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September 2020

The open enrollment period has begun for management and non-represented retirees. The schedule for represented retirees begins next month. Information is available in the center column.

I want to bring to your attention some recent events of note and to look carefully at your enrollment options.

Joe Sciulli
Chapter President


  • Be an active member. Respond to Action Alerts. Congress does listen to what constituents are saying. Your letters supporting NRLN lobbying efforts make a difference. Congress knows that those letters and emails are from retirees trying to protect retirees.

  • Reach out to other retirees that you know through clubs, your emails or Facebook. We need them to join us to gain strength. Ask them to sign up for emails here.

  • Volunteer your time. We need folks who are a little younger than mid-eighties to help in small ways. It’s time for the next generation -- you know, you 60- to 70-year-olds, to step up! Bob Martina needs Grassroots volunteers. . If you have HR experience, you could be very helpful in the benefits area. If you think you would like to help, even a few hours a week, email me at

  • Support us financially. Your contribution of $25 or more is important to finance the work of the new chapter. Click here to make your contribution by credit card or send a check to NRLN Inc., and mail to PO Box 69051, Baltimore, MD 21264-9051.

Let’s get our new chapter off to a strong beginning!


In view of the possible threat to the US from the coronavirus and for the welfare of our members, the LRO Board has decided to cancel the LRO Member meeting scheduled for March 25, in Dallas, TX. The meeting will be rescheduled to a later date with ample advance notification to our members to allow for travel accommodations. Thank you for your understanding of this postponement and your vigilance in remaining cautious and healthy.


We receive frequent requests for dealing with the passing of a retiree or surviving spouse. Consequently, we have created a document that focuses on communicating with Nokia benefits and pensions, along with links to websites with checklists for other family issues. The document is available here.



Online Open Enrollment for 2021 healthcare from Nokia has started. They have sent mailers but there are more complete postings on their web site.

The overall schedule:

The Benefits Team has updated it’s pages with helpful links for Management/non-Represented retirees HERE.

Two notable changes from last year:


Life Insurance Benefit: The LRO has been dealing with Nokia for years to secure additional funding for the underfunded Group Life Insurance Trust (GLI). Recently Nokia announced it plans to transfer up to $76 million of the excess pension assets to pay for Group Life coverage for eligible Lucent / Nokia retirees. The current pension funding exceeds the current law's threshold of 120%. The NRLN, LRO and Nokia continue to lobby members of Congress to pass legislation that would make it possible for Nokia (and other companies) with pension plans funded at 110% or more to use surplus funds to sustain benefits.

Pension Recoupment: The NRLN is also advocating its pension recoupment proposal. Recoupment is when a pension plan sponsor finds an error in the pension payment calculation and forces a retiree (some Lucent retirees have experienced this) to pay back thousands of dollars and suffer a cut in his/her pension benefit. The NRLN wants to limit on the number of years that retirees can be exposed to paying back overpayments and the percent that can be taken from their monthly pension checks to repay the pension plan.

Corporate Mergers: We have gone through the corporate mergers with Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia. The NRLN has developed a whitepaper and is lobbying Congress for legislation to protect retirees in corporate mergers, acquisitions and spin-off.

Social Security: Beginning in 2020, Social Security will pay more in benefits than it takes in from taxes and interest. Social Security will deplete its $2.9 trillion reserve fund in 2035. While the program will not go bankrupt due to payroll taxes, benefits would be cut by about one-fourth. To prevent a cut in benefits and fund the program for the next 75 years, the NRLN is supporting passage of Social Security 2100 Act in Congress.

Medicare & Medicare Advantage: Original Medicare’s Hospital Insurance program (Medicare Part A) is pointed toward insolvency by 2026. At that time, Medicare Part A will only have enough funds to pay about 87% of costs. Congress is allowing the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize insurance companies for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to serve as a move toward privatization. The NRLN opposes the use of MA plans to privatize Medicare. The NRLN is also advocating that original Medicare participants have access to the special benefits being offered in MA plans. If Medicare is privatized, current MA plan participants should be grandfathered to protect their benefits and subsidies.

Prescription Drug Prices: The NRLN is lobbying to allow Medicare to do competitive bidding for lower prescription drug prices; end pay-for-delay and other brand name drugmakers’ tactics that keep generic drugs off the market, and allow importation of safe and less expensive drugs from Canada.



This column contains media links to articles of particular interest to Lucent and Nokia retirees.Please visit for a wider range of retiree news.

Nokia says it’s focused on tech and customers, but political fights complicate things
By Saheli Roy Choudhury; CNBC ~ Sep 23, 2020

Opinion: Nokia: Struggling To Break Out
From Larry Saunders; Seeking Alpha ~ Sep 20, 2020

Nokia ranked No. 1 again in telecom software, services
Nokia Press Release – Sept 17, 2020

Nokia remained the second largest telecom equipment vendor in H1 2020, says Dell’Oro
Via “I. A. “; Nokiamob ~ Sep 15, 2020

Dish picks Nokia for containerized 5G SA core
By Linda Hardesty; FierceWireless ~ Sep 14, 2020

Finland Is Building Its Nokia Stake in Response to U.S. Interest
By Kati Pohjanpalo; Bloomberg ~ Sep 08, 2020

Top Nokia investor has high expectations after past underperformance
By Anne Kauranen; Reuters ~ Sep 08, 2020

Nokia takes a hit as Samsung secures Verizon 5G deal
By Supantha Mukherjee; Reuters ~ Sep 07, 2020

Nokia launches end-to-end 5G networking course
Total Telecom ~ Sep 02, 2020

Nokia goes back to the future with new team leading 5G charge
By Richard Milne; Financial Times ~ Aug 23, 2020

Nokia Has Been Reborn With New Leadership and 5G Products. Nokia stock is rebounding with help from 5G, but it also has some overlooked catalysts
By Todd Shriber; InvestorPlace ~ Aug 18, 2020

POV: The latest investment in HMD Global might be the first step in creating a European mobile giant
Via “Stipe”; Nokiamob ~ Aug 16, 2020

Nokia's new CEO working on setting strategy in 'dream job'
By Supantha Mukherjee & Anne Kauranen; Reuters ~ Aug 07, 2020

Nokia’s New CEO Outlines Neutral Stance in Superpower Tech Wars
By Kati Pohjanpalo; Bloomberg ~ Aug 07, 2020

Nokia bags 5G deal with Taiwan's Asia Pacific Telecom
By Anne Morris; Light Reading ~ Aug 04, 2020


Nokia Benefits Website

Retirees can use the YBR website for benefit-related activities such as:

  • Enrolling in Nokia’s health and welfare plans (e.g., medical and dental);
  • Making and/or changing Nokia Savings/401(k) Plan elections;
  • Updating dependent or beneficiary information
  • Projecting pension benefits and/or electing to commence pension benefits.

Nokia Benefits Resource Center (NBRC)1-888-232-4111
International Long Distance 1-212-444-0994   
Other links here.

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