Tell Senator DeWine That Pension Reform Must Help Retirees, Not Corporations 3/29/06

To: Ohio Residents


From: Bill Kadereit, NRLN Vice President, Legislative Affairs


In a little over two weeks nearly 11,000 letters have been sent to members of Congress by individuals through the National Retiree Legislative Network’s website.  The NRLN’s Washington, DC staff members who have been meeting with the staffs of Pension Reform Conferees are reporting that your letters are having a beneficial impact on the improvements we want to see made in the pension reform legislation.  U.S. Senators and Representatives from 46 states have received letters through the NRLN’s Capwiz system.


If you were among those who sent letters, thank you for your support.  Now it is time to zero in on specific members of the Conference Committee who can do a great deal to either help or hurt workers and retirees through the pension reform legislation.  One of your Ohio Senators, Mike DeWine, is one of those key individuals who needs to hear from his constituents about the improvements that must be made to provide for greater pension security.


Please go to the NRLN Capwiz ACTION ALERT at and look for the headline: OHIO RESIDENTS ONLY: TELL SENATOR DEWINE THAT PENSION REFORM MUST HELP RETIREES, NOT CORPORATIONS.  Click on the link and send Senator DeWine the sample letter requesting his support to improve certain provisions in the pension legislation.  If you have a problem with the direct link to the ACTION ALERT, go to and type your zip code into the WRITE TO CONGRESS box at the top right of the NRLN Home Page.  


In addition to sending your letter, a phone call to Senator DeWine to reinforce the statements made in your letter would be a tremendous help.  The phone number for Senator DeWine’s Capitol Hill office is 202-224-2315.  Phone numbers for his Ohio offices can be accessed through the NRLN website at .  For suggested “Talking Points” for your phone call click here.


Your letter and phone call will hopefully help make a positive difference in the positions that Senator DeWine takes on the pension laws we will have to live with for years to come.


Bill Kadereit

NRLN Vice President, Legislative Affairs


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