Urge U.S. Senators Now To Vote Against Cochran Amendment


Action is needed immediately by members of the NRLN Grassroots Network to write and/or call your U.S. Senators to urge them to vote against the Cochran Amendment. Your prompt action is vital because a vote on the amendment is expected Monday afternoon, May 7.  Here is why it is important to contact your Senators on this issue.

On Thursday, May 3, the Senate voted to advance to debate the Dorgan-Snowe Amendment to the Food and Drug Administration Authorization bill. This amendment, supported by the NRLN, would permit the importation of less-costly prescription drugs from Canada and other countries.

Under the Dorgan-Snowe Amendment, any imported drugs would have to be approved by the FDA, manufactured in facilities inspected by the FDA and have documentation about who has handled the drugs. The goal of this amendment is to lower drug costs that have increased by more than 10 percent each of the past three years.

However, Sen. Thad Cochran, (R-MS) has proposed an amendment that would  require the government to certify the safety of imported drugs and certify whether importation would save money.  If passed, this amendment would undercut the effects of  the Dorgan-Snowe Amendment because reports predict that the Bush administration is unlikely to certify the safety of imported drugs.

A sample letter for you to personalize and send to your Senators is available on the NRLN Capwiz website at http://capwiz.com/abtr/home.  Look for the Action Alert with the headline: SENATORS SHOULD VOTE AGAINST COCHRAN AMENDMENT.  If you have a problem accessing the Action Alert, through the link above, go to the NRLN Website Home Page at http://www.nrln.org.  In the “Take Action Now” paragraph near the top of the NRLN Home Page, click on the “Click Here” link to take you to the Action Alert.

A phone call on this issue to your Senators’ Washington, DC office or to an office in your state also would be greatly beneficial to our cause.  Go to: http://capwiz.com/abtr/dbq/officials/ and obtain your Senators’ contact information by either entering the name of your Senator, state or zip code.

Please act now to tell your Senators to vote against the Cochran Amendment.  Also, please share this message with your friends who are not NRLN Grassroots Advocates.


Jim Norby

NRLN President

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