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Joe Stauffer, Missoula, MT...Again, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your diligent work on our behalf. You folks are terrific.

Maudene Fruehwirth, Tucson, AZ... Thank you for watching our backs!!!!! Appreciate all you do.

Bonnie Gatewood, Livonia, MI...Thank you and the NRLN for all the work you do to help protect pension plans for so many. Your steady watch gives us hope that what we worked long and hard for (41 years in my case) will not be taken away.

Heather Ward, Canandaigua, NY...You [NRLN President Bill Kadereit] are one of our country’s most sincere and hardest working leaders. I am so impressed that you have chosen this arduous task at this time in your life. As a recent widow of a Kodak retiree, and one who has lost ALL of her husband’s Kodak Survivor benefits due to its bankruptcy, I feel that at least someone is in my corner, fighting the good fight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Marilyn Iverson, Woodinville, WA, US West/Qwest/CenturyLink retiree...Thank you to all of you wonderful leaders at NRLN who are keeping up with retiree issues, addressing lawmakers and others, and explaining all the nuances to the retiree body. You are appreciated so very much.

Attracta Hutchinson, Rosman, NC...When a person stands out from the crowd to speak on behalf of others, that is a fulfillment of our purpose in life, compassion for our fellow man. Thank you for doing that for all of the membership. Many have worked well and hard over the years helping to build the companies they have retired from as well as supporting their families. This is how America was built. Now sometimes, hand in hand the government and corporate forces forget that they stand on our shoulders and act against our interests. I am grateful for the courage and tenacity you exhibit and the excellent job you do for our welfare. I wish you continued success.

Dick Brooks, Phillips, ME...You guys/gals do a great service to retirees and to the Nation as a whole...I hope you grow your membership over and over...We need you!!

Kathleen Ford, Media, PA, Pennsylvania State Education Association...Thank you for your diligent attention to the retiree pension buyout problem. I am the widow of Richard Ford who was an Alcatel-Lucent supervisor in Delaware County. I depend on that monthly [survivor] pension check. I am a retiree of the Pennsylvania State Education Association which is threatened with the same problem from the Pennsylvania State Retirement Program. Welcome to the wonderful world of promises.

Richard Snyder, Wyandotte, MI, Chrysler Retiree... Bill, you and your co-workers are doing a wonderful job. In case people do not let you know what a great job you are doing I for one very much appreciate all the efforts you folks put forth.

Vern Packard, Rochester, NY, Kodak Retiree... Thank You for being the voice of the Little People (us middle class citizens).

V. B. (Bert) Hanwell III Mount Dora, FL, Chrysler Retiree...I appreciate the NRLN, Bill Kadereit and its people being there…and the good work they are doing.

Robert Godfrey, Rochester, NY, Kodak Retiree.... Thank you and all your staff for your continued efforts to insure Retirees have a strong voice to advocate for us. Especially now with all the efforts by some state houses and companies to strip away retiree benefits and pensions. These are truly important times we’re facing and Washington needs you and your team more than ever.

Mary Unangst, Stanhope, NJ, Alcatel-Lucent Retiree .... I want to thank you for all the hard work you do throughout the year on our behalf. It's just unbelievable what our government thinks of to rob good people of their entitlements. I pray every day that this will all end and we can all live in unity.

Richard Sasahara, Torrance, CA, Delta Air Lines Salaried Retiree .... I and I'm sure all of us DELTA retirees want to thank you and your staff for a TERRIFIC job you've done all year.

Dolores Pendergast, Tucson, AZ, US West/Qwest/CenturyLink Retiree .... ALL of us are grateful for you who are looking out for us. Many of us don't understand all of the legal or political things that come up and you are able to put it in a language we can understand better.

Pauline Crain, Ballwin, MO, Alcatel-Lucent Retiree .... Thank YOU and your group for all the tireless work you do on a daily basis. We appreciate your efforts in watching over the retirees. GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR GROUP AND AMERICA.

Brian O’Brien, Chrysler retiree.... I wish to thank ALL who have helped us retirees over the years. Without your hard work I would have much less to live with.

Colin Costello Norwalk, CT.... Thank you for the update and your team's continued hard work on protecting all of our retiree benefits. I'm in my 70s and am still working full time in order to meet my current expenses. Luckily I am still healthy and am able to do so. However, I know many folks are not in a position to work even part time. So we all do appreciate what you and your colleagues are doing to help protect the less fortunate retirees.

Richard G. Clark, Birmingham, MI, Detroit Edison Retiree.... “Being 92, over a goodly portion of those years, I made contributions to many groups and wrote letters about various government costly and less fruitful laws, policies, etc., but I have never once seen the real fruits of efforts by any group like the NRLN. I truly thank you for your wise and helpful efforts for retires of many areas of work across the U.S. It is most gratifying given the unwise laws and policies we see jammed down our throats that do not show care for the masses at any age.”

Bill Collier Somerset, NJ Alcatel-Lucent Retiree.... “Thank you and the members of the NRLN for your work and tireless efforts on the behalf of retirees. I support the NRLN every year with donations and I am grateful for the newsletters and updates you provide.”

Gary L. Hults, Scottsville, NY, Eastman Kodak Retiree.... “Thanks for your continued hard work on behalf of retirees. We would all be in sad shape if we didn't have dedicated folks like you and the people who work with you.”

Debbie Willits, Peoria, CA, AT&T /Ameritech /SBC Retiree.... “I wish you all the best. Thank you for keeping up the work to protect retirees.”

Dave Bagwell, Boerne, TX, Alcatel-Lucent Retirees.... “I know I join with others in congratulating you for taking a lead in this fine coordinated effort [retiree protection in pension plan de-risking and pension plan disclosures]. Certainly, there is power in numbers, but even more impact when a group of well-prepared representatives presents their position to decision makers. Well done!”

Brian Duffin, Danville, NH, Alcatel-Lucent.... “Thank You! You are a shining light in an otherwise dark future for both retirees and workers in general. If only all of corporate America had your (NRLN) conscience, we wouldn’t be in this dire mess.”


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