NRLN Lucent/Nokia Retirees Chapter

Chapter President’s Message

Joe Sciulli
Chapter President

June, 2022

In Memory of Pam Rasmussen​

We are sad to report the passing of Pam Rasmussen, who served for many years as the Secretary of the Lucent Retirees organization. Pam helped the Benefits Team by responding to retirees’ benefits questions in recent years. Her Obituary is printed in the "Obituary" tab below.

As time marches on, our retiree population grows older. From time to time, some retirees have questions about their benefits and come to us for answers. Most times, simply providing the phone number of the Nokia Benefits Resource Center solves the problem. In other cases, we try to provide sources, phone numbers, or references so that retirees can make good choices.

This is especially true during the annual enrollment period each year. The ”we” refers to our Benefits Team, the volunteers that spend a few hours a month answering retiree queries. Our Benefits Team desperately needs volunteers. Without new volunteers we will be unable to continue to provide this service. If you can spare a few hours per month and have an average knowledge of Lucent/Nokia benefits, we need you. You will have assistance and support. Please write to Herb Zydney at

Your annual contribution is what keeps this ball rolling. The generosity of Lucent retirees pays for mailing costs, legal fees, lobbying costs, and the research that allow us to continue this work. If you are one of our many regular or past contributors, I urge you to continue. If you have not contributed before, I ask you to consider sending something this year. Your contribution, regardless of size, is an important way of having your voice heard in Washington and helping to protect retirees.

You can use the form at the bottom of the solicitation letter to send us a check. Or you can contribute by credit card at


The Summary of Material Modifications (Annual Pension Disclosure) mailed to each of us last week raised questions for many retirees. The changes to eligibility for the Death Benefit discussed there do not apply to management retirees. The death benefit was one year’s salary payable upon the death of the retiree. In 1997, Lucent eliminated the death benefit for management employees who retired on or after January 1, 1998. In January 2003, they eliminated the death benefit for management employees who retired before January 1, 1998. The eligibility changes here are applicable to formerly represented employees that still have the death benefit.

We still have a term life insurance policy. Lucent’s life insurance policy pays a death benefit of one year’s salary until age 65 and is then reduced by 10% every year until age 70, at which point it stabilizes. The Trust for the life insurance benefit is well-funded for the next few years thanks to Nokia transferring excess pension funds to the Life Insurance Trust. If you want to know what your benefits are, call Nokia Benefits Resource Center (NBRC)1-888-232-4111 or go to


  • Be an active member. Respond to Action Alerts. Congress does listen to what constituents are saying. Your letters supporting NRLN lobbying efforts make a difference. Congress knows that those letters and emails are from retirees trying to protect retirees.
  • Reach out to other retirees that you know through clubs, your emails or Facebook. We need them to join us to gain strength. Ask them to sign up for emails here.
  • Volunteer your time. We need folks who are a little younger than mid-eighties to help in small ways. It’s time for the next generation — you know, you 60- to 70-year-olds, to step up! Bob Martina needs Grassroots volunteers.  If you have HR experience, you could be very helpful in the benefits area. If you think you would like to help, even a few hours a week, email me at
  • Support us financially. Your contribution of $25 or more is important to finance the work of the new chapter. Click here to make your contribution by credit card or send a check to NRLN Inc., and mail to PO Box 69051, Baltimore, MD 21264-9051.