NRLN Villages Chapter Updates

NRLN President Discusses NRLN ‘Grand Bargain Proposal to Save Social Security and Medicare at Villages Chapter’s Aug. 23 Meeting

Members of the NRLN Villages Chapter were the first to hear NRLN President Bill Kadereit’s presentation on the NRLN’s “Grand Bargain” Proposal to Save Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years. His presentation was on August 23 in the Lincoln Theater at The Villages Laurel Manor Recreation Center.

Congress blocked payroll tax hikes from 1983 to 2018 (35 years), strangling the life out of the Social Security and Medicare programs. Kicking the can down the road, avoiding new taxes, allowed many politicians to be reelected on a “no new taxes” platform.

By 2034, Social Security’s current $3 trillion in asset reserves will be completely depleted. The program will not go bankrupt because workers and employers continue to pay payroll tax on earned income. However, projections are that benefits would be cut between 17% - 21%.

By 2029, the Medicare trust fund for Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance (HI) will be exhausted. Payroll taxes will only cover about 88% of Medicare Part A (hospital) costs. Unlike Part A, beneficiaries pay premiums for Part B (doctors) coverage. But these premiums account for only 23% of the program’s costs. The rest comes out of the federal Treasury.

The goal of the NRLN’s proposal is to make pertinent financial information about Social Security and Medicare available to seniors and to propose and advocate to members of Congress a nonpartisan view to insure how both programs can remain viable for at least the next 75 years by acting to implement easily understood proposals.

The NRLN Grand Bargain proposal is to close the Social Security and Medicare HI 75-year combined deficit gaps of 3.66%, and help fund federal Medicare B and D, and possibly Medicaid and CHIP obligations by these actions:

2.19% + .39% + 1.08% = 3.66%

Savings would be sequestered to protect them from being spent on other federal discretionary programs. Funds would be applied 1st to close the Medicare HI and Social Security combined deficit gaps totaling 3.66% and then be allocated to reduce the Medicare B and then the Medicare D, and then Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) federal obligations.


The NRLN has been watching with serious concern the actions of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS is using its “innovation center” to undermine traditional Medicare. It is incentivizing insurance companies that receive billions a year in taxpayer subsidies for their Medicare Advantage plans to compete for beneficiaries in traditional Medicare Part A (hospitals) and Part B (doctors). Last year at least two insurers were sued for cheating to collect $400 million in incentive subsidies. Why do insurers deserve subsidies paid for with our payroll taxes?

The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 gave birth to the Medicare Advantage program with the idea that privatization would cost less than traditional Medicare. However, the federal government pays more for a participant in an insurance company’s Medicare Advantage plan than it does to provide traditional Medicare for a beneficiary. About 21.4 million people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, with 37.7 million in traditional Medicare.

In its announcement this month CMS is going even further to allow insurance companies to attract Americans turning 65 and lure individuals away from traditional Medicare. CMS expanded how it defines the “primarily health-related” benefits that insurers are allowed to include in their 2019 Medicare Advantage policies. Air conditioners for people with asthma, home modifications, rides to medical appointments, healthy groceries, home-delivered meals, etc. are expected be among the new benefits added only to Medicare Advantage coverage when new federal rules take effect next year. There are no similar new benefits and subsidies for Medicare Part A and B.

Also, CMS has announced that it will increase payments in 2019 to insurers offering Medicare Advantage plans by an average of 3.4% next year, allowing them to offer more benefits. That’s well above the 1.84% bump the CMS initially proposed and higher than the 2.95% increase for 2018.


It is highly possible that the actions of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) described in the April 11 posting is a deliberate act to privatize Medicare! No action is expected in Congress this year to try to privatize Medicare, but neither has there been any opposition in Congress to CVS paying subsidies to Medicare Advantage insurers and allowing additional benefits to lure those age 65 and older into Medicare Advantage and away from traditional Medicare. However, the CMS subsidies of 2.95% in 2018 and 3.4% in 2019 are affectively creating a “premium support” plan and thus privatization.

A faction in Congress has been trying for years to privatize Medicare, first with a “voucher” plan, and recently with a “premium support” plan. The “premium support” plan is insurance companies’ scam to get federal subsidies that would privatize and completely destroy Medicare. The plan is to refund insurers who would lowball premiums but get to take in huge multi-billion subsidies. The result is that traditional Medicare Part A and Part B will appear less competitive when actually they are a better deal for taxpayers. ELIMINATING MEDICARE ADVANTAGE AND MEDICARE PART A AND PART B IS THE PLAN!

The NRLN believes that the faction who advocates the “premium support” plan and CMS’ subsidies undermining traditional Medicare is wrong. Respond to the NRLN Action Alert by emailing the NRLN’s sample letter, with your thoughts added, to tell your Representative, Senators and President Trump to place a priority on traditional Medicare beneficiaries, not insurance companies who use Medicare Advantage as a “cash cow” and want even larger subsidies offered by a “premium support” plan. Go to and click on the red flashing icon “Respond to an Action Alert”.


Are seniors over age 65 aware that privatization of Medicare is underway now and will implode Medicare A & B plans, making them prohibitively expensive? No!

Make Your Voice Heard With Members of Congress

You can contact Congress in many ways-- click here to see how!


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Villages Chapter Report – August 2018

NRLN Action Alert: Social Security Not Meant to Pay for Family Leave

On August 2, the NRLN issued an Action Alert asking members to email the NRLN’s sample letter to Senators and Representatives to tell them Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Ann Wagner (MO-02) are misguided to introduce the Economic Security for New Parents Act. The bill would give parents the option to pull a portion of their future Social Security benefits to finance paid family leave.

The NRLN believes Social Security was not meant to pay for family leave. Workers pay into Social Security throughout their careers and when they reach the eligibility age, Social Security should be there for them, not delayed because of a decision they made years earlier to take parental leave.

Constituent of Senator Rubio or Representative Wagner, were asked edit the sample letter to direct specific comments to the Senator or Representative.

Summer Issue of the NRLN FOCUS Newsletter Published

On August 8 an email was sent to NRLN members inviting them to go to the NRLN website at to read the summer issue of the NRLN FOCUS Newsletter. Articles in the 8-page newsletter include:

NRLN President and Executive Director Gained Feedback on ‘Grand Bargain’ Proposal

Bill Kadereit, NRLN President, and Alyson Parker, NRLN Executive Director, spent August 14-16, in Washington, DC meetings with organizations to gain feedback about the NRLN’s “Grand Bargain” proposal to save Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years. There were sessions with leaders of the Alliance for Retired Americans (AFL-CIO); American Benefits Council; U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and AARP.

NRLN President Was Speaker at Villages Chapter’s August 23 Meeting

NRLN President Bill Kadereit was the speaker at the NRLN Villages Chapter meeting on August 23 in the Lincoln Theater at The Villages Laurel Manor Recreation Center. His presentation was on the NRLN’s “Grand Bargain” proposal to save Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years.

Read the item about his presentation at the top of the left column on this webpage. For more details about the NRLN’s Grand Bargain proposal go to and read the six-article series that were published on

The next Villages Chapter meeting will be on November 29, 2018. The agenda will be a discussion about the NRLN’s September Fly-in to Washington, DC.

August NRLN Articles Published on www.Facebook/NRLN1


NRLN 2018 Survey Had 5,751 Participants

The NRLN 2018 survey which opened on May 14 closed on June 17 with 5,751 participants. The NRLN’s previous survey was in 2016.

Among the 2018 survey participants 90% were older than age 65; 9% were age 55 to 64 and 1% were age 54 or younger. Twenty-three percent have been retired for over 20 years; 26% 16 to 20 years; 19% 11 to 15 years; 17% 6 to 10 years; 11% less than 5 years and 4% are not yet retired.

Responders to the survey retired from or are still working for 442 companies, public entities or self-employed. All 50 states and District of Columbia are represented in the survey’s results. Eighty-one percent of the responders were salaried retirees (such as supervisory, non-supervisory and technical-professionals). Formerly union represented retirees (CWA, IBEW, UAW, airline unions, etc.) were 13% of the survey participants. The balance of the responders were spouses of a retiree, surviving spouse of a retiree and currently employed.

Details on the responses to the survey will be published in the summer issue of the NRLN FOCUS newsletter. NRLN members will be sent an email to notify them when the newsletter has been posted on


The NRLN Villages Chapter works with the National Retirees Legislative Network to protect pension and health care benefits. The NRLN Villages Chapter Leadership Team thanks those who responded to the survey. The results of the survey can be seen here.

The NRLN and AREF Partnership

The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) created the American Retirees Education Foundation (AREF) in 2014 to develop whitepapers and advocate policy recommendations for retirement security to federal policymakers, constituency groups, the media, and the general public. The AREF, an IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, researches and produces whitepapers and other materials and can use them to educate NRLN members and other advocates on how to present legislative proposals.

The AREF can advocate proposals to members of Congress and federal agencies but once a proposal is introduced as a bill, only the NRLN, an IRS 501(c)4 non-exempt organization, can lobby for passage of a bill. The AREF can advocate but not lobby. This allows members to make tax-deductible donations that are accounted for separately from NRLN contributions. To learn more about the AREF and NRLN go to and

NRLN and AREF Revenue

Seventy-five percent of NRLN revenue comes from non-deductible individual contributions. The other twenty-five percent of NRLN revenue comes from company retiree association dues paid to the NRLN.  NRLN Chapters are supported by a portion of contributions made by Chapter members. For individual contributions to the NRLN go to Either click on the link to printout the contributions form and mail it with a check or click on the link to make a credit card contribution.

All AREF revenue comes from individual tax-deductible donations. A donation to the AREF may be made by going to the AREF website at and clicking on the “Donations” tab.

The NRLN annual solicitation to NRLN Villages Chapter members will be in late January 2017.  However, anyone can make voluntary non-deductible contributions to the NRLN or tax-deductible donations to the AREF at any time. 

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