NRLN Provides New "Report Card" Feature on Members of Congress


The congressional "report cards" have proven to be a very useful tool when taking to congressional staffs or congressmen (Rep or Senator) and for you to know how your delegation is supporting or not the NRLN’s legislative agenda. The state report card shows all Senators and Representatives for each state.

The NRLN’s Legislative Action Committee reviews every bill introduced in congress for relativity to our agenda and submits related ones to the NRLN’s Legislative Action Planning Committee for prioritization and actions to be taken. Bills of sufficient relativity are placed on the report card with a support or oppose position. A few bills are considered neutral. Reports are updated daily.

The reports are very useful in discussions with staffs in the DC semi annual fly-ins that often we have as good or better listing of bills relative to an issue (such as Prescription Drugs ) than staff members have. Current report cards are handed out in these discussions.The staff members pay a great deal of attention to whether their boss is supporting the bills the NRLN are advocating. They can be useful in local meetings as well.

Currently, the "report card" shows the key bills in the House and Senate that the NRLN has been advocating or opposing during the 115th Congress (2017-2018), and if each Senator and Representative co-sponsored the bill. Similarly, critical floor votes are shown. When new bills are introduced in the 115th Congress that begins on January 3, 2017 that the NRLN is advocating or opposing, the bills will be identified and an updated "report card" can be accessed. Note the congress starts all over again every 2 years, so initially you won’t see much in the first month or so.

I encourage you to use this "report card" feature and either urge your Representative and Senators to support bills being advocated by the NRLN or thank them for supporting the bills. You can use the "Contact Your Representative" feature on our HOME PAGE to email your personal message to your U.S. Representative or Senators by typing your 5-digit zip code in the window next to the photo of the U.S. Capitol and then follow the easy steps to email your letter.

Here are the steps to easily use the state delegation "report card" feature for the 115th Congress:

  • Click on the "Take Action Now!" headline on the NRLN home page to access the "Legislative Action Network" webpage.
  • Click on the "Directory" link under "Legislative Action Network" headline and a map of the USA will appear.
  • Click on your home state and when the next webpage appears, click on the "NRLN State Report Card" under the state flag. (To see only one rep’s report card just click on his face and then on the his page that comes up scroll down )
  • If you have the Windows EXCEL software program on your computer, a pop up window will appear asking whether you want to "open" or "save" the file.
  • Click on "open" and the "report card" on tall he U.S. Representatives and Senators for your state will appear. You may need to click on the "Enable Editing" option at the top of your EXCEL worksheet for the bills to appear on the "report card". After viewing the file "Save" it for reference when you communicate with you members of Congress.
  • An EXCEL viewer may also be used to view this file after downloading.

Report Cards For The 114th Congress Available Here

It is very useful to see how well your Reps have supported us in the past

The 114th Congress ended on December 31, 2016. Report cards for each state are available here.

NOTE: Downloading will give you access to live links and bill descriptions, but requires ability to read excel spreadsheets.


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