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We are committed to keeping you informed about your retiree benefits, pension funds, medical and drug costs and the truth about Medical Advantage Plans. This column features a current topic on these issues. (click here for previous FORUM articles )

Video/Podcast Episode #2 Medicare Privatization

The NRLN is resuming its 2020 Video Series as part of its video/podcast program. In this Episode #2 video, I am covering the history of Medicare Privatization through Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and the results after 23 years of taxpayer subsidies. To see videos or to listen to podcasts, click on “LISTEN OR WATCH OUR LATEST EPISODE” on the large Videos and Podcasts artwork in the center of the home page. Then select and click on a selection on the Videos and Podcasts library webpage. To enlarge the video to the size of your screen, move your cursor over the small video and click on the 4 arrows icon in the lower right corner. At the end of the video, to return the video to the small size click on the 4 arrows icon again. Do you want to know…
  • Did Baby Boomers cause the problem of Medicare costs being out of control?
  • Why didn’t Congress fund Medicare as recommended by Medicare Trustees?
  • What is the Congressional escape to a plan to privatize Medicare?
  • How is Medicare’s overhead less than 2%, but MA insurers carry a 13-15% overhead and profit burden?
  • How will MA subsidies cost taxpayers $38 billion in 2020?
  • Why enrollees in MA plans cost 18% more than Medicare Part B enrollees?
  • Why privatization of Medicare has failed?

This video/podcast will provide you the truth on why legislated subsidies and restrictions placed on original Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) creates the illusion that private insurance plans are more effective.

Upcoming NRLN videos/podcasts will be:

  • Episode #3 – Medicare A-D Revenue, MA Plan Rebates/Market Share & Medicare 10-year Budget
  • Episode #4 – Rebates and the Quality Bonus Plan (QBP) – The House of Cards
  • Episode #5 – Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans & Original Medicare plus Medigap G

The NRLN is interested in receiving your feedback and/or questions on the videos/podcasts. You can contact us at or call Toll-Free at 1-866-360-7197.

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network



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Healthcare Scams During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has identified a number of scams operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following are ways to avoid becoming victims of the scammers.

  • The difference between a real COVID-19 contact tracer and a scammer is obvious. Legitimate tracers need healthcare information, not money or personal financial data.
  • Don’t respond to texts, emails or calls about COVID-19 economic stimulus checks from the federal government.
  • Ignore offers for vaccinations. Scammers are offering to sell products to treat or prevent COVID-19 without proof these products are effective.
  • Be wary of ads for COVID-19 test kits. Most test kits being advertised have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and aren’t necessarily accurate.
  • Hang up on robocalls pitching everything from low-cost health insurance to work at home schemes.
  • Watch out for emails claiming to be from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). Instead check and to obtain the latest information from the CDC. Don’t click on links in emails from sources you do not know.
  • Do not fall for the scam for a service to clean furnace ducts and chimneys with a guarantee that it removes any chance of contracting the coronavirus.
  • Hang up on a caller stating a new government regulation requires all Americans must take a COVID-19 test and a request is made for your health insurance information including Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Do your homework when it comes to donations. Never donate in cash, by gift card or by wiring money to a charity whose intent you cannot verify. You will probably have a better outcome donating to a local charity with an established reputation.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services office of Inspector General has set up a national hotline (1-800-447-8477) to report healthcare abuse during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, you can report your experience online to the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Human Service at:



money How much did your U.S. Representatives and Senators take as campaign contributions from the Pharmaceutical and Health Products Industry for their recent election campaigns and the current 2019-20 one? Could this be a reason why bills to reduce the price of prescription drugs are not being passed? Click here to see data that the NRLN has compiled from OpenSecrets.Org, Center for Responsive Politics. All Senators and Representatives are now shown by state and amount for ease of reviewing your state's delegation.


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The articles and opinion pieces below are for information and are not necessarily a reflection of the NRLN’s position on issues. The NRLN is nonpartisan and its positions on retirement issues are presented in its Legislative Agenda and white papers that can be accessed from the Legislative Agenda tab.

Can Trump Deliver On Promise Of $200 Drug Cards To Medicare Beneficiaries?
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 28, 2020

Poll finds support for independent arbiters resolving 'surprise' medical bills
By Jonathan Easley; The Hill ~ Sep 28, 2020

Trump announces plan to distribute 100M rapid COVID-19 tests to states
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Sep 28, 2020

Opinion: Industry Voices—Surprise! There's a better fix for surprise bills
From Sally C. Pipes; FierceHealthcare ~ Sep 28, 2020

Obamacare Returns as Galvanizing Issue After Ginsburg Death, Barrett Nomination
By Abby Goodnough; The New York Times ~ Sep 27, 2020

Trump’s drug card plan sows confusion – even within administration
By Rachel Roubein & Susannah Luthi; Politico ~ Sep 25, 2020

Trump Administration To Allow Importation Of Prescription Drugs
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 25, 2020

Opinion: 4 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Financial Planner
From David Kudla; Forbes ~ Sep 25, 2020

Opinion: Will You Be Financially Secure When You Are 100?
From Sara Zeff Geber; Forbes ~ Sep 25, 2020

Congress and Trump to restart stimulus negotiations as $300 unemployment benefit expires
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Sep 24, 2020

Opinion: Is it flu or COVID-19? Health experts warn it’s hard to tell the difference
Via “Crystal Run Healthcare”; USA Today ~ Sep 24, 2020

FDA Takes Actions to Help Lower U.S. Prescription Drug Prices
U. S. Food & Drug Administration – Press Release ~ Sep 24, 2020

Trump signs executive orders on preexisting condition protections, surprise billing
By Paige Minemyer; FierceHealthcare ~ Sep 24, 2020

Health Agency Heads Field Heated Questions On Vaccines, Independence Of Scientists
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 24, 2020

Opinion: The ongoing collapse of US health care
From Dr. Deane Waldman; The Hill ~ Sep 24, 2020

Retirees May Be Permanently Hurt By Trump Temporary Payroll Tax Deferral, House Panel Hears
From Ted Knutson; Forbes ~ Sep 24, 2020

Trump to give Medicare beneficiaries checks to pay for medicines
By Brittany De Lea; Fox Business ~ Sep 24, 2020

Social Security missteps could push millions of elderly Americans into poverty
By Paul Brandus; MarketWatch ~ Sep 24, 2020

Single-dose vaccine tested as US experts say no corners cut
By Lauran Neergaard & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Sep 23, 2020

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Advances, Sparking Optimism in Race
By Carl Zimmer & Katie Thomas; The New York Times ~ Sep 23, 2020

FDA Proposes Harder-To-Clear Guidelines For Emergency Vaccine Approval
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 23, 2020

It's time to upgrade benefits
From Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.); The Hill ~ Sep 23, 2020

It’s Not Just Insulin: Lawmakers Focus on Price of One Drug, While Others Rise Too
By Rachana Pradhan; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 22, 2020

Another CDC Reversal: Agency Takes Back Info On How COVID Spreads In Air
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 22, 2020

Supreme Court fight could derail chances for second stimulus check and extended unemployment benefits
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Sep 21, 2020

Opinion: Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug prices—Aging in America panel weighs in on election topics
Via Bob Blancato; MarketWatch ~ Sep 22, 2020

Too much or too little sleep may increase dementia risk
By Brian P. Dunleavy; United Press International ~ Sep 21, 2020

Signs of an ‘October Vaccine Surprise’ Alarm Career Scientists
By Liz Szabo & JoNel Aleccia; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 21, 2020

Obamacare In Greater Judicial Jeopardy After Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 21, 2020

Opinion: Prescription Drug And Healthcare Costs Are Rising
From Sai Balasubramanian, J.D. ; Forbes ~ Sep 21, 2020

Opinion: Medicare Won't Cover Cost of Coronavirus Vaccine
By Eric Volkman; The Motley Fool ~ Sep 21, 2020

Top U.S. Health Officials Tiptoe Around Trump’s Vaccine Timeline
By James Gorman; The New York Times ~ Sep 20, 2020

Opinion: Congress should include practical, easy improvements to Social Security programs in next CR
From David Weaver; The Hill ~ Sep 19, 2020

Study: Private insurers pay 2 1/2 times what Medicare does for hospital services
By Brian P. Dunleavy; United Press International ~ Sep 18, 2020

Fewer Americans say they would take a COVID-19 vaccine compared to four months ago
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Sep 18, 2020

White House Abandoned HHS Plan To Mail Masks To Every American In April
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 18, 2020

A Pandemic Upshot: Seniors Are Having Second Thoughts About Where to Live
By Judith Graham; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 18, 2020

Opinion: How To Spend Less In Retirement: Fewer Lattes Or The Big Cut?
From Richard Eisenberg; Forbes ~ Sep 18, 2020

Trump says feds poised to start distributing coronavirus vaccine next month
By Seth McLaughlin & Tom Howell Jr.: The Washington Times ~ Sep 16, 2020

Trump Surprises GOP Lawmakers With Call For Larger Stimulus Bill
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 17, 2020

Column: There’s A New Tax Form - With Some Changes - For Freelancers & Gig Workers
From Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Sep 16, 2020

Opinion: Long-term care insurance: There’s no good alternative
From Howard Gold; MarketWatch ~ Sep 16, 2020

A Second Stimulus Check May Be in the Cards After All
By Maurie Backman; The Motley Fool ~ Sep 16, 2020

For 401(k) and IRA Holders, Sept. 30 Is Key Deadline for Beneficiary Designations
By Daisy Maxey; Barron’s ~ Sep 16, 2020

Trump order on drug prices faces long road to finish line
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Sep 14, 2020

Bipartisan Group Tries To Break Up Stimulus Logjam With $1.5T Proposal
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 15, 2020

With No Legal Guardrails for Patients, Ambulances Drive Surprise Medical Billing
By Laura Ungar; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 14, 2020

Trump’s New Executive Order Could Cut How Much Medicare Pays For Drugs
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 14, 2020

Multiemployer plans get tiny reprieve in latest PBGC report
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Sep 14, 2020

Pfizer CEO: Chances 'quite' good will know by October if vaccine works
By Daniel Uria; United Press International ~ Sep 13, 2020

Trump says he has signed new executive order to lower drug prices
By Doina Chiacu; Reuters ~ Sep 13, 2020

Fauci Urges Americans To ‘Hunker Down’ To Fight Virus In The Fall
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 11, 2020

Commentary: Retirement Plans Need to Keep Their Promises. We Make Sure They Do.
From Jeanne Klinefelter Wilson; Barron’s ~ Sep 11, 2020

Dem report: Postal Service changes delay prescription drugs
By Matthew Daly & Anthony Izaguirre; The Associated Press ~ Ep 109, 2020

Opinion: More executive orders will not make medicines cheaper
From Raymond J. March; The Hill ~ Sep 10, 2020

Vaccine Safety Will Not Be Undercut By Politics, Administration Experts Pledge
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 10, 2020

Virus bill blocked in Senate as prospects dim for new relief
By Andrew Taylor; The Associated Press ~ Sep 10, 2020

Rival Vaccine Makers Band Together For Safety Pledge
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 08, 2020

AstraZeneca’s Vaccine Trial Paused After Suspected Adverse Reaction
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 09, 2020

Health Care Issues Heat Up On Campaign Trail
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 09, 2020

Congress Still At Odds Over Limited Stimulus Bill
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 09, 2020

Opinion: Trump’s idea on changing Social Security funding has the potential to break an impasse on much-needed reforms
By Andrew G. Biggs; MarketWatch ~ Sep 09, 2020

Opinion: GOP: “Skinny” Stimulus Package Options
From Jim Wang; Forbes ~ Sep 08, 2020

Senate to vote Thursday on GOP coronavirus bill
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Sep 08, 2020

Medicare Out-of-Pocket Costs You Should Expect to Pay
By Emily Brandon; US News & World Report ~ Sep 08, 2020

Opinion: What has COVID-19 done to our retirement savings?
From Angela Antonelli; MarketWatch ~ Sep 08, 2020

Very, Very Low Chance’: Top Vaccine Adviser Downplays Chance Of Early Approval
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 04, 2020

Need Cash? Read This Before You Take an Early Roth IRA Withdrawal During the Pandemic.
By Bill Bischoff; Barron’s ~ Sep 07, 2020

Mnuchin: GOP, Pelosi to agree on continuing resolution to avoid shutdown, as stimulus talks stall
By Ronn Blitzer; Fox News ~ Sep 06, 2020

Local pharmacies can reduce the dual risks of COVID19 and influenza this fall
From Jonathan H. Watanabe & Jan D. Hirsch; The Hill ~ Sep 05, 2020

Azar Says Election Timing Plays No Role In Vaccine Decisions
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 04, 2020

Opinion: 60% Of Americans Say Government Making Pandemic Worse. Here’s How We Restore Trust In Government & Science
From Bill Frist; Forbes ~ Sep 04, 2020

Bold Action Needed to Save Medicare, Says MedPAC Commissioner
By Joyce Frieden; MedPage Today ~ Sep 04, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine could come in late October; White House says no pressure on timing
By Manojna Maddipatla & Lisa Lambert; Reuters ~ Sep 03, 2020

CMS unveils redesigned Medicare provider comparison website for consumers
By Maria Castellucci; Modern Healthcare ~ Sep 03, 2020

U.S. Pulls $62 Million in Funding From World Health Organization
By Adam Kredo; The Washington Free Beacon ~ Sep 03, 2020

Deficit to triple to $3.3 trillion: Congressional Budget Office
By Jay Heflin; Washington Examiner ~ Sep 02, 2020

US To Go It Alone On COVID Vaccine, Spurns WHO-Led Global Consortium
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 02, 2020

Health officials worry nation not ready for COVID-19 vaccine
By Liz Szabo; The Associated Press ~ Sep 02, 2020

Opinion: Social Security trust fund to run out by 2031: CBO
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Sep 02, 2020

House Oversight Democrats to subpoena AbbVie in drug pricing probe
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Sep 01, 2020

Pharma Lobby Disputes Trump’s Claim That Drug Companies Are Negotiating
By Anna Edney & Justin Sink; Bloomberg ~ Sep 01, 2020

Trump says he will meet with drugmakers this week over pricing
By Diane Bartz, Jeff Mason & Carl O'Donnell; Reuters ~ Sep 01, 2020

Senate Republicans May Offer New Stimulus Bill Soon, Mnuchin Says
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Sep 01, 2020

You May Be Claiming Social Security Wrong. Here Are Some Policy Proposals That Could Fix That.
By Reshma Kapadia; Barron’s ~ Sep 01, 2020

FDA Chief Open To Fast-Tracking A Vaccine Before Trials Wrap Up
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 31, 2020

CMS rule aims to reduce lag time between FDA approval and Medicare coverage of new devices
By Robert King; FierceHealthcare ~ Aug 31, 2020

Administration: 70% of relief payments to the dead recovered
By Martin Crutsinger; The Associated Press ~ Aug 31, 2020

Stimulus deal update: With the Republicans’ latest offer, the parties are $900 billion apart
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Aug 31, 2020

A COVID Stimulus Bill Just Got More Complicated
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 31, 2020

Consumers largely unaware that insurers have access to their online data: survey
By Paige Minemyer; FierceHealthcare ~ Aug 28, 2020

Fad or future? Telehealth expansion eyed beyond pandemic
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Aug 29, 2020

Opposition to Obamacare Becomes Political Liability for GOP Incumbents
By Markian Hawryluk; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 28, 2020

Under CARES Act, tax-sheltered HSAs are even more useful now—how to make the most of them
By Rachel Hartman; MarketWatch ~ Aug 28, 2020

White House: Trump Willing to Sign $1.3T Coronavirus Bill
By Tauren Dyson; Newsmax ~ Aug 28, 2020

Opinion: A Look At The Democrats' Not-So-Moderate Healthcare Platform
From Sally Pipes; Forbes ~ Aug 28, 2020

Why Some Workers May Need to Prepare for an Extra $2,232 Tax Bill in 2021
Heads up: You may owe the IRS more money next year.

By Maurie Backman; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 28, 2020

Vishing’ emerges as new cyber threat: What is it?
By Brooke Crothers; Fox News ~ Aug 26, 2020

Trump administration to purchase 150 million Abbott COVID-19 tests for $750 million
By Jeff Mason; Reuters ~ Aug 27, 2020

Next Stimulus Package Negotiations Restarting Today Between Meadows And Pelosi
From Jim Wang; Forbes ~ Aug 27, 2020d

Opinion: Social Security Ending In 2023? No. But What Really Happens When The Trust Fund Is Emptied?
From Elizabeth Bauer; Forbes ~ Aug 27, 2020

Opinion: Drug Pricing Executive Order: Will Consumers Get The Reforms They Need?
From Rita Numerof; Forbes ~ Aug 26, 2020

Survivors' plasma still a solid option for treating COVID-19, experts say
By Dennis Thompson, HDN; United Press International ~ Aug 26, 2020

Opinion: Medicare open enrollment is coming up. Three steps to save money this fall
From Darla Mercado, CFP®; CNBC ~ Aug 26, 2020

Stimulus update: White House reaches out to Pelosi to restart negotiations on checks and unemployment benefits
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Aug 26, 2020

Trump payroll plan would deplete Social Security by 2023: Administrator
By Niv Elis; The Hill ~ Aug 25, 2020

FDA’s Authorization Of Convalescent Plasma Launches Torrent Of Questions
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 25, 2020

Trump deadline for drug pricing order passes with no action
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Aug 25, 2020

U.S. to charge Teva in generic drugs price-fixing probe: source
By Diane Bartz & Mrinalika Roy; Reuters ~ Aug 25, 2020

Opinion: How Tax Code Changes Can Affect Retirees
From Eric Brotman; Forbes ~ Aug 25, 2020

Opinion: Pharma Rivals Are Fighting Covid Together. Why Stop There?
From Max Nisen; Bloomberg ~ Aug 24, 2020

FDA Gives Emergency OK To Convalescent Plasma As COVID Treatment
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 24, 2020

Opinion: Social Security Cuts Are a Major Issue in the 2020 Election, Data Reveals
By Maurie Backman; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 24, 2020

Opinion: Should we rethink how we tax Social Security benefits?
From Alicia H. Munnell; MarketWatch ~ Aug 24, 2020

Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19
By JONATHAN LEMIRE & MIKE STOBBE; The Associated Press ~ Aug 23, 2020

Trump seeks health care victory on prescription drugs
By Nathaniel Weixel; The Hill ~ Aug 22, 2020

Thanks to the Stimulus Bill, Taxes on Retirement Income and Social Security Could Be Lower
By Christy Bieber; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 22, 2020

Social Security's 2021 COLA: It's a Good News/Bad News Scenario
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 22, 2020

Trump Administration Says Some Coronavirus Tests Can Bypass F.D.A. Scrutiny. The new policy states that so-called laboratory-developed tests will no longer require F.D.A. authorization.
By Sheila Kaplan; The New York Times ~ Aug 21, 2020

Pfizer Vaccine on Track for Regulatory Review in October
Via “Bloomberg News”; Bloomberg ~ Aug 21, 2020

Scam Alert: Things a COVID Contact Tracer Wouldn’t Say
By Julie Appleby; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 20, 2020

Obamacare’s Future To Be Argued Before Supreme Court Week After Election
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 20, 2020

In Surprise Move, FDA Rejects 2 Drugs For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hemophilia
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 20, 2020

Opinion: The U.S. Needs an SEC for Its Health Care System
By Regina Herzlinger: Bloomberg ~ Aug 20, 2020

Details Of Senate Republicans’ ‘Skinny’ Relief Bill Emerge
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 19, 2020

Opinion: Social Security is squandering billions of dollars through a hidden weakness in how it invests its funds
By Brenton Smith, MarketWatch – Aug 18, 2020

Trump Ad Blitz Touts Efforts To Tackle High Drug Prices
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 18, 2020

How can Wall Street be so healthy when Main Street isn’t?
By Stan Choe, Alex Veiga & Christopher Rugab; The Associated Press ~ Aug 18, 2020

FDA Signs Off On Fast, Inexpensive Saliva Test
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 17, 2020

‘Pennie’-Pinching States Take Over Obamacare Exchanges From Feds
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 17, 2020

IRS Offers New Fix For Some Missing $500 Per Child Stimulus Check
From Kelly Phillips Erb; Forbes ~ Aug 17, 2020

Opinion: November will decide the fate of economic bailouts in blue states
From Kristin Tate; The Hill ~ Aug 16, 2020

Opinion: Separating Fact From Fiction On Trump And The Post Office - And Why It Matters
From Elizabeth Bauer; Forbes ~ Aug 16, 2020

FDA gives emergency approval to 'game changer' COVID-19 saliva test. Test developed by Yale should expand capacity, alleviate shortages
By Tom Howell Jr.;The Washington Times ~ Aug 15, 2020

No COVID Vaccine Copays, U.S. Health Officials Say
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 14, 2020

Relief Bill Out Of Reach; Both Sides Point Fingers, Senate Leaves Town
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 14, 2020

Opinion: Are You Still Missing Your First Stimulus Check?
From Jim Wang; Forbes ~ Aug 14, 2020

Stimulus deadline extended for Social Security recipients with kids
By Katie Lobosco; CNN ~ Aug 14, 2020

Opinion: We must fight back against administration's dangerous assault on Social Security
From Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.); The Hill ~ Aug 14, 2020

Healthcare scams surface during COVID-19 crisis
By Ken Johnson; The Hutchinson News ~ Aug 13, 2020

Medicare Eyes Coverage Changes For Artificial Hearts
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 13, 2020

Opinion: Biden/Harris Likely To Favor Medicare For More And Public Option
From Joshua Cohen; Forbes ~ Aug 13, 2020

Senate breaks for August recess with no coronavirus deal in sight
By Niels Lesniewski; Roll Call ~ Aug 13, 2020

Pelosi, Mnuchin talk but make no progress on ending stalemate
By Jordain Carney ; The Hill ~ Aug 13, 2020

Advisers Consider Whether Trump Can Cut Taxes Without Congress
By Alan Rappeport; The New York Times ~ Aug 12, 2020

CMS Tests Alternative Payment Model For Rural Medicare Providers
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 12, 2020

Nearly three dozen health experts object to HHS coronavirus database
By Nathaniel Weixe; The Hill ~ Aug 12, 2020

Pelosi: Democrats and Republicans ‘miles apart’ on pandemic aid that would include second round of stimulus checks
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Aug 12, 2020

Social Security’s safe with us, Mnuchin says
By Doug Sword; Roll Call ~ Aug 12, 2020

U.S. inks $1.5 billion deal with Moderna for 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine
By Jeff Mason & Carl O'Donnell; Reuters ~ Aug 11, 2020

What is Trump’s payroll tax holiday and how will it affect you? Everything you need to know
By Anne Sraders; Fortune ~ Aug 11, 2020

Strapped States Struggle To Afford Trump’s Order; Stimulus Talks Stalled
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 11, 2020

4 Most Promising Ways To Save Social Security Now
From David Rae; Forbes ~ Aug 11, 2020

What’s Next? Democrats, White House Both Float New Talks On Skinnier Bill
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 10, 2020 (9:38 AM)

Trump’s Relief Orders Challenged: Are They Legal, And Will They Help?
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 10, 2020 (9:38 AM)

Opinion: Next Stimulus Package Update: Where Do We Stand On Negotiations?
By Jim Wang, Forbes – Aug 10, 2020

What's in President Trump's four coronavirus relief executive orders?
Trump announces aid for jobless, renters, student loan borrowers

By Marisa Schultz ; Fox News ~ Aug 09, 2020

White House Walks Back ‘Permanent’ Payroll Tax Cut Amid Social Security Concerns
By Andrew Solender; Fortune ~ Aug 09, 2020 (11:38 AM )

$600 Unemployment Check Cut To $300 Under Trump Executive Orders—States Asked To Add $100
By Rachel Sandler; Forbes ~ Aug 08, 2020

Opinion: Both parties need to create a pro-aging party platform
From Peter Kaldes; The Hill ~ Aug 08, 2020

Trump officials recommend executive action as stimulus talks break down
By Brittany De Lea; Fox Business ~ Aug 07, 2020

Coronavirus has already dealt a blow to Social Security's finances. Trump's payroll tax holiday could make it worse
By Tami Luhby; CNN ~ Aug 07, 2020

5 Possible Social Security Changes in 2021
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 07, 2020

Cadillac proclaims its future with Thursday debut of all-electric Lyriq
By Kalea Hall; The Detroit News ~ Aug 06, 2020

Trump to sign order in Ohio requiring government to buy 'essential' drugs from U.S. companies
By Michael Collins; USA Today ~ Aug 06, 2020

Study: U.S. healthcare costs nearly double of other wealthy countries
By Brian P. Dunleavy; United Press International ~ Aug 06, 2020

Trump preparing 'aggressive' actions if no deal reached with Congress
By Mike Lillis; The Hill ~ Aug 06, 2020

Trump, McConnell huddle; virus aid talks at risk of collapse
By Andrew Taylor; The Associated Press ~ Aug 06, 2020

With Stimulus Talks Deadlocked, White House May Walk Away And Act Alone
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 06, 2020

Major U.S. Health Insurers Report Big Profits, Benefiting From the Pandemic
By Reed Abelson; The New York Times ~ Aug 05, 2020

CMS proposes changes to docs' Medicare payments for 2021, including payment cuts for some specialties
By Heather Landi; FierceHealthcare ~ Aug 05, 2020

Klobuchar Asks GAO To Examine Prescription Drug Rebate Traps
From Joshua Cohen; Forbes ~ Aug 05, 2020

U.S. to pay $1 billion for 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine candidate
By Michael Erman; Reuters ~ Aug 05, 2020

White House warns there's likely no deal with no agreement by Friday
By Jordain Carney; The Hill ~ Aug 05, 2020

Why some retirees could face reduced Social Security benefits unless Congress acts
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Aug 05, 2020

Dems' demand for 'slush fund' in aid package threatens to derail PPP extension
By Alex Swoyer, Gabriella Muñoz & Dave Boyer; Washington Times ~ Aug 04, 2020

Trump signs order expanding use of virtual doctors
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Aug 04, 2020

Opinion: This latest estimate on health care costs in retirement may make you sick
By Paul Brandus; MarketWatch ~ Aug 04, 2020

Slow Progress Claimed On Stimulus Bill While Trump Floats Executive Orders
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 04, 2020

FiercePharmaPolitics—Trump and Big Pharma tussle over drug price proposal with 3 months until election
By Eric Sagonowsky; FiercePharma ~ Aug 03, 2020

Trump to sign order aimed at boosting rural health care, telehealth
By Dan Diamond, Adam Cancryn & Rachel Roubein; Politico ~ Aug 03, 2020

When your second stimulus check could arrive—once Congress actually passes a new relief bill
By Lance Lambert; Fortune ~ Aug 03, 2020

Stimulus Stalemate: Hope Fades For Quick Aid Deal As Talks Pick Back Up
Via KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Aug 03, 2020

Pelosi and Mnuchin dig in on stimulus positions ahead of scheduled Monday talks
By Kristen Holmes, Nicky Robertson, Alison Main & Chandelis Duster; CNN ~ Aug 02, 2020

This Social Security Rule Should Have the Rich Jumping for Joy in 2021
By Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Aug 02, 2020

Trump Says He’ll Sign Order Cutting Drug Prices ‘Very Soon’
By Olivia Raimonde & Jennifer Jacobs; Bloomberg ~ Jul 31, 2020

The $600 Unemployment Check Is No More: Here’s The Reality On The Ground
From Terina Allen; Forbes ~ Aug 01, 2020


amazon smile AmazonSmile Program to Benefit the American Retirees Education Program (AREF)

The NRLN board created the American Retiree Education Foundation (AREF) in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, nonprofit education foundation to expand the research and educational reach of the NRLN and to enable NRLN to sharpen its focus as an organization lobbying for the passage of federal legislation and regulations that benefit retirees.

For example, the white paper on Protecting Pension Assets which is used to educate members of Congress on the need for legislation to prevent pension plan sponsors from using plan assets for non-pension expenses was funded by AREF.. Access the white paper here.

You can help fund the AREF without costing you anything extra when you make a purchase online from Amazon through its AmazonSmile program. Click here to learn more about AmazonSmile.