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Legislative Affairs
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Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer  

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August 27, 2007



Mr. William D. Novelli
Chief Executive Officer
601 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20049


Dear Mr. Novelli:

On behalf of the National Retiree Legislative Networkís some 2 million members, I want to commend the AARP on its dedication to appeal to the United States Supreme Court the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling favoring the EEOCís regulations allowing companies to provide different health benefits to younger retirees and those eligible for Medicare.  The NRLN believes it is totally unacceptable that the federal agency created to prevent discrimination would claim that it is in the public interest to allow businesses to reduce or eliminate health care benefits on the basis of age. 

I applaud the dedication of the AARP Board Members and your legal teamís resolve to challenge the EEOCís rule in our nationís highest court.  Should the Supreme Court decide to hear the AARPís appeal, please let me know if the NRLN can be assistance in helping the Justices see the wisdom in the AARPís arguments. 


Best Wishes,

A. J. (Jim) Norby,                                

President, National Retiree Legislative Network