NRLN Legislative Agenda

The following NRLN Legislative Agenda is a compendium of legislative proposals developed to address concerns of retirees who retired from more than 300 U.S. companies and public entities. The full agenda focuses on retirees only and only on Income Security (including Social Security) and Health Care Security (including Medicare) issues and is revised annually, or more often if necessary.

Each year, agenda proposals are fully reexamined and prioritized and the top proposals are supported by detailed White Papers and brief Executive Summaries or Position Papers that are posted on the NRLN website at A set of one-page Talking Points is also developed for each of the top priorities and they are used as a lobbying aid in Washington, D.C. and throughout our Grassroots Network in all 50 states.

Our full agenda, also posted on the website, is available to us at any time Congress chooses to address a topic applicable to one of our proposals.

Annual preparation, prioritizing of objectives and grassroots lobbying has proven to be an effective and economical way to represent retirees and has earned recognition for the NRLN as an effective retiree advocacy organization.

To learn more about legislative issues important to America’s retirees, please contact Alyson Parker, NRLN Executive Director, at, or at (813-545-6792)