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National Retiree Legislative Network - NRLN-Villages Chapter
Income and Healthcare Security - The Legislative News Corner
By Bill Kadereit, President, NRLN

Congratulations, the residents of The Villages now have an active NRLN Villages Chapter up and running. Your Board members are Ellaine Dreidame, Cliff Wiener, Bill Yelverton and Debbie Austin. Carolyn Reichel will be the Healthcare Team Leader, Tom Emmerson will be the Legislative Grassroots Leader and Lynda Brown will lead the Membership Committee.

Thanks to the great support and encouragement from your Property Owners Association (POA) officers and board, the NRLN will provide you with direct access to Congress so that you can help break the gridlock and partiality that stymies retiree proposals. You will have direct input into the NRLN’s national legislative agenda and will have easy access to a national system that will get your voices heard by your elected officials.

The NRLN Villages Chapter has its own website (www.nrln.org, click “Chapters” tab, select Villages Chapter), email capability, and will communicate with you through local meetings as needed. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Villages POA, an NRLN Villages Income and Healthcare Security News Corner will be a regular in The Bulletin.

The Villages Health denied local service to Villages Medicare A. & B. plan participants effective 1/1/17; this action is just the tip of a bigger iceberg. An even worse Medicare healthcare outcome looms and Income Security from pension plans of all types and Social Security are threatened. Growing healthcare costs and a Congress that is more interested in campaign contributions for their next elections than they are in solving economic problems like the cost of healthcare are ruining our economy.

Whether you bleed Red, Blue or are Independent the NRLN will need your help as part of a nationwide grassroots’ effort in achieving our legislative agenda and in stopping legislation and regulations that threaten retirees Healthcare and Income Security. According to a Bloomberg poll of Americans, 74% want major changes to the way government works and an Economist poll shows 64% believe that the country is on the wrong track.

Our health care budget problem in the U.S. continues to worsen as 10,000 baby boomers join Medicare every day! Here are some points to consider:

  1. Rising healthcare costs per Medicare participant, is leading to more cost shifting to retirees/seniors and U.S. corporations have been reducing benefits, and increasing premiums, deductibles and copays and they now are dropping healthcare plans for those retirees under age 65 and pushing them onto the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a. Obama Care;
  2. ACA state exchange carriers like Aetna who were very much in favor of the ACA because it expected added revenue and profit due to an expanding market are walking away from the ACA because they underestimated the cost of insuring people with pre-existing conditions;
  3. Federally subsidized Medicare Advantage plans lure healthy retirees with lower pricing that is creeping upward and less popular HMO type service is growing fast;
  4. On 1/1/17 Medicare will add new Value Added Medicare Advantage plans in ten states to begin “cost-sharing”, a euphemism for cost shifting; three states will be added 1/1/18 (Florida excluded) and
  5. the House Ways and Means and Education and Workforce committees are promoting the “Premium Support Plan” designed to replace Medicare as we know it today.

The NRLN has made proposals to Congress that call for effective reduction of healthcare costs. Moving or shifting costs to the insured avoids Congressional accountability but does not solve the problem. The NRLN Villages Chapter will need your help with its grassroots efforts in achieving our legislative agenda and stopping legislation that harms retirees. If we all work together, our voices will be heard.

On September 27 and 28, NRLN Association and Chapters leaders lobbied Congress as part of the 2016 annual fall fly-in, to stop unapproved mergers of pension plans and to set new statute language that would protect retiree pension plans from companies should restructuring result in a loss of pension plan security.

The NRLN also proposed that Congress pass current bills that would force Medicare to obtain competitive bids from drug makers, and that would eliminate pay-for-delay that allows brand manufactures to pay off generic drug makers for not selling their products into their brand market.

We also lobbied members of the House and Senate to compel importation of safe prescription drugs from Canada that would save 40-60% off U.S. made brand drugs and to send a letter to the Health and Human Services Secretary asking for approval. We submitted a letter draft and asked members of Congress to get others to sign it. On Wednesday, 10/12, a letter to president Obama (directed toward HHS secretary) was signed by 33 members of Congress; it included the NRLN’s proposals for banning Pay-for-Delay and implementing prescription drug importation. We sent an Action Alert, asking you to send our message to the president. There were 15,000 sent to him.

Fall Holiday season activities in The Villages have precluded our being able to schedule a membership meeting until January. We are planning to hold an NRLN Villages Chapter Meeting in early January for all The Villages residents. When you take the survey, you will be asked to tell us which week best fits your schedule.

Make Your Voice Heard With Members of Congress

You can contact Congress in many ways-- click here to see how!

Click here to view slide presentations at May 25, 2017 Villages Chapter meeting.

Representing NRLN Villages Chapter in Washington, DC

I will be representing the NRLN Villages Chapter at the National Retiree Legislative Network’s Annual Fall Fly-In to Washington, DC next week. I will begin the week by attending the NRLN’s session on Monday afternoon where the attendees from 8 chapters, 5 associations, 2 NRLN congressional district leaders from California and Maine plus 4 NRLN staff members will discuss the issues we will be advocating in our Capitol Hill meetings with Representatives, Senators and their staff members:

I have scheduled meetings on Capitol Hill with staff members for Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Daniel Webster on Tuesday to lobby for these issues. Also, as a Chrysler retiree I will join members of the National Chrysler Retirement Organization in meetings with members of the Michigan and Ohio congressional delegations.

After the Fly-In, I’ll send you a report about my time in Washington, DC.

Ray Pasternak, President, NRLN Villages Chapter


The NRLN Villages Chapter works with the National Retirees Legislative Network to protect pension and health care benefits. The NRLN Villages Chapter Leadership Team thanks those who responded to the survey. The results of the survey can be seen here.

The NRLN and AREF Partnership

The National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) created the American Retirees Education Foundation (AREF) in 2014 to develop whitepapers and advocate policy recommendations for retirement security to federal policymakers, constituency groups, the media, and the general public. The AREF, an IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, researches and produces whitepapers and other materials and can use them to educate NRLN members and other advocates on how to present legislative proposals.

The AREF can advocate proposals to members of Congress and federal agencies but once a proposal is introduced as a bill, only the NRLN, an IRS 501(c)4 non-exempt organization, can lobby for passage of a bill. The AREF can advocate but not lobby. This allows members to make tax-deductible donations that are accounted for separately from NRLN contributions. To learn more about the AREF and NRLN go to www.seniorsaref.org and www.nrln.org.

NRLN and AREF Revenue

Seventy-five percent of NRLN revenue comes from non-deductible individual contributions. The other twenty-five percent of NRLN revenue comes from company retiree association dues paid to the NRLN.  NRLN Chapters are supported by a portion of contributions made by Chapter members. For individual contributions to the NRLN go to http://www.nrln.org/JoinUs.htm. Either click on the link to printout the contributions form and mail it with a check or click on the link to make a credit card contribution.

All AREF revenue comes from individual tax-deductible donations. A donation to the AREF may be made by going to the AREF website at www.seniorsaref.org and clicking on the “Donations” tab.

The NRLN annual solicitation to NRLN Villages Chapter members will be in late January 2017.  However, anyone can make voluntary non-deductible contributions to the NRLN or tax-deductible donations to the AREF at any time. 


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