Communications Workers of America Leader Elected To National Retiree Legislative Network’s Board of Directors

Union And Management Retirees Share Desire For Legislation To Protect Retirees’ Corporate-Sponsored Pensions And Benefits

WASHINGTON (Thursday, January 10, 2008) — The president of the National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN) today announced the election of Ralph Maly, Communications Workers of America Vice President for Communications and Technologies, to the NRLN's Board of Directors.

"Ralph Maly's election to our 13-member national board will provide more than 163,000 retirees in the CWA Retired Members Council (RMC) with a strong voice in shaping and implementing the NRLN's legislative agenda," said Bill Kadereit, NRLN President. "The NRLN is committed to protecting the pension and healthcare benefits of retirees and future retirees through the enactment of federal legislation."

“The CWA’s decision to support my candidacy to serve on the NRLN’s national board is because of the organization’s stellar reputation and national scope with members from 17 retiree associations who are former employees of many of America’s leading corporations,” Maly said. “Based on working with the NRLN to gain passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, I know first hand that the NRLN is respected on Capitol Hill.

“The NRLN is focused on pension and healthcare protection and the preservation of purchasing power for retirees who are being stripped of benefits by former employers and are sometimes ignored by Congress,” Maly said. “The CWA’s RMC members are looking to accomplish the same things as NRLN members. Combining forces in Washington and across America will create a larger and stronger activist base needed to pursue these common goals.”

Maly said the CWA’s Retired Members Council (RMC) and the NRLN’s Grassroots Network composed of retirees in all 50 states share many common interests. “I’m looking forward to asking the CWA’s RMC retirees to sign up as NRLN Grassroots Advocates so they can use the NRLN’s Capwiz system to communicate important messages to their elected representatives in Congress and receive instant messages and legislative progress reports from NRLN Washington.”

“The NRLN and CWA are on the same page when it comes to lobbying for legislation to force corporations to keep their pension and benefits promises to retirees,” Kadereit said. “We also want a law that requires companies to use surplus pension fund assets and Medicare Part D subsidies exclusively for the healthcare benefits of retirees or for pension cost of living adjustments (COLA). Today, they can use surplus funds to pay off corporate business expenses.”

“Like other retiree associations affiliated with the NRLN, the CWA’s RMC retirees will be able to maintain their own identity while working for a better future for all of America’s retirees,” Maly said.

About the NRLN

Based in Washington, D.C., the NRLN is dedicated to securing federal legislation that will guarantee the fair and equitable treatment of retirees in the private and public sector. The NRLN represents a non-partisan, grassroots coalition of retiree associations with a combined membership of some two million men and women who are seeking to protect their pension and healthcare benefits. For more information, visit the NRLN Website at

About the CWA

The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 workers in communications and internet technology, print and broadcast journalism, publishing, health care, higher education and public service, manufacturing and the airline industry. The CWA Retired Members Council is the voice for 163,00 retirees. More information is available at