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The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) is dedicated to senior Americans over age 50. Two million of us welcome you to our website and urge you to share in emails, with your Facebook Friends and your Twitter Followers. We provide timely news, important information and tools that enable you to help us lobby Congress for reliable pension and Social Security Income and lower cost Health Care Benefits and Medicare. There are over 50 million of us over age 65 now, our children will join 75 million by 2035, and our great grandkids 100 million by 2060. We need to help each other now and they need us to insure their futures NOW!


The NRLN recently created the American Retirees Education Foundation (AREF) with a mission is to research, educate and inform retirees, future retirees and the general public on how best to protect and promote retirement income security and retiree health care. Donations to AREF are tax deductible. Learn more about AREF, at

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Legislation Needed to End Brand-Name Drug Companies’ ‘Shenanigans’

Ninety percent of prescriptions are filled with generic medicines. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved 1,027 generic drugs last year, a record number. Yet brand name drug companies continue to provide obstacles to less expensive generics reaching the market.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner, said recently that brand-name drug makers must “end the shenanigans” that prevent competing generic products from reaching the market.

There are two often-used “shenanigans” by brand-name drug manufactures. One is known as “pay-for-delay”. This is when a brand-name drug company pays, possibly millions of dollars, to a generic drug maker to keep the generic off the market for a period of time. The Supreme Court has ruled such transactions illegal but allowed lawsuits to be filed to make a determination on a case-by-case basis. While the lawsuits are in the courts, usually for years, the cheaper generic drug doesn’t reach the market.

Another ploy by brand-name drug companies is to withhold samples of the brand-name drug that generic drug developers need to show that a generic copy is equivalent to the original. Dr. Gottlieb stated in an April 14 article in the New York Times that this maneuver frustrates the ability of generic firms to purchase the doses of a branded drug they need to run their studies.

The FDA says it has received more than 150 inquiries from generic drug companies unable to purchase the samples—a few thousand pills--needed to show that a generic product works the same as a brand-name medicine.

The NRLN has long advocated legislation to prevent both of these “shenanigans”. There are bills in the House and Senate that would eliminate both actions by name-brand companies. However, the powerful pharmaceutical industry lobby has kept the bills bottled up in committees.

According to OpenSecrets.Org, the Center for Responsive Politics, the Pharmaceutical and Health Products Industry contributed $12,490,911 to members of Congress. The contributions were fairly evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. These donations took place during the 2017-2018 election cycle according to information released on March 26, 2018 by the Federal Election Commission.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that legislation to prevent anticompetitive actions by brand-name drug companies would save the federal government $3.8 billion over 10 years, mainly because Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs would spend less on prescription drugs. Savings for consumers and private health insurance plans would be much greater.

If you did not respond to the NRLN Action Alert: Pass Bills to Reduce Cost of Prescription Drugs when it was issued on January 8, 2018, the sample letters to email to your Representative and Senators are still available at:

Bill Kadereit, President
National Retiree Legislative Network

report card

NRLN Provides New “Report Card” Feature on Members of Congress

NRLN has introduced a “report card” for each state that shows whether the U.S. Representatives and Senators have supported bills in Congress advocated by the NRLN. Read all about it here.


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The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) board created the American Retiree Education Foundation (AREF) in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, nonprofit education foundation to expand the research and educational reach of the NRLN and to enable NRLN to sharpen its focus as an organization lobbying for the passage of federal legislation and regulations that benefit retirees.

The AREF is always seeking ways to increase its funding through individual tax-deductible contributions, grants from public and private foundations, individual tax-deductible bequests and non-traditional ways. AREF funds pay for a number of tasks previously paid for by the NRLN. For example, the updating this month of the white paper on Protecting Pension Assets which is used to educate members of Congress on the need for legislation to prevent pension plan sponsors from using plan assets for non-pension expenses. Access the white paper here.

The AREF has identified a non-traditional way that you can help fund the AREF without costing you anything extra if (when) you make a purchase online from Amazon through its AmazonSmile program designed to provide a percentage of a purchase price to qualified non-profit organizations, such as the AREF. I urge you to read the following information and help provide funding to the AREF should you make an Amazon purchase. Click here to learn more about AmazonSmile.


Stop Undermining Traditional Medicare

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is undermining traditional Medicare. CMS is incentivizing insurance companies that receive billions in taxpayer subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans to compete with traditional Medicare Part A and B. No action is expected in Congress this year to try to privatize Medicare, but neither has there been any opposition in Congress to CVS paying subsidies to Medicare Advantage insurers and allowing additional benefits to lure those age 65 and older into Medicare Advantage and away from traditional Medicare. However, the CMS subsidies of 2.95% in 2018 and 3.4% in 2019 are effectively creating a “premium support” plan and thus privatization.

Click here to email the NRLN’s sample letter to President Trump, your Representative and Senators to urge them to place a priority on traditional Medicare beneficiaries, not insurance companies who use Medicare Advantage as a “cash cow” and want even larger subsidies offered by a Medicare “premium support” plan.

By Alyson Parker, NRLN Executive Director

The Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multi Employer Pension Plans is now up and running and they expect to have their first hearing in April. Outside coalitions and Democrats on the Hill are coalescing around the Butch Lewis Act, which is named after the former President of Teamster Local 100 and a major leader to save the Teamster pensions. The Butch Lewis Act proposal allows pension plans to borrow money to shore up their pension plans. Of course, the process is just beginning so there will be many different proposals considered. We are participating in Hill meetings with industry will ensure that our interests our protected.

House members on the Committee are: Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Phil Roe (R-TN), Vern Buchanan (R-FL), David Schweikert (R-AZ), Richard E. Neal (D-MA), Bobby Scott (D-VA), Donald Norcross (D-NJ), Debbie Dingell (D-MI). Senators on the Committee are: Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Michael Crapo (R-ID), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Rob Portman (R-OH), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Tina Smith (D-MN).

Prescription drug prices continue to receive a lot of attention on the Hill. The NRLN has been advocating passage of the Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (“CREATES”) Act. Senator Grassley and Congressman Marino have been actively pushing for the CREATES Act to be attached to moving legislation. The CREATES Act aims to end the maneuvering used by brand name drug companies to keep generic drugs off the market. The CREATES Act enjoys bipartisan support by senior Senators and Representatives.

Additionally, on March 19 President Trump promised an announcement within a month setting forth a plan to bring down prescription drug prices. The FDA Commissioner also has promised speeding up new drug approvals which will bring down prescription drug prices. We continue to have meetings to advocate for more action on this issue. The steps set forth above will help, but we would still like to see legislation implementing importation from Canada and permitting Medicare to negotiate drug prices passed.

The Senate passed with bipartisan support H.R. 4547, the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018. This legislation strengthens the representative payee program to better protect those Social Security beneficiaries who are unable to manage their benefits on their own. The bill is now headed to the President for his signature.

NRLN Sharing Two Articles with Important Medicare Information

The NRLN is sharing two articles with important Medicare information that were recently published in the AUSWR CO/WY Retiree Guardian and the NWB – U S WEST – Qwest Retiree Association Retiree Guardian. Both Newsletters are published for retirees of CenturyLink, Qwest, U S WEST and their predecessor companies. Click here to access the articles.

Sept. 10-12, 2018 for NRLN Fall Fly-In to Washington, DC

Grassroots advocates of the NRLN retiree associations and chapters will meet in Washington, DC with members of Congress and their staffs during the fall Fly-In Monday, Sept.10 through Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.

The Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel, at 550 C Street SW, Washington, DC, was selected again for its very competitive nightly room rate and being near Capitol Hill. The room rate for the Sept. meeting is $279 per night. This rate is subject to additional tax and fees.

The Fly-In will begin on Monday afternoon with a session at the hotel. Attendees will spend the entire day of Tuesday and part of Wednesday meeting with their Representatives, Senators and members of their staffs.

The fall Fly-In is open to all NRLN grassroots advocates. Advocates who are affiliated with a retiree association or chapter should notify the president of their organization if they are interested in attending.

Presidents of retiree associations and chapters affiliated with the NRLN are encouraged to solicit as many of their Grassroots State and Congressional District leaders as possible to attend the Fly-In. The sooner the NRLN is notified of intentions to attend the meetings the better it will be for the NRLN to make plans for the meetings. Email intentions to attend and/or questions to

NRLN members are saving big with the Free Health Savings Rx Card℠

The NRLN has arranged to offer you a Health Savings Rx Card™, at NO COST, that offers you and your family savings on prescription drugs, plus vision and hearing services and products.Click here to access the Rx Savings Card℠ website.If you do not already have a Health Savings Rx Card℠ you will need to create your personal login and then printout your free card. Savings information for prescription drugs, vision and hearing services and products is available through the links under the Savings Plus tab.


The articles and opinion pieces below are for information and are not necessarily a reflection of the NRLN’s position on issues. The NRLN is nonpartisan and its positions on retirement issues are presented in its Legislative Agenda and white papers that can be accessed from the Legislative Agenda tab.

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House fails to advance a balanced budget amendment to counter high spending levels
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Medicare spending projected to climb 7 percent annually after this year, says Congressional Budget Office
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State solutions to bring down drug prices face steep resistance from drug industry
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Facebook's Medical Research Project Shows It Just Doesn't Understand Consent
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Cigna's $54 Billion Purchase Of Express Scripts Could Upend The Prescription Drug Market
By Matthew Herper; Forbes ~ Mar 08, 2018

23andMe can now test for BRCA mutations. Here's what you need to know.
By Sara Chodosh; Popular Science ~ Mar 08, 2018

GOP lawmaker meets with Ryan to push for drug pricing bill
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 08, 2018

Premiums for ACA health insurance plans could jump 90 percent in three years
By Amy Goldstein; The Washington Post ~ Mar 08, 2018

Hospitals offer big bonuses, free housing and tuition to recruit nurses
By Parija Kavilanz; CNNMoney ~ Mar 08, 2018

Insurers' exclusion of disease treatments increases costs
From Seth Ginsberg; The Washington Examiner ~ Mar 08, 2018

Big banks still threaten the economy. But Congress is asleep at the wheel.
From Neel Kashkari; The Washington Post ~ Mar 08, 2018

Azar Emphasizes Administration’s Plan around Value-Based Care, Creation of “True Healthcare Market”
By Rajiv Leventhal; Healthcare Informatics ~ Mar 08, 2018

Amazon Isn’t the Only Retail Giant Trying to Remake Health Care
By Zachary Tracer; Bloomberg ~ Mar 08, 2018

The real problem with pensions
By “Buttonwood”; The Economist ~ Mar 07, 2018

White House Suggests Charging Older People More In Memo On How To Stabilize ACA Marketplaces
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 07, 2018

Jeff Flake’s DACA bill gives ‘Dreamers’ Obamacare, CBO says
By Stephen Dinan; The Washington Times ~ Mar 07, 2018

House conservatives brace for ObamaCare payments in funding bill
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 07, 2018

The Healthcare Conversation You Need To Have Now
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Mar 07, 2018

Probe Into Generic Drug Price Fixing Set To Widen
By Charles Lane; NPR ~ Mar 07, 2018

White House pitch to bolster Obamacare includes tough trade-offs for Democrats
By Paul Demko: Politico ~ Mar 06, 2018

Few older Americans think more tests, drugs are helpful
From HealthDay News; United Press International ~ Mar 06, 2018

UnitedHealthcare to pass drug rebates on to some customers
By Tom Murphy, AP: The Washington Post ~ Mar 06, 2018

11 tax deductions and other ways to cut your 2017 tax bill
By Jeanne Sahadi; CNNMoney ~ Mar 06, 2018

CMS Aims to Give Patients Access to Health Records
By Joyce Frieden; MedPage Today ~ Mar 06, 2018

Starting In April: New Medicare ID Cards
From Carol Levine, NA; Forbes ~ Mar 06, 2018

At New Health Office, ‘Civil Rights’ Means Doctors’ Right To Say No To Patients
By Emmarie Huetteman; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 05, 2018

Minimally invasive surgeries underused with Medicare patients, study says
By Allen Cone; United Press International ~ Mar 05, 2018

Know the Risks When Using Uber Health, Lyft
By John Commin ; HealthLeaders Media ~ Mar 05, 2018

Lyft deal with Allscripts lets 180,000 doctors call rides for their patients
By Marco della Cava; USA TODAY ~ Mar 05, 2018

The Forbes 2018 Tax Guide
By Janet Novack; Forbes ~ Mar 05, 2018

Trump's health chief warns hospital execs about health care costs: 'Change is coming'
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~ Mar 05, 2018

Why Millennials Should Care About Medicare Right Now
By Liz Weston, U.S. News – March 4, 2018

Senators Rally To Attack Skyrocketing Health Care Prices
From Robert Donachie; The Daily Caller ~ Mar 04, 2018

Opinion: Three doses of competition to reduce the soaring cost of health care
From George A. Nation III; The Hill ~ Mar 04, 2018

Getting Past The Shock: Your Aging Parent Has Dementia
From Carolyn Rosenblatt ; Forbes ~ Mar 04, 2018

Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don't Want
From Elizabeth Stewart, NA; Forbes ~ Mar 04, 2018

As Surgery Centers Boom, Patients Are Paying With Their Lives
By Christina Jewett & Mark Alesia; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 02, 2018

Pharmaceutical corporations need to stop free-riding on publicly-funded research
From Jason Cone; The Hill ~ Mar 03, 2018

Experts Weigh In About Whether Social Security Will Go Broke
By Karen Bennett; CheatSheet ~ Mar 03, 2018

Express Scripts Says PBM Relationship With Amazon 'Performing Well'
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Mar 02, 2018

Congress Races The Clock In Quest To Bring Stability To Individual Insurance Market
By Julie Rovner; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 02, 2018

Hatch apologizes for 'off-color' comment about 'dumbass' ObamaCare supporters
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Mar 02, 2018

Putting Humans at the Center of Health Care Innovation
By Yasser Bhatti, Jacqueline del Castillo, Kristian Olson & Ara Darzi ; Harvard Business Review ~ Mar 02, 2018

Opinion: America's Weird High Rates Of Old-Age Poverty And Old-Age Work
From Teresa Ghilarducci; Forbes ~ Mar 02, 2018

Editorial: U.S. Prescription Drug Costs Are a Crime
By The Editors, Bloomberg – Feb 27, 2018

Buried In The Budget Bill Are Belated Gifts For Some Health Care Providers
By Shefali Luthra; Kaiser Health News ~ Mar 02, 2018

Public Approval Of Obamacare Hits Record High Ahead Of 2018 Midterms
By Alice Ollstein; Talking Points Memo ~ Mar 01, 2018

Beware, the IRS is looking for these red flags this tax season
By Alessandra Malito; MarketWatch ~ Mar 01, 2018

The Financial Burden of Health Care Spending: Larger for Medicare Households than for Non-Medicare Households
By Juliette Cubanski, Kendal Orgera, Anthony Damico, & Tricia Neuman; Kaiser Family Foundation ~ Mar 01, 2018

Bad Social Security advice cost recipients $131 million, report finds
By Lorie Konish; CNBC ~ Mar 01, 2018

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