About the NRLN New Mexico Chapter

The NRLN New Mexico Chapter was organized under the NRLN's chapter structure in January 2014. The New Mexico Chapter was originally established to reach out to US West/Qwest/CenturyLink retirees who were members of their retirement organization (TRA/AUSWR-NM), which disbanded.

The NM Chapter also welcomes members from other companies and public entities if they are not already members of an NRLN Association (see Member Associations under “about us” at www.nrln.org .

All NM Chapter members are advocates belonging to the NRLN Grassroots Organization Network. Some NRLN NM Grassroots’ advocates volunteer to become NM Congressional District Leaders and make local visits to their respective Congressional District Offices and sometimes travel to Washington, D.C.

to attend an NRLN “Fly-In”. The purpose of these visits is to educate the members of Congress on the NRLN’s Legislative Agenda (see the Legislative Agenda tab at www.nlrn.org), to make them aware of pendi ng legislation that needs support and provide feedback of their performance (see Grassroots tab on www.nrln.org then click on Congressional Report Cards).

The NRLN New Mexico Chapter Member Benefits:

Sign up with the form below to become a member of the NRLN New Mexico Chapter. Note: you may become a chapter member whether you retired from US West, Qwest, CenturyLink or any other company, or public entity, or whether you are still employed.

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We could use other retirees to help us interface with our NM Senators’ and Representatives’ local offices. If they don’t hear from us, they assume we are happy with what they are doing. We need a voice for all retirees, many who cannot travel to visit their Senators and Representatives. Contact Cassie Kelley at cassiek@comcast.net or Martha Deahl at newmexicochapter@nrln.org. Please help us spread the word about the NRLN and specifically the NM Chapter and the work we are doing to help protect retirees’ interests. Please discuss the NRLN with all of you friends and encourage them to sign up to receive free emails at www.nrln.org. Remind them that their names, emails and home addresses are on a secure database designed for communicating with them and federal government officials. Also, follow the NRLN on Facebook.com/NRLN1 and Twitter.com/NRLN3.

NRLN NM Chapter Contact List



NRLN NM Chapter Says – Wake Up NM….

Now is the time for your Senators and Representatives to hear your voices! Let them know how you feel about their lack of action when it comes to protecting retirees’ benefits.

NRLN Report Cards on New Mexico’s Members of Congress

The following "Report Card" shows whether New Mexico members of Congress sponsored or cosponsored or voted for bills the NRLN supported in the current 115th Congress. Click here to access the Legislative Directory and then select New Mexico on the USA map to view the NM Congressional delegation webpage on the NRLN website. Then click on the tab NRLN STATE REPORT CARD (EXCEL DOWNLOAD).

Make Your Voice Heard with Members of Congress

One of the major roles of the NRLN New Mexico Chapter is to advocate the NRLN legislative agenda for retirees to members of the New Mexico Congressional delegation.

Pension, Social Security and Medicare protection are at the top of the list of things to protect and reducing health care cost, especially the cost of prescription drugs.

You can contact Congress in many ways-- click here to see how!

To: All NRLN NM Chapter Advocates    June 2018
(former members of AUSWR and Telephone Retirees Association-NM (TRA-NM):

The New Mexico Chapter continues to be part of the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) and about this time every year NRLN President, Bill Kadereit, and all of us who so willingly volunteer their time to make your voices heard in Washington, DC ask you to renew your NRLN individual membership. Your individual membership contribution is important to the NRLN being able to advocate legislation for retirees. Over 80% of the NRLN’s annual budget comes from individual contributors. There is a tremendous amount of work the NRLN does on your behalf. Members of the NM Chapter, and members of NRLN Executive Team, lobby in Washington, DC on important issues to protect your earned benefits and fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs. NRLN volunteers continue to keep you informed on up-to-date happenings and events via the NRLN messaging system and now on Facebook/NRLN1 and Twitter/NRLN3.

Your continued support of the NRLN, especially this year, is so important because of what we will refer to as our opportunity here in NM to really make our voices heard! The example set by the National #RedforEd efforts paves the way for our NM Congressional Leaders to know seniors vote and they had better listen. Trust us, they all recognize how many seniors/retirees reside here in NM.

We need to be aware of the issues pertaining to Medicare and how some of our Congressional leaders are trying to privatize Medicare by incentivizing insurance companies that receive billions a year in taxpayer subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans to compete with Original Medicare.

Your continued support allows the NRLN to be involved in Washington, DC with the right committee leaders to protect Social Security. This may not be for us in our life time but many of our children have already paid huge amounts into the Social Security Fund. And, even though the fund may be exhausted by 2034 doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a voice.

After the Board of Trustees for Social Security and Medicare issues its annual report the NRLN will complete the development of a major effort to lobby for saving Social Security and Medicare.

The NRLN is keeping pressure on our Congressional leaders by making available a report of the bills the NRLN supports to reduce the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs for Medicare Part D participants; allow importation of safe and lower price drugs from Canada and prevent brand-name drug companies anti-competitive practices to stop or delay the introduction of cheaper generic drugs. See the above information on accessing NM’s NRLN Report Card. You will be able to tell if your Representative and Senators is co-sponsor of bills supported by the NRLN. We need to make sure our future members of Congress that will be decided in November will reintroduce these bills in the new 116th Congress.

A Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multi- Employer Pension Plans has been formed to evaluate the regulation of these plans. Many pensioners that are receiving pensions from Single-Employer Pension Plans (i.e. CenturyLink, Nokia (formerly Lucent) and many others are concerned that if the outcome of this committee results in negative financial losses for pensioners, the result may bleed over to Single-Employer Plans. We know that our NRLN Executive Director is closely watching what happens. Congress needs to update a number of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) provisions to ensure that a corporate merger, acquisition or spin-off does not increase the risk of a pension plan termination. Current bankruptcy laws do not offer fair and equal treatment for retirees compared to those afforded to secured creditors. NRLN’s proposed changes would place retirees in a stronger position.

How You Can Help: Please make an annual contribution of $25, $50, $75 or more. Any amount you contribute will be appreciated. Make your check or money order payable to NRLN, Inc. and mail it with the Contribution Form below in the enclosed envelope. Or, if you would like to make your contribution on line go to www.nrln.org and click on the red flashing icon “Contribute to the NRLN”. Please, make sure to enter all of your information. If you have already made your 2018 contribution, thank you. (Make a copy of this letter and give it to a friend or neighbor).

Martha Deahl, NRLN Regional VP          Cassie Kelley, President
DSW Region NM/AZ/NV                     NRLN New Mexico Chapter

National Retiree Legislative Network New Mexico Chapter Application Form 2018

The NRLN is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. Contributions are not tax deductible. Please fill out the entire form:

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Mail this form with your check or money order (no cash please) for $25, $50, $75 or more (any amount will be appreciated) payable to NRLN, Inc. P. O. Box 69051, Baltimore, MD 21264-9051


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