Welcome: Help for Survivors

For all Retirees: Keep this Information In a Folder for Your Family's Future

Start with a Call to the Nokia Benefits Resource Center

Read Through the Information Below and be Sure to Follow Up

Nokia’s has a web site BenefitAnswersPlus* that has answers to a lot of your questions:

“The death of your spouse or your covered child is a qualified change in status. The death of your domestic partner or your partner’s child is also considered a change in status. Therefore, you can make certain changes to your health and insurance coverage. The coverage changes must be consistent with your change in status. Nokia offers a short checklist you can download.

To make changes to your current coverage, you must speak with a Benefits Center Representative, by calling the Nokia Benefits Resource Center at 1-888-232-4111, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.” 


Collect Personal Information for the Call

□ The retiree’s name

□ Social security number

□ Address of record

□ Date and place of death

□ Work history

  • Company; dates started and retired
  • Companies may include AT&T and subsidiaries (Western Electric, Bell Labs)

List of Nokia Pension and Benefits which May Vary by Individual

Note: Be sure to obtain professional advice because each case is different

□ Pensions

  • Many retirees have opted for survivor payments from the Nokia pension

□ Life insurance

  • Many retirees have Nokia life insurance administered by Met Life

□ Health insurance

  • Many retirees have insurance through Nokia-sponsored plans
  • Some survivors may have continuation rights

□ Prescription Drug Plans

  • Many retirees have Medicare Drug Plans through Nokia-sponsored plans

□ Dental Plans

  • Retirees may have opted for a Dental Plan by Aetna

□ Long Term Care Plans

  • Retirees may have opted for a MetLife long term care plan

□ 401-K accounts

  • Some retirees may have a Nokia-sponsored retirement account

There are Published Websites that can Help with Broader Issues

□ AARP checklist

□ Insurance company checklist

□ Consumer Reports checklist