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Step 2 - How to Compare
Comparing Various Health Plans involves
Matching Coverage , User Satisfaction and Costs to Your Needs

Help in Making Your Health Care Choice

»  Review info from the [Step 1 -How to Find Guide] tracking sheet
Transfer the information you entered from the [How to Find Guide] tracking sheet about the
Nokia plans, other Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans and
Rx Plans to the summary sheet you can download .
»  Please note -- there are many factors in the many plan documents that may apply to your
individual case so try to read them as you make your final decision.
»  Click to download the summary sheet for the 2017 plan year.

Review the Alternatives in Your Summary Sheet

     • Premiums and co-pays. Some PPO plans with lower premiums may have higher co-pays or maximum out of pocket. Important costs to compare: premiums, in-network doctor co-pays, hospital co-insurance, deductibles, maximum out of pocket, out-of-network costs.
     • Plan quality ratings. has a plan quality rating for Medicare Advantage plans. Employer group plans, such as Nokia's Medicare Advantage PPO, are not rated. Medigap plans may be rated by the states.  
    • Doctors and hospitals. If your doctors/hospitals are in the PPO network, you may find lower total costs and less paperwork than if you need to regularly see out-of-network providers.

You can find doctors/hospitals on the Internet for PPO plans. For the Nokia United Healthcare PPO, go to Click on [Find A Provider] and follow instructions. Other plans have similar links on their web sites.

  Speak to your doctor/hospital, giving the exact name of the plan, and ask if they will accept the Nokia PPO plan or any other you are considering. Be sure to ask:
              "Will the doctor/hospital file for direct payment from the plan?"
If the answer is NO, then you will need to pay and apply for later reimbursement.
     • Medigap. Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans have higher premiums but often pay more of the costs. Also, you can see any Medicare doctor or hospital, without a network. Be sure that your plan covers pre-existing conditions. Read more in this Medigap guide from Medicare
     • Future costs.
Future costs events are difficult to foresee. Medicare Advantage costs are expected to rise or benefits decrease because of the reduction of Federal subsidies in the Healthcare Reform Act in the next few years.

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