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About the General Motors Retirees Chapter (GMRC)

The NRLN General Motors Retirees Chapter (GMRC) was launched on September 18, 2014 at a breakfast meeting in Troy, Michigan attended by 134 GM retirees and spouses. GMRC is reaching out to General Motors retirees and future retirees so it can increase Grassroots Network Members' participation in advocating federal legislation to protect retirement income security and reduce health care costs. At the top of most GM retirees' list of concerns are Social Security and Medicare protection and reducing the cost of prescription drugs. The Chapter brings together GM retirees and future retirees who want to unite their common interests in having a voice in Washington, D.C. by advancing the NRLN’s Legislative agenda to benefit GM retirees and all of America’s retirees. (Click here to view the three slide presentations, photos and video clips from the kickoff breakfast.)

The GMRC’s founding leadership team includes:

Why the NRLN/GMRC Is Relevant to GM Retirees

GM terminated health care at age 65 but added $300/month per retiree or surviving spouse to pensions, replaced pensions with lump sums or Prudential annuities, life insurance was reduced to $10,000 for retirees of record on 8/1/2009 and as of 1/1/2014 life insurance was terminated for all other current and future retirees. Here is what’s left to protect:

Social Security – Congress needs to address the funding gap through modest increases in the payroll tax and temporarily suspending the ceiling on earnings that can be taxed until the trust funds are actuarially funded. Trust funds should be held in a “lock box” that Congress can’t access to spend elsewhere. The NRLN’s opposition to changing the formula for the Social Security Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) to the proposed Chained CPI (would have lowered COLAs) influenced Congress and President Obama to drop this CPI proposal. The NRLN has been successful so far but needs your continued support.

Medicare - Those on Medicare may be denied coverage or held hostage to higher premiums for their Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans or their Medicare Advantage plans due to a pre-existing medical condition. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) prevents insurers from denying coverage to Americans under age 65 due to a pre-existing medical condition but not those over age 65. The NRLN advocates the same for those over age 65.

Medicare covers Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care if the beneficiary has an “inpatient” hospital stay of at least three days. Many are often unaware hospitals admit them for “observation” rather than “inpatient” (the SNF bills them after the fact). The NRLN advocates hospital cost savings and stopping after the fact patient bills by eliminating the mandatory three-day hospital stay as an SNF qualifier.

The ACA: requires out-of-pocket protection for retirees under 65 but not for those over 65, The NRLN advocates for out-of-pocket limits for those on Medicare; requires insurers to spend 85% of Medicare Advantage (MA) premiums on the cost of health care but Medigap plans to spend only 65-70%. MA plans set lower “community-rated” premiums but most Medigap plans are “age-rated” (rates change due to both age and cost changes). The NRLN advocates Medigap plans pay-out 85% and insurers set “community-rated” Medigap premiums.

Health Care Cost Increases Drown Fixed Income Retiree - Rising hospital and physician costs and higher insurance company overhead and profit, equipment cost for wheel chairs, fraud…etc. are causing economic chaos. The NRLN advocates that Medicare be allowed to get competitive bids for everything it pays for.

The NRLN lobbies to reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs through legislation supporting: (1) importation of safe prescription drugs; (2) Medicare competitive bidding for prescription drugs; (3) funding the FDA to reduce generic drug approval backlogs; (4) stopping drug companies from colluding to control drug pricing.

Taxes – NRLN advocates deductible premiums and uninsured costs and reduced Social Security taxes.

GM Retirees Chapter President’s Message

(December 8,2015
Volume 1, Number 4)

To: General Motors Retiree Chapter Members
From: Larry Hice, President, GMRC
Subject: Take Action After Viewing NRLN Report Card

In late November, "Regional Grassroots Vice President of the National Retiree Legislative and Bob Martina, NRLN Vice President – Grassroots, sent emails to NRLN grassroots advocates in the NRLN’s 11 Regions requesting that they review the NRLN Report Card for their state and take action. I want to encourage you to review the Report Card if you have not already done so and to use the information on the Report Card to communicate with your members of Congress.

Click here: Click on your state on the USA map to access the webpage for your members of Congress. (If this link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.)

Once at your state’s webpage choose your U.S. Representative or Senators to see his/her individual Report Card at the bottom of his/her webpage. If you want to see your whole state’s delegation click on the link below the state flag on the webpage for an EXCEL files download. The bills listed have links to more information on each bill on both individual reports and state summaries.

The NRLN reviews all bills being introduced in Congress for applicability to the NRLN‘s legislative goals. If a bill is relevant it is tracked as to who is co-sponsoring each bill. The Report Card shows how your members of Congress are doing on these bills.

If your Representative and/or Senators are not co-sponsoring these bills important to retirees, we urge you to contact them to request their support. Your communications with your legislators can be done in a variety of ways. To see the options the NRLN makes available to you click here.

Easy ways outlined on this webpage are to compose your own message and send it via the NRLN website or to use Facebook or Twitter. If you can, it is always recommended that you take a few minutes to call the local office or stop in there to make your views known – hand your Representative or Senators or their staffs copies of their Report Card.

Please use the option(s) you feel most comfortable in using. What is important is that you take action to communicate with your members of Congress. Also, share this email with your friends and invite them to sign up at www.nrln.org to receive NRLN emails.

Remember to watch for NRLN Action Alerts on retirement issues or bills introduced in Congress and always take action on these. This action is very important because it makes your voice heard.

Larry Hice, President, GMRC

Become an NRLN/GMRC Individual Member by making an annual contribution of $25, $50, $75 or more. Any amount you can contribute will be appreciated.  You may make your check or money order payable to NRLN, Inc. and mail it with the Contribution Form. Or, make your contribution with your credit card by clicking here.

Read the latest NRLN actions during the month.review

Read the latest NRLN FOCUS Newsletter

Read the latest issue of the GMRC Newsletter here.



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NRLN Provides New “Report Card” Feature on Members of Congress

report card

NRLN has introduced a “report card” for each state that shows whether the U.S. Representatives and Senators have supported bills in Congress advocated by the NRLN. Read all about it here.

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