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Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Out-of-Pocket Cap Survey Results Narrative

On August 25 the NRLN closed its survey which opened on July 13. The purpose of the survey was to collect information on what NRLN members over age 55 pay for healthcare under the coverages of their various insurance plan types; how healthcare costs affect their economic stability, and to assess their interest in adding an out-of-pocket cap to original Medicare – would it help them meet financial obligations.

There were 3,312 survey participants. Their responses to questions showed they mainly rely on original Medicare and a private supplement plan (Medigap) or a Medicare Advantage plan for healthcare but costs are eating way their fixed income.

The participants in the survey were from all 50 states. They retired from 161 companies or public entities. Ages of responders ranged from 55 to over 85 with and the average age of 78.

Jim Bodenner 

Doris Branson
Santa Domingo

Ray Pasternak
La Belle

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