2021

The idea of COVID-19 vaccine passports raises privacy concerns
By Fortune Editors; Fortune ~ Apr 16, 2021

Republican Senators Push Social Security, Medicare And Medicaid Cuts After Supporting Ineffective Tax Cuts
From Christian Weller; Forbes ~ Apr 16, 2021

On First Day, FEMA Hotline Swamped With 1M Calls Seeking Funeral Help
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 15, 2021

FDA Seeks a New Way to Review Old Drugs Without Causing Prices to Soar
By Harris Meyer; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 15, 2021

Biden signs into law delay of Medicare payment sequester cuts for rest of 2021
By Robert King; FierceHealthcare ~ Apr 14, 2021

Survey Finds Consumers in Pain Over High Prescription Prices, In Need of Better Tools
By Jill Murphy; Pharmacy Times ~ Apr 15, 2021

Opinion: A 'Gray New Deal' to restore America
From Andrew Schrank & Jack A. Goldstone; The Hill ~ Apr 15, 2021

Multiemployer Pension Plans (and Contributing Employers) Look to American Rescue Plan for Relief
By Morgan Lewis; JD Supra ~ Apr 14, 2021

With Drug-Pricing Proposals, PhRMA Aims To Show It Can Compromise
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 14, 2021

Pfizer pushes to speed up its vaccine delivery after J&J pause
By John Bowden; The Hill ~ Apr 13, 2021

What do I do if I've gotten the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot? Your questions, answered
By Ken Alltucker; USA Today ~ Apr 13, 2021

U.S. pauses use of J&J vaccine over rare blood clots, rollout delayed in Europe
By Michael Erman & Manas Mishra; Reuters ~ Apr 13, 2021

Opinion: Why an infrastructure for aging is good for America
From Peter Kaldes; The Hill ~ Apr 13, 2021

CBO Report Shows Enacting Drug Pricing Legislation Will Result In Fewer New Drugs
From John LaMattina; Forbes ~ Apr 12, 2021

Biden Seeks $400 Billion to Buttress Long-Term Care. A Look at What’s at Stake.
By Judith Graham; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 12, 2021

Sanders Proposal Brings Medicare Closer To The Brink Of Collapse
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An Editorial; Washington Examiner ~ Apr 12, 2021

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Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 09, 2021

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By Christian Datoc; Daily Caller ~ Apr 09, 2021

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Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 08, 2021

Biden’s infrastructure plan sets out to expand how America looks at eldercare—and who gets paid
By Nicole Goodkind; Fortune ~ Apr 08, 2021

All Adults Can Have A Covid Shot By April 19, Biden Says
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 07, 2021

Summoning seniors: Big new push to vaccinate older Americans
By Zeke Miller & Leah Willingham; The Associated Press ~ Apr 07, 2021

Climate Change, Housing, Schools: Here’s Where Much Of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Will Be Spent
By Andrew Trunsky; Daily Caller ~ Apr 07, 2021

Opinion: Biden Plan Will Raise Taxes on the Middle Class
From Daniel J. Pilla; National Review ~ Apr 07, 2021

What’s in Biden’s Tax Plan?
By Alan Rappeport & Jim Tankersley; The New York Times ~ Apr 07, 2021

CDC Updates Rules For Cleaning Surfaces To Protect Against Covid
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 06, 2021

Congress should be required to vote yearly on an 'all-inclusive' budget
From Michael H. Granof; The Hill ~ Apr 06, 2021

Ruling opens door for Democrats to pass $2.2T Biden spending bill with just 50 votes: Schumer
By Brittany De Lea, Fox Business News – Apr 5, 2021

Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax
By Christopher Rugaber; The Associated Press ~ Apr 05, 2021

Study: Urgent-care centers result in higher overall healthcare costs
By Kyle Barnett; United Press International ~ Apr 05, 2021

How to check the status of your tax refund
By Lee Clifford; Fortune ~ Apr 05, 2021

Inclusion Of H.R. 3 Drug Price Control Measures In Infrastructure Bill May Negatively Impact Drug Industry
From Joshua Cohen; Forbes ~ Apr 04, 2021

How Long Should You Keep Any Tax Records?
By Katelyn Chef; Martha Stewart Living ~ Apr 01, 2021

Next Phase Of Recovery Plan To Feature Health Care, But Biden Quiet On Public Insurance
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 02, 2021

Commentary: Biden’s $2.5 Trillion Plan Will Harm Infrastructure, Drive Jobs Overseas
From Hans Bader; CNS News ~ Apr 01, 2021

Billions in New Obamacare Subsidies Are Now Available on
By Sarah Kliff & Margot Sanger-Katz; The New York Times ~ Apr 01, 2021

White House Seeks To Expand Medicaid Coverage For Home Health Services
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 01, 2021

Backed by Millions in Public and Private Cash, Rapid Covid Tests Are Coming to Stores Near You
By Hannah Norman; Kaiser Health News ~ Apr 01, 2021

Alzheimer's group launches tool to connect patients with health resources
By Jared Gans - 03/31/21 02:54 PM EDT

COLUMN-U.S. lawmakers' generosity on pensions is just a starting point for bolstering retirement security
From Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Apr 01, 2021

Opinion: America's retirement riddle
From Joseph Chamie; The Hill ~ Apr 01, 2021