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Welcome current and future DuPont retirees –The NRLN (National Retirees Legislative Network) is a nationwide organization that advocates for federal legislation to protect retiree benefits including pensions, company provided healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and lower prescription drug costs. We started this DuPont Retirees Chapter (DRC) due to concerns about the long-term security of our underfunded pension plan. With our email utility delivering key documents to our members directly, and with this webpage, we strive to be a key communication mechanism on retiree issues, as Dow DuPont carries out a plan to split into three smaller companies.

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October 28, 2021

To: NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter
From: Paul Kende
Subject: Life Insurance Options

As you know, Corteva will discontinue DuPont’s longstanding Contributory and Non-Contributory Term Life Insurance benefits for all retirees, effective January 1, 2022; however, they have arranged with Securian, our current carrier, to continue our Group Term Insurance. Retirees, willing to pay the premiums, can “port” their policies, by January 31, 2022, for up to 65% of their current coverage. Conversion of your current Term policies to Whole Life Insurance is also possible. From my last communication a few days ago, you have seen Ed Donnelly’s recent request (Ed is the President of the DuPont Retired Managers Society – DRMS), that Corteva reverse its decision to cancel the life insurance program. If Management accepted this, the options described below would not be needed; while we wait for a response, please consider the options outlined below.

We have all received Corteva’s letter of May 22, 2021, summarizing the Plan changes and showing the premiums for porting and conversion. The main characteristics of the Securian Group Term policy being offered are:

  • As “guaranteed issue” life insurance, accepting all, regardless of medical condition, the premiums are very high
  • The policy would run, as long as we pay the applicable premiums, until age 99. Each year we pay for a year of coverage – just like with car insurance, there is no cash value accumulation in Term Life Insurance
  • Premiums increase every five years, and remain fixed until the next increase
  • Men and women pay the same unisex premium rates

Life insurance premiums could be significantly lower, if you are in reasonably good health, as determined by a medical examination.  Such individual insurance is available from various insurers, but Equitable Advisors, representing 25 different life insurance companies (John Hancock, Equitable Life, MetLife, Securian, Transamerica, Lincoln Life, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, Prudential, etc.), has offered its services. I have not investigated the company and have not made rate comparisons with other brokers, so I cannot endorse them as a preferred supplier for life insurance, or other financial services.  Equitable Advisors can provide insurance policies, on an individual, medical qualification basis. Depending starting age, Term Life Insurance is available with 10, 15, 20, 25-year durations, at fixed premiums; coverage stops at age 90.

Premium Cost Estimates

For Term Life Insurance, based on the premiums indicated by Equitable Advisors’ Network of insurance companies, at starting ages of 65 or 75, at the end of various policy durations, my rough estimates for cumulative costs for $25K Death Benefits are:

  • For men, 25-50% of Securian’s, for those in good health (with only minor health issues)
  • For men, 75-80% of Securian’s, for those in poor health (with fairly serious medical issues, but still insurable)
  • For Women, the Network premiums would be significantly lower, because Securian’s premiums are unisex
  • Most people would fall into the middle, “Standard” premium classification.
  • The cost advantage of Network policies increases at higher Death Benefits

For Whole Life Insurance, cumulative premium costs are also lower than Securian’s.

The actual premiums for any of us would depend on our age when the policy starts, health assessment, and the selected insurance company’s risk assessment/premium classification – a qualitative process. My comments above are my best effort to provide broad guidance, on a wide range of policies, to a retiree group of varying ages and health status – in order to help you determine whether it is worth exploring this further, on a personal basis.

You can contact them directly:

Equitable Advisors - Robert Hinkey | Financial Advisor

350 Essjay Rd., Suite 300
Williamsville, NY 14221

 (716) 626.2538  

Hinkey, Robert <>

For information about Equitable Advisors, LLC, visit 

For Equitable Life’s own Life Insurance offerings, visit

October 25, 2021

To: NRLN DuPont Retirees Chapter Membership
From: Paul Kende
Subject: Life Insurance Benefit Reversal

I am forwarding below, Ed Donnelly’s recent note to Corteva’s CEO and Global Benefits Manager, requesting that Corteva Management and its Board reconsider and reverse the decision to cancel the life insurance program. I hope this request results in the restoration of our DuPont/Corteva life insurance coverage.

October 12, 2021

To: Jim Collins, CEO and Mark Durkovic, Manager, Global Benefits

On behalf of the DRMS I’m sending a picture of today’s WSJ , Section B-1, with a headline that Vanguard Restores Retiree Benefits.

One benefit that was being taken away was Life Insurance and after listening to the stress of employees and retirees, Vanguard declared “ We know we missed the mark.” Then they announced yesterday that they were reversing the course and not cancelling benefits.

Even when they were originally intending to cancel the life insurance provision, they were offering a lump sum payment of $40,000 to ease the pain. Which could have been a Corteva provision, too.

Lately, I’ve been hearing (again) from retirees about how they are still shocked and disappointed about

Corteva cancelling Life Insurance and offering unaffordable (to most) alternatives. Those who have been paying into the Contributory plan are most upset.

So, bottom line request is for Corteva management and Board to reconsider the decision to cancel life insurance and admit like Vanguard “ We missed the mark with this decision.”

You will never hear from many retirees because they have always trusted DuPont to make the right HR

decisions and therefore will just complain to each other, bad mouth Corteva, and reluctantly let their Life Insurance expire. I’d appreciate your letting the Board hear this request.



Ed Donnelly
President DRMS

Your comments and questions are welcome.

Jim Odle
President and Co-Founder

Paul Kende

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