NRLN Members Should Urge Senators To Support  Rx Importation Bill - S. 2328 

Millions of America's retirees are seeing their pensions, Social Security income and possibly their saving eaten away by the high cost of prescription drugs.  Or, they simply can't afford to pay for the drugs their doctor has prescribed for them.  The NRLN believes that one way to help lower the cost of medicines is for Congress to pass legislation making it legal for the importation of prescription drugs into this country.  

We are supporting S. 2328, a bipartisan bill in the U.S. Senate because it would legalize the importation of prescription drugs and put a system in place to guarantee safety.  If enacted, individuals, pharmacies and wholesalers would be allowed to import drugs from Canada with a phase-in to some European Union countries. The bill also seeks to prevent the pharmaceutical industry from limiting supplies of drugs to countries and companies willing to export lower-cost pharmaceuticals to the United States.  

While the NRLN is aggressively working on Capitol Hill to promote the passage of Rx importation legislation, help is needed from NRLN members.  Please click here to contact your Senators and ask them to be a sponsor of S. 2328 if they are not already a co-sponsor. You are encouraged ask other to use the "Write to Congress" feature on the NRLN website to send a message to their Senators.  Simply, enter your zip code, click "GO" and then select the "Issues & Legislation" option. Next, click on "Legislative Alerts & Updates" and select "The discount cards are a joke. Canadian drugs are cheaper."  Then type in your zip code in the "Take Action Now" box and click "GO."  The message to send to your US Senators will appear.  Add your name and contact information and click "Send Message." 

Thanks for taking the time.

A.J. Norby


National Retiree Legislative Network