Write To Congress On Cash Balance Plan Issue  issued 7/19/06
You may have read the articles linked on the NRLN website or in your newspaper that have quoted members of the Pension Reform Conference Committee saying they are "on the verge" of completing their work on the bill and sending it to the U.S. Senate and House for a vote. The NRLN's team members in Washington have learned that the Conference Committee is headed in the direction of supporting the House bill on Cash Balance Plans.
The language in the House bill on Cash Balance does not protect older workers. Its language is too broad, open-ended and the vagueness leaves open the potential for age discrimination and abuse by employers. Because of these and other weakness in the House bill, I'm calling once again on NRLN Grassroots Members to write to conferees and other members of Congress.

Therefore, please take the time to immediately send to your U.S. Senators and Representative the sample letter(s) posted at http://capwiz.com/abtr/home with the headline: PROTECT OLDER WORKERS - OPPOSE HOUSE BILL ON CASH BALANCE PLANS. After you click on the "CLICK HERE" below the headline, you will be requested to type in your zip code. Your zip code will identify whether any of your legislators are conferees. If so, you'll be presented a "targeted" letter for conferees. A "general" letter will also be available for all other members of the House and Senate.

If you have a problem accessing the ACTION ALERT through the link above, go to http://www.nrln.org. In the "Take Action Now" paragraph near the top of the NRLN Home Page click on the "Click Here" link to take you to the ACTION ALERT.

To increase the likelihood that a staff member will pass your letter along to the Senator or Representative to read, edit it to include a personal comment. Add your own subject line and personal remarks, such as stating you voted for the Senator or Representative or you have lived in his/her state or district for "x" number of years.

I recognize that currently only a few the NRLN's retiree associations are impacted by Cash Balance plans. However, tens of thousands of today's workers who will be tomorrow's retirees will surely be negatively impacted if the House language gets enacted. We can do a great service for millions of Americans by joining together with a united voice against the House language in HR. 2830 and support the language in the Senate bill S. 1783.

A. J. (Jim) Norby, NRLN President

Note: Please forward this email to your friends not affiliated with the NRLN or your retiree association and encourage them to use the Capwiz system to send letters to their members of Congress. Also, invite them to register to receive NRLN Action Alerts and encourage them to visit the NRLN website regularly to keep abreast of issues important to retirees.

If you wish to update your email address or other contact information, click on this link http://capwiz.com/abtr/mlm/signup to access the NRLN "Sign-Up page. Scroll down to the bottom of the form, enter your email address in the window and click "Go".

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