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The NRLN’s Grassroots Network is the heartbeat of our organization. It is the men and women—retirees and future retirees—who sign up to be Grassroots Advocates that are the voices who amplify the messages that must be heard by our elected representatives in Washington, DC.

When you enter your name, email address and U.S. Mail address in our database, you are joining this special group. Just take Action on one of our Action Alerts on our home page.

Since the power of grassroots organizing is individuals with a common purpose coming together to accomplish objectives, it is vital to mobilize large numbers of people.

If you are not already receiving e-mails from the NRLN click here to sign up in the NRLN Grassroots Network, you will be taking the first step toward doing your part to gain fair treatment for retirees. We hope that you will also consider becoming an individual member of the NRLN by making a personal contribution by clicking on one of the other provided links.

We need more NRLN members to respond to Action Alerts. Please take Action on all Action Alerts and remind your retiree friends to do so also.



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