NRLN Welcomes Partners to Protect Retirees’ Interests

The National Retirees Legislative Network (NRLN) is the only nationwide organization solely dedicated to representing the interests of retirees and future retirees in Washington, DC. . We welcome any retiree organization, club or retiree group with a website to become a partner with the NRLN to protect retirement income, preserve Social Security and Medicare plus reduce the cost of health care, particularly the high cost of prescription drugs.

We encourage the posting of the graphic below on any website whose members are interested in helping retirees have a voice with members of Congress and the administration. Please contact Joe Sciulli, the NRLN’s webmaster for assistance to place the graphic on your website –

It is important to note that when you sign up to receive NRLN emails and Action Alerts your personal information will never be divulged to others and that no sales, advertising or other junk mail will be sent.


The graphic shown below contains three images and three hyperlinks. As written, it will be 300px wide and 250px high.

Our NRLN partner protects retirees.Click HERE to sign up for emails. Click the flaming ACTION ALERT icon to make your voice heard in Washington DC. Click on NRLN to go to our website.

action alert
Copy and paste the following 'style' lines in the HEAD portion of your page:    Add the following to the BODY portion of your page at the point where you want the graphic to appear:
.box {float:left;width:350px;height:250px; border:#000 thick solid;background-color:white; padding:10px; box-sizing:border-box;}
.cap {margin-top: 0px;margin-right: 10px;align:left;}
.nrln {float: left; margin-top:-130px; margin-left:110px; }
.nrln p {text-align:left;font-size:.7em; color:black; padding: 3px; margin-top: -0px;font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;}
#alert {margin-left: -0px; margin-top: -15px;}
.clearfix::after {clear: both;}
  <div class="box">
<div class="cap">
<img src="" width="100px" />
<div class="nrln"><p ><a href=""><img src="" width="195px" alt="NRLN" />
Our NRLN partner protects retirees.<a href="">Click style="text-align:left"strong>HERE</strong> to sign up for emails.</a> Click the flaming ACTION ALERT icon to make your voice heard in Washington DC. Click on NRLN to go to our website.</p></div> <div id="alert"><a href=""><img src="" width="100px" alt="action alert" /></a></div> </div></div>

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